Does Alcohol Push A Person Towards Riskier Behavior?

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Drunk Driving OR Just Buzzed Driving

Drinking and driving – it almost killed my brother. I know many people who have very tragic stories because someone thought they were okay to drive.  Maybe we have all been there at one point or another…most guys who have a few beers with friends to watch a game know what I mean. You have a brew, then two, another at halftime and one with the pizza. You talk about the game, maybe you have a fantasy league going…Whatever and before the game is done, you might have downed a six pack. You’re “NOT DRUNK“… You’re definitely buzzed…What do you do?  Take a cab  – sleep it off or shrug off the idea that you’re impaired in any way and drive home.

Statistically speaking, most guys/and many gals will just drive home and they will make it safe and sound…The others who have chosen to drive home – end up in car accidents and many result in death (sadly it’s often innocent people, in the other car, that end up dead!)

Drivers at a breath alcohol level of 0.08 percent, the legal limit in every state, were about four times more likely to crash than sober drivers…Drivers with an alcohol level of 0.15 percent were 12 times more likely to crash than sober drivers” ~ PDF Crash Risk Study FactSheet

It is so dangerous to drink and drive! If you take prescription medications for treatment of mental disorders, such as Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia or Other Mood Disorders….It can be even more dangerous when you mix the meds (ANY MEDS) with alcohol. One, the interaction of the drugs and alcohol can trigger unwanted side-effects and consequences. Two – Your meds might not work.  You could black-out while driving…could feel like you’re not only buzzed but you’re really smashed!  And soon to crash…literally!!!

In a recent post, by PsychCentral Associate News Editor, , the topic title struck me a bit funny, though the information was serious enough to highlight. Pedersen points out that “alcohol tends to push a person toward riskier behavior.” What I found a bit funny was the wording a “new study”…“In a new study, researchers discovered that as blood alcohol levels spike, males, in particular, are more likely to make riskier choices.”  I just kind of thought this to be a no-brainer. Beer (drugs)+ Guys = Guys doing stupid things… Don’t believe me? Well, here are 5 movie titles that will answer all your questions.

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