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When You’re the Ghost Friend Ghosting is when you cut off contact with someone because you don’t want them around anymore. It started out specific to dating, but it’s beginning to apply to friendships, too. … ...
Study on twins shows people return to their normal happiness level after trauma Can people really adapt to intense experiences and return to the way they were?  Or do those experiences permanently affect their well-being? This is the question scientists sought to answer in a 2015 study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies. The researchers used a twin study to analyze the emotional well-being of participants after [...]
Attention neuron type identified: New understanding of how brain’s frontal lobes control behavior Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, have identified for the first time a cell type in the brain of mice that is integral to attention. By manipulating the activity of this cell type, the scientists were able to enhance attention in mice. The results, which are published in the journal Cell, add to the [...]
School shootings and street violence: How they’re alike and different The two types of youth gun violence couldn’t be more different, but the ways to prevent them remain largely the same, according to a new report by some of America’s top violence researchers. School rampage shootings and street shootings by youth differ in dramatic ways: They are done by different types of youth for different [...]
Brain waves could help predict how we respond to general anesthetics The complex pattern of ‘chatter’ between different areas of an individual’s brain while they are awake could help doctors better track and even predict their response to general anaesthesia – and better identify the amount of anaesthetic necessary – according to new research from the University of Cambridge. Currently, patients due to undergo surgery are [...]
Is suicide a tragic variant of an evolutionarily adaptive set of behaviors? What do snapping shrimp, naked mole rats, ants, honeybees, and humans all have in common? They all share a similar colony-like organizational system that biologists have termed eusociality. Eusocial species have been remarkably successful in both surviving and thriving through the use of colony-level cooperation. One cooperative behavior used by all eusocial species is the [...]
Sorry, vapers: E-cigarettes aren’t helping smokers quit, study shows Electronic cigarettes are widely promoted and used to help smokers quit traditional cigarettes, but a new analysis from UC San Francisco found that adult smokers who use e-cigarettes are actually 28 percent less likely to stop smoking cigarettes. The study — a systematic review and meta-analysis of published data — is the largest to quantify [...]
Mothers’ comments linked to eating disorders in Asian young adults The first study to look at the influence of Asian parents on their young adult child’s body dissatisfaction levels and disordered eating in Singapore has found significant differences with Western culture, leading to calls for a tailored approach to treatment. The study was carried out by a research collaboration between the University of Exeter Medical [...]
Topiramate curbs marijuana use in teens — but with tough side effects Combining the drug topiramate with psychological counseling curbed marijuana use among young smokers significantly more than did counseling alone, according to newly published results of a small randomized controlled trial at Brown University. The results come with a caveat, however: Many study volunteers couldn’t tolerate the medicine’s side effects. There is no FDA-approved medication for [...]
New study indicates students’ cognitive functioning improves when using standing desks Do students think best when on their feet? A new study by the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health indicates they do. Findings published recently in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health provide the first evidence of neurocognitive benefits of stand-height desks in classrooms, where students are given the choice [...]
Teenagers’ role in language change is overstated, linguistics research finds If you’re too “basic” to “YOLO” or think that slang is never “on fleek,” fear not: How teenagers speak IRL is not ruining the English language, according to Kansas State University linguistics research. In fact, teenagers may not be causing language change the way that we typically think, said Mary Kohn, assistant professor of English. [...]
Speed reading promises are too good to be true, scientists find Learning to speed read seems like an obvious strategy for making quick work of all the emails, reports, and other pieces of text we encounter every day, but a new report shows that the claims put forth by many speed reading programs and tools are probably too good to be true. Examining decades’ worth of [...]
Why Don’t You Want Me? Why don’t you want me? I went car shopping recently. I needed an automobile that fit certain requirements: Space to carry ___ number of people, good gas mileage, particular price, small enough to … ...
Study of altruism during the Ebola outbreak suggests good intentions are in the details A study of risk communication as it relates to altruistic behavior has found that portraying an event as a distant risk, despite highlighting its importance and potential progression, fails to prompt altruistic behavior intention among the U.S. public. Results of the study by Janet Yang, a University at Buffalo expert on the communication of risk [...]
Study suggests that what you eat can influence how you sleep A new study found that eating less fiber, more saturated fat and more sugar is associated with lighter, less restorative, and more disrupted sleep. Results show that greater fiber intake predicted more time spent in the stage of deep, slow wave sleep. In contrast, a higher percentage of energy from saturated fat predicted less slow [...]
The Strange (But Effective) Way I Stick to Hard Goals New research reveals an effective way to get ourselves to do tough tasks.
ECT – Electroconvulsive Therapy (This article originally appeared on on January 7th, 2016). If you’ve seen the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, you may recall the fearsome side effects of electroconvulsive … ...
Cultivating a Mentoring Culture A person who has a mentor to guide them through various aspects of life is fortunate indeed. I know this from first-hand experience as I have engaged in a mentoring … ...
How to Put a Stop to Generations of Negative Thinking The problem with putting a stop to negative thinking is that we often don’t know we’re doing it. We’re not actively throwing out every positive thought and are immediately embracing every bad one. We’re on autopilot. And for many of us it’s an age-old habit … ...
Five Steps to Prepare For a Job interview With a New Year, we often feel the need to ‘shake up’ our lives a little bit. Are you unhappy with your current job? Have you resolutely decided that in 2016 you’ll find employment? I know that the job hunt can be difficult and tiring –in fact I’ve just come out of it. Often the […]