“I Hate My Life” & What To Do On Those Days


Hellen Keller said, “We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.” I am sure she had some BAD days.

I woke up today and my 9 year-old said, “Mommy, you must be so tired. The bags under your eyes are HUGE and there are really big veins sticking out.” Thanks.

To be fair to him, I knew when I woke up, it was going to be one of those days. You know the kind of day I am talking about, the days where you feel draggy and unmotivated. On days like these, I look into my closet and can’t decide what to wear. I am cranky. I stare at my computer and feel as if I have leaden balloons inside of me, weighing me down. I feel ugly, fat, and fairly sure there are boogers in my nose. And I am unsure that what I am doing in this world is worthwhile or useful. I hate my life, and on days like these, here is what I do:  

1. Make extra special time to take care of yourself. Here are some ways I will do this:

2.Remember the expansion/contraction explanation of energy and your life. My friend, a parenting and life coach named Jill Hope explained that we all go through a normal expansion and retraction flow of energy. Sometimes, you are full of joy and energy. Other times, you feel the opposite. When this happens, it is your moment to retract and wait for that to cycle through. (She says it better than I do).

Not unlike the cycle of seasons, our lives have the same ebb and flow of energy. Accepting, caring for ourselves, and knowing that this is natural helps get us through discomfort.

3. Make yourself laugh.How I am feeling reminds me of a funny anecdote I read recently in Reader’s Digest. Basically, the joke was that if Robin Hood were alive in modern times, he might sit on a rock and say to himself: “Sure, I have helped some people out, but what is my global reach? Am I really making a difference on a larger scale? Hmm…”

Just reading this makes me laugh. That is so freaking true! So, I laughed at this and I am reminded that joy is always in there. I will probably call one of my funnier girlfriends today for a full belly laugh. Going on You Tube for some funny videos wouldn’t be a bad idea either…

4. Be compassionate and kind to yourself with your self-talk.Today is a day when the negative self-talk gremlins want to come out of every nook and cranny. Don’t let them self-talk you into a hole. None of that! Exorcise all of the “You are no good.”“You are ____”. Counter negative self-talk with lovely words of kindness and wisdom. Pretend you are talking to your dearest friend and give her snaps just for getting out of bed. “Good job, honey!”

Got It Girl Takeaway: We all have those days. Hopefully, they are few and far between. However, I recommend you do an action item. Put together a worksheet where you write to yourself something like this, “Today is a retraction day. Therefore, I will do the following to help my body and spirit reboot: _____”. Keep it  somewhere you can find it because I know I wrote one, but I have no idea where it is!

Take care,

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