Is Every Bad Event Traumatic? 11 Circumstances We Tend...

What do you know about trauma?

Emotional and psychological trauma affects about 26% of the child US population. About 60% of adults report experiencing trauma in some form as a child. When speaking with families who have experienced trauma, I often explain it to be an event or circumstance that negatively affects an individual who does not have the appropriate coping skills/tools to overcome the trauma.

Trauma can result from any circumstance that outweighs your ability to cope. Simply put, the event is terrifying, unnerving, and unexpected. For many of us, unexpected events can bring a host of anxious thoughts and feelings including depressed mood.

This article will discuss 11 situations we often don’t realize are very traumatizing.

Trauma is a topic that I have become very passionate about over my almost 10 years in the field. This passion led me to branch out in my field a few years ago to work with children, teens, and families who has been traumatized. As you will see by a quick view of this blog’s history my main topic is trauma. Society has, sadly, ignored the importance of understanding trauma for years which is why I tend to focus on it a lot here.

Thankfully today’s studies, articles, research, and professionals are promoting the importance of greater awareness of trauma and how it affects humanity. There are a few life events or circumstances, however, that we tend to ignore as traumatic because we can’t always see why a situation would be traumatic. But I think it is important to understand that trauma isn’t necessarily connected to the event itself. It is connected to how the individual processes it and how they use their resources to cope.

Some of the life events we fail to recognize as traumatizing include but are not limited by:

Can you think of circumstances or situations that may be traumatizing to you? If so, I look forward to your insights and perspectives.

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