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Why Is Neuroticism So Toxic? Neuroticism is widely considered the most toxic of the "Big Five" personality traits. Read this blog post for some easy tips on how-to become less neurotic.
Are the problems that lead to divorce present from the start? Some couples may be predisposed to divorce and also affected by emerging problems, according to a 2015 study. The study, published in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, compared the two current theories of relationship deterioration—enduring dynamics (problems are generally present from the beginning of a relationship) and emergent distress (problems emerge and get worse [...]
Drug prevents key age-related brain change in rats As brain cells age they lose the fibers that receive neural impulses, a change that may underlie cognitive decline. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine recently found a way to reverse this process in rats. The study was published Feb. 3, 2016 in The Journal of Neuroscience. Researchers caution that more studies are needed, but [...]
Head injury patients develop brain clumps associated with Alzheimer’s disease Scientists have revealed that protein clumps associated with Alzheimer’s disease are also found in the brains of people who have had a head injury. Although previous research has shown that these clumps, called amyloid plaques, are present shortly after a brain injury – this study shows the plaques are still present over a decade after [...]
Brain formation pattern shows why early trauma may leave no clues Some of the earliest nerve cells to develop in the womb shape brain circuits that process sights and sounds, but then give way to mature networks that convert this sensory information into thoughts. This is the finding of a study led by researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center and published in the February 3 edition [...]
Women are seen more than heard in online news It has long been argued that women are under-represented and marginalised in relation to men in the world’s news media. New research, using artificial intelligence (AI), has analysed over two million articles to find out how gender is represented in online news. The study, which is the largest undertaken to date, found men’s views and [...]
The health benefits of hugging Besides helping you feel close and connected to people you care about, it turns out that hugs can bring a host of health benefits to your body and mind.
Overweight? The Cause May Not Be What You Think   According to the Centers of Disease Control, 69 percent of Americans are obese or overweight. Further, a recent national survey of more than a thousand people commissioned by Orlando Health found … ...
Psychoeducation may affect brain plasticity in bipolar disorder An investigation in the current issue of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics explores how psychoeducation may affect white matter plasticity in bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder (BD) is a severe mood disorder which is often difficult to treat. Pharmacological treatments are often effective in symptom management, but their effects are generally insufficient on a functional level. Among psychosocial interventions, [...]
Difficult grammar affects the neural processing of music Reading and listening to music at the same time affects how you hear the music. Language scientists and neuroscientists from Radboud University and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics published this finding in an article in Royal Society Open Science on February 3. “The neural pathways for language and music share a crossroads,” says lead [...]
Media stereotypes fuel support for anti-Muslim action, new research shows Craig Anderson is no political scientist. But the Distinguished Professor of psychology at Iowa State University could have predicted voter support for the presidential candidates taking a strong anti-Muslim stand. Months before the presidential campaign, Anderson and his colleagues conducted a series of studies to gauge the influence of media coverage portraying Muslims as terrorists. [...]
Environmental structure plays a key role in making thoughtful decisions Think about it – What factors contribute to making informed, responsible, thoughtful decisions? New research out of the University of Cincinnati uses a story about trees to examine how environmental structure plays a key role in making thoughtful decisions. The research also points to implications as to why people living in more chaotic environments, such [...]
New US cannabis laws appear to increase use among adults — but not teens How has new legislation affected marijuana use in the United States? The best available data suggest that marijuana use is increasing in adults but not teens, with a decrease in marijuana-related arrests but an increase in treatment admissions, according to an update in the January/February Journal of Addiction Medicine, the official journal of the American Society [...]
Structure of brain plaques in Huntington’s disease described by Pitt team Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have shown that the core of the protein clumps found in the brains of people with Huntington’s disease have a distinctive structure, a finding that could shed light on the molecular mechanisms underlying the neurodegenerative disorder. The findings were published this week in the Proceedings of [...]
‘How much does it hurt?’ For preschoolers, cognitive development can limit ability to rate pain “Rate your pain on a scale of zero to ten”–for most adults and older children, it’s a simple concept. But preschool-aged children generally lack the cognitive skills needed to make reliable pain ratings, according to an article in PAIN®, the official publication of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). The journal is [...]
Receptors inside nerve cells may be a key to controlling pain In real estate, location is key. It now seems the same concept holds true when it comes to stopping pain. New research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and McGill University in Montreal indicates that the location of receptors that transmit pain signals IS important in how big or small a pain [...]
Parental depression negatively affects children’s school performance A new study has found that when parents are diagnosed with depression, it can have a significant negative impact on their children’s performance at school. Researchers at Drexel University led a team including faculty from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, and the University of Bristol in England in a cohort study of more than [...]
Living in a Bigger Story Out beyond the shadows of our old thinking, a wholly different world appears. A world that delights in our explorations, our need to join with others. A world that welcomes and supports our endeavors. The world knows how to change and grow. ~ Margaret J. … ...
New Recommendations on Screening for Depression in Pregnancy New recommendations mean that insurers will be required to screen pregnant and postpartum women for depression.
The Replacement of Awe Many of the most popular media events in history are similar in that they elicit a sense of awe. In doing this, they can replace sources that traditionally have inspired people.