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Entertaining Yourself as a Strategy for Coping with Narcissists... Do you have a narcissist or psychopath in your life who continues to drive you crazy?  Do you feel as if every time you are around him you experience insanity?  Do you find yourself trying to explain normal relationship interaction rules to this person over … ...
Have You Created a Habit of Busyness? In our home we have a child nearing the age of one that still enjoys our late night company. I used to fear that she was trying to slowly kill us … ...
The power of magical thinking: Why superstitions are hard to shake When sports fans wear their lucky shirts on game day, they know it is irrational to think clothing can influence a team’s performance. But they do it anyway. Even smart, educated, emotionally stable adults believe in superstitions that they recognize are unreasonable. In a paper from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, to [...]
Robin Williams had dementia with Lewy Bodies — what is it and why has it been eclipsed by Alzheimer’s? Depression, paranoia, Parkinson’s disease, confusion and dementia. The long list of symptoms suffered by Robin Williams is itself confusing, but all of these and more besides, can be accounted for by the disorder bearing the name, dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), which his widow has now announced as his final diagnosis. Few people have heard [...]
Self-Care Holiday Survival Guide For The Busy, Overwhelmed and... (a large portion of us I bet). It’s that time of year again. Christmas trees are popping up everywhere even before we have begun to celebrate Thanksgiving. The advertisements show … ...
Protein findings open new avenues to understanding and treatment of schizophrenia Stem cells from adult schizophrenia patients form new proteins more slowly than those from healthy people, according to new research. The findings are enhancing understanding of how schizophrenia affects the workings of the brain, and open the way to new approaches for future drug therapies. Involving scientists from Griffith University’s Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery, [...]
Brief cognitive-behavioral therapy helps those with problematic caffeine use Engaging in brief, cognitive-behavioral therapy is an effective treatment for helping people with problematic caffeine use lower their caffeine consumption, according to a new study coauthored by Laura M. Juliano, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at American University. The clinically significant study found that, on average, participants reduced their caffeine consumption by 77 percent during [...]
Why sleep could be the key to tackling mental illness We are only beginning to unravel the genetic and biochemical basis of mental illness – a vague term including conditions as diverse as anxiety, depression, and mood and psychotic disorders. With millions of people suffering from such conditions, it is crucial that we find ways to improve diagnosis and treatment. But an increasing body of [...]
Steps forward in the hunt for easily measurable biomarkers of autism Future Science Group (FSG) today announced the publication of a new article in Future Science OA, reporting data demonstrating the possibility of measuring 10 biomarkers relevant to autism spectrum disorder in adult saliva. With more than 70 biomarkers shown to be of relevance to autism, it is doubtful that a single biomarker will be of [...]
Concussions in kids are detectable by blood test Researchers at Orlando Health have developed a blood test that can detect even the most subtle signs of a concussion in children, correctly identifying the presence of traumatic brain injuries 94 percent of the time in a recent study. “This could ultimately change the way we diagnose concussions, not only in children, but in anyone [...]
Self-weighing may be a hazardous behavior among young women Self-weighing can be a useful tool to help adults control their weight, but for adolescents and young adults this behavior may have negative psychological outcomes. Researchers from the University of Minnesota tracked the self-weighing behaviors of more than 1,900 young adults as part of Project EAT (Eating and Activity in Teens and Young Adults) and [...]
Don’t delay: Having to wait doesn’t help young kids exercise self-control Would your ability to resist a tantalizing cookie improve if you had to wait a few seconds before you could reach for it? The idea that natural urges ‘die down’ with time seems intuitive, but new research shows that it’s being reminded about what not to do, not the passage of time, that actually helps [...]
Study: Negative body image, not depression, increases adolescent obesity risk Negative body image significantly increases the risk of obesity regardless of whether youth have depression, according to researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Public Health. “Our last study found that participants who were depressed were twice as likely to be obese six years later, implying a cause-and-effect [...]
Patients with severe mental illness rarely tested for diabetes, despite high risk, study shows Although adults with serious psychiatric disorders are at high risk for diabetes, a large study led by UC San Francisco reveals that low-income patients on Medicaid are rarely screened for it. The findings support growing efforts to integrate mental health services and primary care to improve diagnosis and treatment of medical issues associated with mental [...]
Bipolar Disorder Exhaustion I laid in bed today. Don’t worry I did get up to feed the dog and let her out a couple of times. I got up at 3:30 to eat … ...
New study: Leading cause of blindness could be prevented or delayed In a major scientific breakthrough, a drug used to treat Parkinson’s and related diseases may be able to delay or prevent macular degeneration, the most common form of blindness among older Americans. The findings, published in the American Journal of Medicine, are a groundbreaking effort in the fight against age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which affects [...]
Dealing with the “Winter Blues”: How We Can Prepare... Most of us have had that thought, “Wow, I could be at the beach right now”, in the middle of winter when the sky has turned gray, the sun sets … ...
Nerve cells warn brain of damage to inner ear Some nerve cells in the inner ear can signal tissue damage in a way similar to pain-sensing nerve cells in the body, according to new research. If the finding, discovered in rats, is confirmed in humans, it may lead to new insights into hyperacusis, an increased sensitivity to loud noises that can lead to severe and long-lasting ear pain.
Borderline Personality Disorder: Facts vs. Myths Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a serious psychiatric condition marked by a pattern of unstable and stormy relationships, an unformed sense of identity, chronic feelings of emptiness and boredom, unstable moods, and poor impulsive control in areas such as spending, eating, sex, and substance use. … ...
Innovative health program reduces depression, unhealthy weights in teens An innovative high school health program helped students maintain healthier weights and even alleviated severe depression for a full year after the program ended. Researchers found that 12 months after completing the COPE Healthy Lifestyles TEEN Program, students had markedly lower body mass index than students who received a more standard health curriculum. Additionally, COPE [...]