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Study: Critical periphery of ‘slacktivists’ greatly amplify a movement’s message You know them well. You might even be one of them. They’re the people who tint their Facebook profile pictures with the French flag to support Parisians, or pink to get behind Planned Parenthood. They sign online petitions, share activist videos, and retweet celebrities who take a political stand. They’re willing to lift a finger [...]
How our brains overrule our senses: Experiments reveal brain circuits that shape perceptions Scientists have long known that when sounds are faint or objects are seen through fog in the distance, repetition of these weak or ambiguous sensory ‘inputs’ can result in different perceptions inside the same brain. Now the results of new research, described online Dec. 7 in the journal Nature Neuroscience, have identified brain processes in [...]
Mindfulness-based stress reduction diminishes chemo brain Participation in a mindfulness-based stress reduction program yields robust and sustained improvement in cancer-related cognitive impairment, a prevalent and potentially debilitating condition that affects attention, memory and executive function in survivors, according to a new study from the Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University School of Medicine. Although cancer-related cognitive impairment, sometimes referred to as chemo [...]
#176: Negotiating Screen Time: Part 2 erika k via Compfight   Just how much screen time is too much? Returning to our discussion of negotiating screen time we first have to arrive at some guidelines about … ...
Older Writers; Maximize Your Success Compared to the TV writing world, there is less concern about how the writer will get along with the staff. In many ways, if you’re over 50, you have a … ...
I Won’t Make the Same Mistakes My Parents Made “I will not make the same mistakes my parents made.” It may be one of the most common sentiments in the world of parenting. But when we express this desire, it is often met with rolled eyes or some other doubtful response. Why is that? … ...
It Matters How You Spell Hannukah & Other Myths Whether you spell it with an "H" or a "Ch", the holiday of Hannukah may not be what you think it is....
The Simple Technique for Achieving Your Goals The four step strategy to achieving your goals.
Electric assistance for stroke recovery Robotic therapy works better if stroke patients’ brains are stimulated by electricity.
What Is the Link Between Personality and Selfies? Selfies have become a regular feature on social media, but research has only recently begun to examine the phenomenon. New studies explore the link between selfies and personality.
What Would You Do? Married for 4 Years & Never Had Sex Ask the Therapists Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D. and Daniel J. Tomasulo, Ph.D., TEP, MFA talk about a couple who’ve been married for 4 years and yet have never had sex on this new video from them. How can a relationship go for so long without intimacy? … ...
Negative beliefs about aging predict Alzheimer's disease in study Individuals who hold negative beliefs about aging are more likely to have brain changes associated with Alzheimer's disease, newly published research demonstrates.
New findings reveal the interplay between epilepsy and aging The largest and fastest-growing segment of people with epilepsy are those age 60 and older. People with epilepsy face a number of related health challenges, including cognitive, physical and psychological disorders. But new research suggests other, less expected consequences on the aging process. Four studies presented at the American Epilepsy Society's 69th Annual Meeting explore the effects of epilepsy on the brain, providing insights that shed light on the long-term implications of life with epilepsy.
Social Media, The Network Effect and Procrastination There’s an army of growth hackers working in the tech industry to hook you deeply into social media.Their job is to break down your self-regulation. The result? Procrastination.
Are You Trying to Solve the Wrong Problem? What do you do when you have a sticky problem that you’ve attempted to solve in every way possible and none of your solutions have worked?
The Secret to Great Leadership Strong leaders agree on 1 thing: When it comes to great leadership, the first principle is “leader, know thyself.” The latest research takes this a step further.
Researchers Act Like Giant Weirdos While Holding a Door Open and Expect a Thank You For It The world at large received yet more evidence that most psychological researchers have never interacted with a human being in this bizarre study about human behavior based involving, doors, pens, surveys, and researchers hiding from each other behind pillars like Cold War counter-espionage agents....
How our brains overrule our senses Scientists have long known that when sounds are faint or objects are seen through fog in the distance, repetition of these weak or ambiguous sensory 'inputs' can result in different perceptions inside the same brain. Now the results of new research have identified brain processes in mice that may help explain how those differences happen.
Physical activity may leave the brain more open to change Learning, memory, and brain repair depend on the ability of our neurons to change with experience. Now, researchers have evidence from a small study in people that exercise may enhance this essential plasticity of the adult brain.
"I'll Put Your Eye Out With This Fork": Family Memories You’d look up and there would be a woman in a faded floral print house dress, hair in curlers, under a scarf and she’d be frustrated by something and you would cross her path.