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Electrical brain rhythm unites memories and sensations Regions of the brain can “dance” on their own but when they work together they fall in step to a well-timed choreography: according to a study just published in PLOS Biology, when a rat is engaged in a sensory recognition task and needs to make a spatial choice based on previous knowledge, the sensory, motor, [...]
Are big-city transportation systems too complex for human minds? Are big-city transportation systems too complex for human minds? Many of us know the feeling of standing in front of a subway map in a strange city, baffled by the multicolored web staring back at us and seemingly unable to plot a route from point A to point B. Now, a team of physicists and [...]
Here are 7 wacky psychology findings from early 2016 We have barely made inroads into 2016, but we’ve already learned a number a strange things about our mind and our behavior. Here’s a sample of some odd psychology studies from the past two months. 1.) ‘Tripping’ and domestic violence Classic psychedelics such as psilocybin and LSD appear to have therapeutic potential for reducing intimate partner [...]
When negotiating, it pays to know your customer A new study of the time-honored tradition of haggling over new car prices shows that sales personnel who are trained to understand a customer’s price sensitivity will strike a better deal for their employers. Three faculty members from the sales and marketing department of the University of Bochum, Germany, investigated how well car salespeople were [...]
What’s love got to do with it? Drinking, smoking and teen romance Research published in the International Journal of Adolescence and Youth has examined whether the desire for romance leads to increased substance alcohol or tobacco use in adolescents. Wura Jacobs, Kwon Chan Jeon, Patricia Goodson & Thomas W. Valente studied over 1,100 Grade 10 pupils in Los Angeles, USA examining whether an association could be drawn [...]
Antibody can provide a more exact Alzheimer’s diagnosis than brain imaging with radioactive tracers For the first time, researchers have succeeded in passing an antibody through the blood-brain barrier to act as a tracer for PET imaging of the brain. This resulted in more precise information being obtained than with regular radioactive tracers. The study provides hope for more effective diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s disease and improvements in [...]
We Need to Value Intellectual Integrity Intellectual integrity is a core human value. It is a deep concern that Trump wears his disdain for intellectual integrity on his sleeve.
Online dating has become a hobby — one that is often not even that fun The scene described in Nancy Jo Sales’s huge Tinder report published in Vanity Fair magazine featured groups of twenty-something friends and colleagues in a Manhattan bar relaxing after work. But rather than socialising with each other they were engrossed in the more private world of their mobile phones, seeking something completely personal: a sexual partner [...]
‘Virginity’ isn’t a real thing Virginity is a concept that many cultures have prized for a long time. Though the term “virgin” is used to describe both men and women who have not had a physical sexual experience, women seem to be the only ones responsible for protecting it. The construct of sexual purity and virginity should be defined by [...]
Body language, decoded: 3 signs of attraction on a date Let’s just put it out there; first dates are stressful. We’re constantly second-guessing ourselves, as well as the other person’s intentions. Are they interested in me? Am I even interested in them? All the while, we hide these thoughts behind nervous laughter. When the moment to part ways comes, we’re not even sure if we [...]
Check out these 26 scientific facts about love and romance Love is one of the most difficult topics to explain, both philosophically and scientifically. And while scientists have a lot more work to do in understanding the mechanisms behind love — examining the brain chemistry, hormones, and genetics behind initial attraction, deeper emotions, as well as timeless attachment — we do have some interesting facts [...]
Disappearing sex toys and other common ways sex ends in an ER visit Sex is fun, exciting, and, as suggested by data collected by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), extremely dangerous. The data reveals some of the most common and bizarre sex injuries involving a consumer product, and reminds us that “safe sex” means so much more than just using birth control. The survey consists of [...]
This cosmetic surgery patient became a kleptomaniac because of a brain injury It’s a real life tale seemingly ripped out of the pages of a 90’s sitcom script. Earlier this January, doctors in the journal BMJ Case Reports published the account of a 40-year-old Brazilian woman who experienced a particularly bizarre set of symptoms following her cosmetic surgery, namely kleptomania. It seems that after the woman returned [...]
Resilience is a Great Career Trait to Cultivate Resilience is valuable for anyone, but seems especially so for Millennials in business. Three reasons why cultivating it is always a solid career move.
8 Things I’ve Learned from Being a Psychotherapist Life is colorful, and having black or white thinking forces you to live a blind life. Imagine living in a world where you weren’t able to tell the difference between light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, red, orange, mint green, dark green, deep green, blue … ...
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How Music Can Help ADHD Symptoms What’s the one thing all people with ADHD have in common? The one thing they all struggle with… Lack of self control. People with ADHD lack control over their movements … ...
News of Note: Kids with ADHD, Medical Marijuana Legalization,... Kids with ADHD More Likely to Have Allergies, Asthma A new study in Korea found that children with ADHD had a 1.6 times greater risk of asthma and a 1.4 times greater risk of nasal allergies than children without ADHD. The study of more than … ...
Moral Responsibility and the Strike Back Emotion Where does the belief in moral responsibility come from?
Today I Love Late Nights And Late Mornings Today I love late nights and late mornings, going out to experience something warm and wonderful like a cello recital in a beautiful old church after a hard day’s work … ...