Coping with Anxiety


Anxiety happens to everyone. It can occur in new situations, testing or assessments, performance evaluations, competition and even asking something of another. Some may continue to feel anxious even after the nerve-wracking activity has ended. It can manifest as a “gut feeling” or as physical symptoms, such as sweating and rapid heartbeat.

It is important to have techniques available which will allow you to cope with your anxiety. Coping techniques can help soothe anxiety mentally and physically by training your mind and relaxing your body. A few techniques include:

These techniques can work individually, but they can also work together to create better outcomes. These activities should be practiced so that you are comfortable with them and can use them whenever anxiety is present.

If you feel that you are still combating anxiety, don’t just suffer on your own. Rule out any physical causes, then find support through an individual therapist or a group.


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