Best of Our Blogs: May 2, 2017

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month! How far have we come and how much further do we have to go?

The stigma against mental illness is palpable. It’s there in heated political discussions. It’s present even when it’s not directly mentioned. It’s in every debate about gun laws and tip toed around in families. But there is a beacon of light despite setbacks and division.

The fact that we have this website shows we’re progressing.

You coming here is another sign.

In fact, every time you share your story, like a post, or leave a comment you are helping to spread awareness of something that affects all of us. As you read this week, even those without a serious diagnosis can be crippled by a dysfunctional childhood or toxic relationship.

Thank you for reading this and for all the work you do to help normalize mental illness!

Reclaim Your Life By Putting Yourself First Finally

(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – You weren’t physically abused. You might even have been nurtured as a kid. But slight feelings of neglect can also lead to inability to take care of yourself. Read this to learn how you can start putting yourself first.

How to Recover after a Narcissistic Relationship

(The Exhausted Woman) – You’ve sacrificed your beliefs, morals, and even your identity. Now how do you survive the devastating aftermath of a relationship with a narcissist?

10 Reasons to Marry a Fellow Survivor

(Narcissism Meets Normalcy) – It’s the reason why the person you have hot chemistry with may not be the best partner to settled down with especially if you suffered abuse.

Are You on the Run from Relationships (and Intimacy)?

(Knotted) – If you struggle with intimacy in relationships, this could explain why.

Writing Prompts for Recovery from an Abusive/Toxic Relationship

(The Recovery Expert) – Are you on a path toward greater self-reflection, healing and healthier relationships? If so, you might want to consider journaling. Here are 17 prompts to get you started.

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