Best of Our Blogs: October 3, 2014

By Associate Editor

Sorry this post is late. Our family is recovering from the flu so it’s taken me longer to return to my laptop.

Like anything challenging in life, it reminded me of an important thing. Illness is a great teacher. Priorities shift. Appointments need to be cancelled. Assignments, tasks, to-dos are put on hold. Rest is the only thing you can do. While your mind may stay stuck in what you should be doing, your body only desires one thing. Healing.

This weekend while you’re getting ready for the start of the holiday seasons, preparing for your kid’s fall break or getting over an illness yourself, it’s imperative that we remember that now. Before life sweeps you up into tasks that appear to be more necessary than they are, take the time to take care of yourself.

Whether this means 5-minutes of quiet time, a walk outside to enjoy the change in seasons or being grateful for your present health, give yourself time this weekend to unwind, rest and indulge in this moment. Do it even if your mind says you are wasting time and should be doing something else. Do it because you won’t ever have enough time, money or perfect circumstance to do it later. Do it without the interruptions of your phone, computer or TV, so you can thoroughly enjoy your weekend!

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