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Vigorous exercise boosts critical neurotransmitters and may help restore mental health People who exercise have better mental fitness, and a new imaging study from UC Davis Health System shows why. Intense exercise increases levels of two common neurotransmitters — glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA — that are responsible for chemical messaging within the brain. Published in this week’s issue of The Journal of Neuroscience, the [...]
Mastering the art of ignoring makes people more efficient People searching for something can find it faster if they know what to look for. But new research suggests knowing what not to look for can be just as helpful. Although previous studies concluded that attempting to ignore irrelevant information slows people down, Johns Hopkins University researchers found that when people are given time to [...]
Discovery of key abnormality affecting brain development in people with Down syndrome For the first time researchers have identified the lifelong changes in gene expression in the brains of people born with Down syndrome (DS). The findings, which appear in the journal Neuron, may lead to possible therapies for DS patients. DS occurs in one out of every 691 live births and is the most common genetic [...]
Small study finds immunotherapy improves cognition in patients with schizophrenia A recent study of a handful of patients supports mounting evidence that targeted suppression of inflammation packaged with standard therapy can improve the cognitive ability of patients with schizophrenia, physician-scientists report. After just two intravenous doses in eight weeks of tocilizumab, an immune-suppressing drug regularly prescribed for rheumatoid and juvenile arthritis, study participants had significantly [...]
How rhythmic brain oscillations respond to teleportation Technology may not have caught up to the teleportation devices of science fiction, but now we have some idea of how the brain handles “beaming up” from one location to another, thanks to research by neuroscientists at the University of California, Davis, involving some specially wired volunteers. The work is published online Feb. 25, 2016 [...]
Voting restrictions stir anger, mobilize more Democrats to polls In recent years, many states have passed laws that make it more difficult for people to register and vote. But while these laws may be disenfranchising some minority voters — many of whom support the Democratic Party — they also may be having the unintended consequence of angering many voters, mobilizing them to go to [...]
Study shows teen girls’ sexual orientation not always a predictor of sexual behavior About one in five lesbian and four in five bisexual teen girls who are sexually active had a recent male sex partner, according to a new U.S. study of close to 3,000 adolescent girls that appears in the March issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health. The study, which was co-authored by researchers from the [...]
Fish brains help explain human sensory perception Advanced calcium imaging of zebrafish brains is helping University of Queensland researchers discover how sensory stimuli such as sights and sounds are integrated in the human brain. The research into how fish interpret and integrate sensory information, led by School of Biomedical Sciences ARC Future Fellow Dr Ethan Scott, could improve understanding of how humans [...]
Older adults have their own perspectives on sadness, loneliness and serenity A new study led by associate professor Rebecca Ready in the department of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has found that older adults have different, more positive responses than young adults about feelings such as serenity, sadness and loneliness. Ready calls the findings “highly clinically significant” because the information could [...]
Study: Mental abilities are shaped by individual differences in the brain Everyone has a different mixture of personality traits: some are outgoing, some are tough and some are anxious. A new study suggests that brains also have different traits that affect both anatomical and cognitive factors, such as intelligence and memory. The results are published in the journal NeuroImage. “A major focus of research in cognitive neuroscience [...]
New substance selectively blocks Alzheimer’s enzyme For decades, intensive research has been conducted on drugs all over the world to treat Alzheimer’s patients. Although major progress has been made in diagnostics (the disease can be detected increasingly early and accurately), the therapeutic options remain limited. Together with researchers in Switzerland, Germany and India, the team headed by Professor Lawrence Rajendran from [...]
Your proximity to a grocery store changes the way you eat Pork, mayonnaise and cookies versus bagels, kale and hummus. That’s the glaring difference in food choices by between two groups of people in the northeastern United States. The foods on the first list are more exclusive in social media feeds of people living in northeastern food deserts, a term used by the United States Department [...]
New study sheds light on the workings of brain neurotransmitter receptors Surprisingly complex interactions between neurotransmitter receptors and other key proteins help explain the brain’s ability to process information with lightning speed, according to a new study. Scientists at McGill University, working with collaborators at the universities of Oxford and Liverpool, combined experimental techniques to examine fast-acting protein macromolecules, known as AMPA receptors, which are a [...]
Race and gender of scientists affect perception of credibility Ideology is a key factor in determining how people assess the credibility of scientific researchers, according to a new UBC Sauder School of Business study. People who tend toward an elitist world view are more inclined to judge white male researchers as more credible, while people who ascribe to egalitarian beliefs are the opposite: they’re [...]
Making Peace with Anxiety: From I Hate You to... I refuse to hate you. I’m not going to fight, scream or even resist, though that’s my knee-jerk reaction to you. Honestly, I greet you like a chirping alarm waking me from a deep sleep at 3 a.m. I’m annoyed, afraid and enraged. Terror slips … ...
Five Reasons Why The Life Coaching Industry Is Booming In spite of its unregulated status, the life coaching industry continues to grow and expand. In fact, growth trends may be due to the ‘wildly unregulated’ nature of life coaching. … ...
Would Being Forced to Use This 'Obese' Avatar Affect Your Physical Fitness? A new study in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication takes a look at how the physical activity of a player changes depending on whether or not the game they’re playing uses a normal or obese avatar. There’s one problem. Neither of the avatars look obese. We spoke to one the scientists involved to see what was up....
How Movie Therapy Can Save Your Relationship Can watching a romantic movie with your partner potentially save your marriage? That was the question that motivated Professor Ron Rogge, a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Rochester, to pursue research about the effectiveness of ‘movie therapy’. The results were published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Ron had observed that in […]
Baby Blues: Three Invisible Risks of Giving Birth Baby Blues: Three Invisible Risks of Giving Birth   Giving birth to a child is one of the most magical experiences of life, right? While many mothers do experience feelings … ...
Terry Crews Shares Battle With Porn Addiction Actor, Terry Crews, shared a difficult revelation recently but it’s one that could affect many, many lives. Known for his funny, vibrant personality and incredibly impressive physique, Crews has been lauded as … ...