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Where we live affects our bias against mixed-race individuals Whites living in areas where they are less exposed to those of other races have a harder time categorizing mixed-race individuals than do Whites with greater interracial exposure, a condition that is associated with greater prejudice against mixed-race individuals, a new experimental study shows. For decades, research has shown that Whites with lower interracial exposure [...]
Decrypting a collagen’s role in schizophrenia A small peptide generated from a collagen protein may protect the brain from schizophrenia by promoting the formation of neuronal synapses, according to a paper published in The Journal of Cell Biology. The study, “Collagen-Derived Matricryptins Promote Inhibitory Nerve Terminal Formation in the Developing Neocortex” by Jianmin Su and colleagues, may lead to new approaches [...]
Research on frogs shows how the brain detects short sounds For humans to understand speech and for other animals to know each other’s calls, the brain must distinguish short sounds from longer sounds. By studying frogs, University of Utah researchers figured out how certain brain cells compute the length of sounds and detect short ones. In addition to pitch and loudness, “sound duration is of [...]
If you want to quit smoking, do it now Smokers who try to cut down the amount they smoke before stopping are less likely to quit than those who choose to quit all in one go, Oxford University researchers have found. Their study is published in journal Annals of Internal Medicine. Most experts say that people should give up in one go, but most [...]
Literature review finds Canadians in jails and prisons have poor health The vast majority of Canadians in correctional facilities have mental health and substance abuse issues as well as a high rate of suicide attempts and completions compared to the general population, a comprehensive review of studies on detainees’ health has found. The study led by Dr. Fiona Kouyoumdjian, a post-doctoral fellow with the Centre for [...]
How Attraction Can Mimic Mania It is easy for me to get swept up in things – people, ideas, projects. When I get swept up by a guy, I have to watch myself because a … ...
In today’s advertising environment, cleverness can backfire When it comes to display advertising — especially online — simpler can be better. That’s the implication of new research from the University of Maryland and Tilburg University in The Netherlands. One theory of advertising holds that display ads need a degree of nuance or visual complexity in order to capture the viewer’s attention. But that fails to [...]
Anti-inflammatory chemical may be a new tool for depression therapy A chemical discovered in the Bruce Hammock laboratory at the University of California, Davis, may be a new, innovative tool to control depression, a severe and chronic psychiatric disease that affects 350 million persons worldwide. The research, published March 14 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, involves studies of an inhibitor [...]
Genetic cause of spinocerebellar ataxia identified Using the genetic information of two different families with three generations of disease, researchers have identified a new mutation responsible for a degenerative and ultimately fatal movement disorder. Through induced pluripotent stem cell techniques, researchers also grew neurons from one patient in the laboratory to be used in future experiments. Spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA) is a [...]
How Mindfulness Can Alleviate Depression Some would say depression in the modern world has reached pandemic proportions. Yet, the symptoms of this mental illness may be masked by those suffering from it. This is partially … ...
Researchers identify when Parkinson’s proteins become toxic to brain cells Researchers have used a non-invasive method of observing how the process leading to Parkinson’s disease takes place at the nanoscale, and identified the point in the process at which proteins in the brain become toxic, eventually leading to the death of brain cells. The results suggest that the same protein can either cause, or protect [...]
Which neuron is more mature? Single cell transcriptome knows! The human brain is extremely complex, containing billions of neurons forming trillions of synapses where thoughts, behavior and emotion arise. However, when an individual is performing a particular task, not many but only a few neural circuits are in action. The enormous cellular heterogeneity of the brain structure has made dissections of the molecular basis [...]
Does Having ADHD Make Us More Tolerant Toward Other... A recent study found that ADHD makes some parents more tolerant towards children with ADHD but makes others less tolerant. In general, children with ADHD have more conflict with their … ...
Death-related thoughts discourage consumers from purchasing annuities Thinking about death isn’t doing the annuity industry any favors, but it could be the missing piece of a puzzle that has vexed economists for decades. That’s according to a new study by two Boston College marketing professors who say “mortality salience” is one reason why consumers shy away from buying annuities. “When you think [...]
Starving eye cells contribute to blindness in elders Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of visual impairment in people over 50 in developed countries. Although this condition affects up to 20% of people between the ages of 65 and 75, what drives abnormal blood vessels to invade the retina is unknown. Researchers from Montreal and Boston now provide a new mechanism [...]
When Your Spouse Is Depressed Dealing with a depressed spouse is not an easy thing to do. The burden that is carried by one partner often migrates over to the other, and in the end … ...
Keeping the Fire Alive: One Man’s Renewed Life Commitment... Since my first vision quest 18 years ago, I’ve made a commitment to go out into the wilderness every year alone and fast, typically for three days and nights. This sacred time gives me the opportunity to contemplate my life and to renew my commitment … ...
Are You a Left-Brained or Right-Brained Thinker? The pop psychology notion of left-brain/right-brain is nothing more than “folk neuroscience,” just as nonsensical as the idea that you only use ten percent of your brain.
8 Possible Signs of a Relapse   Frequently, mental health doesn’t change overnight. It can be a gradual process. Here are eight things to look for that might be a sign of decreasing stability or the … ...
Chemical may be new tool for depression therapy A chemical that acts on a number of inflammatory or inflammation-linked diseases, may also help in treating clinical depression, this mouse-based study suggests.