Post-Hurricane Stress Recovery

The real devastation and triumph of Hurricane Irma lies in the personal stories of loss and survival. While the extent of the catastrophic property damage in the State of Florida is just now coming to light, the people of Florida have rallied around each other in simple acts of kindness.

Since this was the largest evaluation in the United States history, many Floridians down south headed for northern or central parts of the state unaware that the storm would soon follow them. Due to the unpredictable nature of this hurricane, both coasts were under mandatory evacuation orders. Family members and friends living in safer areas of the state took in their coastal neighbors. Some people carpooled to conserve on gas and keep one less car on the two north bound clogged interstate highways.

Once the rain and winds died down and residents began to survey the damage, the realization hit that nearly 70% of Floridians were out of power. Some residents lost their homes, boats, roofs, trees, farms, and water. Our downtown Orlando neighborhood which is known for the 200+ year old oak trees that line the streets, had several huge trees fall (roots and all). But the neighbors gathered around and in a few days, the road ways were cleared making it easier for the power to be restored.

The adrenaline that pumped through bodies prior to the storm had plenty of time to reboot as the massive storm lasted for several days over the entire state. But now the attempt at normalization begins for some workers while schools remain closed for a few extra days or indefinitely depending on the damage. Not only is the recovery physical, but the mental and emotional aspects of the storm need to be addressed as well. Here are some tips:

The most important thing a person can do now is to give thanks for what they do have instead of what they have lost. While the loss might be catastrophic, it is helpful to discover even the little things that a person can give gratitude for experiencing. Lastly, please stay safe.

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