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Innate teaching skills ‘part of human nature’ Some 40 years ago, Washington State University anthropologist Barry Hewlett noticed that when the Aka pygmies stopped to rest between hunts, parents would give their infants small axes, digging sticks and knives. To parents living in the developed world, this could be seen as irresponsible. But in all the intervening years, Hewlett has never seen [...]
Why thinking about death makes us more religious, conservative and prejudiced If death is the final taboo, it might not be for much longer. There has, in recent years, been increasing effort to promote conversations about death and dying, both in the home and in more public settings. For example, death cafes, first launched in Switzerland in 2004, have spread around the world, enabling people to [...]
No, ADHD Is Not Like [Insert Medical Condition Here] You’ll often hear people explain that ADHD is a brain-based disorder by comparing ADHD to insert medical condition here . ADHD is like diabetes and ADHD meds are like insulin. Or … ...
The Synergistic Components of Schizophrenia Psychotic ideation is bolstered by its characteristics of visceral experience, dissociation and lack of context. Rogerian theory and therapy might be a promising intervention.
The Synergisitc Components of Schizophrenia Psychotic ideation is bolstered by it's characteristics of visceral experience, dissociation and lack of context. Rogerian theory and therapy might be a promising intervention.
Whistle while you work What is the key to being happy? More specifically, what is the key to being happy at work? More money, more time off, family benefits? Researchers suggest that they may have found the answers.
Bullies With a Cause Are we raising a generation of "bullies with a cause"?
Are You an Optimist or a Pessimist? Your Health... “A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will … ...
Five Ways to Boost Your Natural Happy Chemicals Guest post by Loretta Breuning, PhD of Inner Mammal Institute You can trigger more happy chemicals naturally. Here’s how. You can stimulate more happy chemicals with fewer side effects when … ...
Using Quotes to Get Through Tough Times Confession: I love inspirational quotations. I love the idea that these little nuggets of wisdom can help us deal with our lives. They’re not perfect — they only scratch the … ...
Older and younger adults surf different brain waves Cognitive scientists have found more evidence that aging brains work differently than younger brains when performing the same memory task, pointing to a potentially new direction for age-related cognitive care and exploration.
Just How Important Is Affection In Relationships? What role does affection play in commitment, satisfaction, hurt, and cholesterol?
False Guilt: #SorryNotSorry Dear Parents, I’m sorry you can’t accept me for who I am. You drove me away and now, you’re missing out on a wonderful daughter and son-in-law. Oh, you wanted … ...
How to Read a Book a Week I was part of a cutting-edge conversation that was going on between great minds. Flash forward too many years, and I am now back in that conversation.
Brain scars in multiple sclerosis patients reveal possible cause of taste problems Taste deficits appear to be more prevalent among multiple sclerosis (MS) patients than previously reported and correlate with brain lesions left by the debilitating disease, a new study has found.
New device to get people with paralysis back on their feet Medical researchers have created a new minimally invasive brain-machine interface, giving people with spinal cord injuries new hope to walk again with the power of thought.
Networking for Introverts: 4 Secrets to Meet New People... Networking can be, at times, awkward and even produce anxiety. The thought of reaching out to people you don’t know to build potential business relationships can seem daunting. How do those “super connector” social butterflies carry themselves with such confidence while others stammer and stutter? … ...
Far Better Than Brain Training For Increasing Attention Is The Oldest Technique of All While 'brain training' games have become popular, there is a better way, new research suggests.
Three Neuroscience Advances That Could Change Your Life The impossible--healing your brain-- looks possible after all
3 Neuroscience Advances That Could Change Your Life Healing your brain looks possible after all !