How Neurotic Are You? One-Minute Personality Test (2/5)

How Neurotic Are You? One-Minute Personality Test (2/5)

Discover the second of five components of your personality with this one-minute test.

In the last few days some 30,000 of you have already discovered where you lie on the extroversion to introversion scale.

Some were surprised to learn they were in fact ‘ambiverts’— balanced between extroversion and introversion.

Now we move on to neuroticism.

Just how emotionally stable are you in comparison to others?

The test below takes around one minute and tells you how your personality compares.

It also tells you some typical advantages and risks linked to this component of personality.

Find out more, by following the instructions…


Below are phrases describing people’s behaviours.

Please use the rating scale below to describe how accurately each statement describes you.

Describe yourself as you generally are now, not as you wish to be in the future.

Describe yourself as you honestly see yourself, in relation to other people you know of the same sex as you are, and roughly your same age.

So that you can describe yourself in an honest manner, your responses will be kept in absolute confidence.

Please read each statement carefully, and then choose the best response.

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