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Is Mental Illness Real? Some say calling psychological difficulties "illnesses" takes away people’s responsibility for their actions; others argue that mental disorders are as real as physical diseases.
13 Reasons Why: 10 Resources you need to see before you watch the TV show When hit TV show 13 Reasons Why debuted on Netflix on March 31, viewers quickly devoured the teen drama. Based on the 2007 novel of the same name by Jay Asher, it depicted the story of a Hannah Baker, girl who committed suicide and left 13 audio tapes for people in her life, explaining why […]
Why Do Most Animal Shelter Workers Burn Out? Animal shelter workers who believe they have a gift for relating to animals may be the most likely to leave.
How to Spot and Stop Passive-Aggressive Behavior Don’t let it drive you crazy! What does “passive-aggressive” REALLY mean? And why is it so hard to identify passive-aggressive behavior in co-workers and partners? People who have passive-aggressive traits suppress their angry responses because they fear conflict, and the anger comes out in other, … ...
Surprise communication found between brain regions involved in infant motor control A new connection between two regions of the brain has been discovered that may help explain how motor skills develop. Working with infant rats, the scientists found that the hippocampus and the red nucleus, part of the brain stem, synchronize during REM sleep.
How a wellness coach changes your mind A wellness coach can help you stretch your mind, then you can learn to coach yourself.
Research explores how youth access to guns is linked to mental health issues Questions are raised about whether limiting gun access to young people can prevent suicides and homicides.
More and more students need mental health services, but colleges struggle to keep up The need for mental health services has shot up, for a variety of reasons.
The Everyday Foods That Reduce Social Anxiety People who are particularly neurotic may benefit from this group of common foods — plus exercise. • Click here for your free sample of Dr Jeremy Dean's latest ebook The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic • Dr Dean is also the author of Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything.
How Most People Are Killing Their Productivity It can feel really good but it is reducing productivity by up to 40%. • Click here for your free sample of Dr Jeremy Dean's latest ebook The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic • Dr Dean is also the author of Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything.
Three of 48 fetuses exposed to Zika in utero had abnormal fetal MRIs Fattened up on bites of potatoes, yucca and chicken starting at 4 months, some of the babies wearing sporty clothes and frilly dresses are rolly-polly chubby. As striking as their sizable girth are their heads, beautifully round and fully formed with none of the deep skin folds that corroborate the Zika virus' devastating ability to halt normal brain expansion as infants develop in utero.
The Freudian Account of Leadership Failure and Derailment The Leadership literature shown that a surprisingly high number of business managers cock-up badly. The question is why and what the Freudian interpretation has to offer?
Recovering from Abuse: Collecting Pebbles One of the most common things I hear from survivors of psychological abuse is their confusion about why they didn’t notice the red flags sooner in the relationship. It doesn’t matter if the toxic person is a parent, co-worker, friend or love interest, almost all … ...
Parkinson: Weight gain after deep brain stimulation It was already known that people affected by Parkinson's disease, when subjected to deep brain stimulation, gained weight, but it was less clear why that was so. New research has now shown that the weight gain after implant has a multifactorial origin. The study monitored for the first time a group of patients before and after the intervention, assessing cognitive, psychological and behavioral aspects, providing important elements for preventative purposes.
Games Master Manipulators Play: Sandbagging Sandbagging is a reliable tactic for master manipulators since it is so difficult to spot.
Games Master Manipulators Play: Sandbagging The difficulty of spotting it makes it a reliable tactic.
Phone Down and Fitness Up: Tread Carefully With Your Phone If you are planning to hit it the gym more as the weather warms, try leaving the phone in a locker. You might be surprised to learn that it can impede your workout.
Global bipolar disorder study reveals thinning of gray matter in brain regions responsible for inhibition and emotion In the largest MRI study on patients with bipolar disorder to date, a global consortium published new research showing that people with the condition have differences in the brain regions that control inhibition and emotion.
Ordinary sounding expressions of teen angst may signal early depression While it's estimated at least one in 10 teens in the US suffer from depression at some point, few will use the word 'depressed' to describe negative emotions hanging over them. Instead, new research suggests, they're likely to use terms such as 'stressed,' or 'down,' and other words that may sound like ordinary teen angst but could be a signal of more serious, pre-depressive symptoms.
What the World Needs Now Is… Beer? At a time when there is cause to be pessimistic, beer commercials suggest most of us want peaceful co-existence.