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Sensitivity can nurture creative expression, but can also bring challenges, from being more emotionally reactive, for example.

The photo at top is Tory Burchis a fashion designer and founder of a successful international fashion empire.

[She is in a Forbes magazine article on Self-Made Women Billionaires Of 2013. The photo is from Tory Burch Interview by Elizabeth Atwater, Entrepreneurship of All Kinds.]

But she has said it was challenging for her in setting up her eponymous business.

“I had never been to business school. I had never been to design school. It was a risk. It was putting myself out there in a way that was opening myself up for criticism. I’m a sensitive person. So, it was hard.”

From my post Introverted, Shy or Highly Sensitive in the Arts.

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The artists and creative entrepreneurs who get featured in media as role models of achievement did not reach that level of accomplishment and impact suddenly, and usually they have had many inner and outer barriers to overcome or at least deal with, including choosing whether or not to earn a living from their creative work.

Elaine Aron points out, “Many artists and musicians…find that the world won’t pay them well unless they do something that seems to them to be too commercial or simply against their nature.”

From her book The Highly Sensitive Person’s Workbook.

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Maria Hill of the excellent HSP Health site writes about some of the influences that may keep us from being actively creative.

“Our culture separates ideas from making things, but treats even the process of generating ideas as something to be manufactured. As a result, our relationship to our creativity is affected by our cultural model.

“Manufacturing is not a natural HSP energy and can cause a feeling of disconnection in highly sensitive people who are more creative and holistic.

“One way highly sensitive people can embrace their natural energies and creativity is by reclaiming the creative process.”

From her post Why HSPs Need To Reclaim The Creative Process.

[“Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” – a comment by Andy Warhol, who “manufactured” a whole lot of artwork. Quote is from post: Commerce and Creativity. Image: Andy Warhol with ‘Flowers’ at The Factory (1964) from]

In another post, Hill writes:

“Highly sensitive people often have difficulty maintaining control over their own lives, because they have different priorities from non-HSPs which means that they often have little say over work and social agendas because highly sensitive people are usually outnumbered.

“Therefore in work and social situations we often get preempted which is very uncomfortable.

“However, HSPs are often creative. In embracing the creative process we can start to regain control over our agenda.”

From How The Creative Process Helps Highly Sensitive People.

One point I take from her perspectives is that being more creative is a way to get in deeper touch with who we are – even though it may or may not be “productive” in terms of making something that people will buy.

We do need income of course, and selling our creative work has very real rewards.

But isn’t the process of being actively creative its own kind of pleasure and reward?


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