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Best of Our Blogs: January 29, 2016 Life isn’t a game where whoever makes it easy wins. Yet, we strive for celebrity six-packs right after giving birth, to be at the top of our careers, and manage a healthy successful family, all without batting an eye. Anything less would be, well, shameful. The dirty … ...
The Picture of Drug Addiction   When you think of drug addiction, what kind of picture do you get in your mind? Do you see a person dressed in tattered clothes sitting in a rain … ...
When you cancel your therapist session There are a lot of reasons to cancel a session with your therapist. I just got over my depression and am back to my job, and think, okay, I don’t … ...
Unhinged. The Complete Story A story about obsessive-compulsive disorder.
A Guest In Quiet What Rattlesnakes teach us about the grace and dignity of being reptile.
Hello Narcissist. Goodbye Normalcy. When did it happen? When did life flip upside-down? When did normalcy flee? When was my last day as a normal human being? Ah, common sense, alas, I never knew … ...
Daughters of interracial parents more likely than sons to identify as multiracial Daughters of interracial parents are more likely than sons to identify as multiracial, and this is especially true for children of black-white couples, according to a new study in the February issue of the American Sociological Review. Among black-white biracials (the offspring of interracial couples in which one parent is black and the other is [...]
Psychology study suggests your selfie obsession could ruin your relationship “Selfie” is not just word of the year, but also the mainstay of postings on social media sites such as Instagram. With the prevalence of camera-equipped smartphones the posting of selfies has reached epidemic levels – even the funerals of national leaders aren’t exempt. But is there a psychological fall-out? A new study by Florida [...]
Estrogens alleviate hyperactivity in zebrafish with autism gene Research led by UCL, Yale and University of California, San Francisco has shown that the hormone estrogen alleviates the sleep disruption experienced by zebrafish genetically designed to help understand the biology of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The scientists set out to investigate the function of genes linked to autism and seizures in humans by using [...]
Significant number of young people with undiagnosed bipolar disorder Around 10% of UK primary care patients prescribed antidepressants for depression or anxiety have undiagnosed bipolar disorder, a study has found. Researchers from Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and the School of Medicine at the University of Leeds interviewed young adults from general practices in a study published in the British Journal of [...]
Scientists decode brain signals nearly at speed of perception Using electrodes implanted in the temporal lobes of awake patients, scientists have decoded brain signals at nearly the speed of perception. Further, analysis of patients’ neural responses to two categories of visual stimuli – images of faces and houses – enabled the scientists to subsequently predict which images the patients were viewing, and when, with [...]
Victimized adolescents more at risk of thinking about suicide or attempting suicide at 15 A study to be published in the February 2016 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP) reports that adolescents chronically victimized during at least two school years, are about five times more at risk of thinking about suicide and 6 times more at risk of attempting suicide at 15 [...]
New technique could reconnect neurons in people with central nervous system damage That very fine hair-line object that you see being pulled across the screen is actually a neuron being made. A research team led by McGill University and the Montreal Neurological Institute has managed to create new functional connections between neurons for the first time. Apart from the fact that these artificial neurons grow over 60 [...]
Second-hand smoke hinders cognition in children Exposure to second-hand smoke is associated with a larger waist and poorer cognition in children, researchers say. “The take-home message is that for these children, smoke exposure was connected to two major adverse health outcomes, one above the neck and one below the neck,” said Dr. Catherine Davis, clinical health psychologist at the Georgia Prevention [...]
Treating Parkinson’s disease by solving the mysteries of movement Two secrets of one of the brain’s most enigmatic regions have finally been revealed. In a pair of new studies, scientists from the Gladstone Institutes have discovered a specific neural circuit that controls walking, and they found that input to this circuit is disrupted in Parkinson’s disease. Walking becomes a major challenge for people afflicted [...]
Study: New drug could be safer, non-addictive alternative to morphine Researchers at Tulane University and Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System have developed a painkiller that is as strong as morphine but isn’t likely to be addictive and with fewer side effects, according to a new study in the journal Neuropharmacology. Using rats, scientists compared several engineered variants of the neurochemical endomorphin, which is found [...]
Researchers use network science to help pinpoint source of seizures For the third of all epilepsy patients who don’t respond to medication, an alternative is to locate the small cluster of neurons that act as the seed of a seizure’s aberrant electrical activity and surgically remove it. Unfortunately, such surgeries often fail to bring any relief. The ability to reliably pinpoint the anatomical source of [...]
Researchers’ preclinical trial upends conventional wisdom about responses to fear Fear. You’ve been there: Your heart races, even jumps to your throat. Your hands grow clammy and your stomach churns. Your mind goes blank. Rats have been there, too. We don’t know their feelings, of course, but we do know their response: They freeze in their tracks. Or at least that’s been the consensus among [...]
New therapy halts progression of Lou Gehrig’s disease in mice Researchers at Oregon State University announced today that they have essentially stopped the progression of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease, for nearly two years in one type of mouse model used to study the disease – allowing the mice to approach their normal lifespan. The findings, scientists indicate, are some of the [...]
Viral infection during pregnancy causes autism-like behaviors in mice A study published in the journal Science found that activation in pregnant mice of a particular immune response, similar to what may occur with certain viral infections during pregnancy, alters the brain structure of the mouse offspring and causes behavioral changes, reminiscent of those observed in humans with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Several past human [...]