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Spotting a Bipolar Episode Before It Happens Living and functioning with bipolar disorder takes a tremendous amount of effort. Even with treatment, every aspect of our daily lives has to be evaluated to see whether or not … ...
Self Esteem and a Quiet Ego How does self esteem impact our lives and creativity? How do traits like egocentrism and narcissism relate to self esteem? In an article on these aspects of personality, psychologist Scott … ...
APA Seeks Clarification of Relevance of Specific Defense Department Policies to Independent Review Re-engages attorney to consider limited set of questions
Psychologists find a simple way to reduce racial prejudice Racially biased judgments can be effectively reduced by changing the way that people think about the ways that they share group memberships with those against whom they are biased, according to a study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. A wealth of research has shown that biased judgments about members of racial minority groups [...]
Brain imaging study suggests risk-taking behaviors can be contagious Why do we sometimes decide to take risks and other times choose to play it safe? In a new study, Caltech researchers explored the neural mechanisms of one possible explanation: a contagion effect. The work is described in the March 21 online early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In the [...]
Don’t count on strangers in medical emergencies, especially if you’re African-American In the first study of its kind, Cornell sociologists have found that people who have a medical emergency in a public place can’t necessarily rely on the kindness of strangers. Only 2.5 percent of people, or 1 in 39, got help from strangers before emergency medical personnel arrived, in research published April 14 in the [...]
Twin study links environment and parenting to childhood self-control University of Texas at Arlington researchers have found that by age 3 environmental influences such as parenting are relevant factors in the development of toddlers’ self-control when they are asked not to do something they want to do, such as run into the street or eat a forbidden snack. “Understanding the development of self-control mechanisms [...]
Heavy cannabis use associated with reduced dopamine release in brain n a recent study, researchers found evidence of a compromised dopamine system in heavy users of marijuana. Lower dopamine release was found in the striatum – a region of the brain that is involved in working memory, impulsive behavior, and attention. Previous studies have shown that addiction to other drugs of abuse, such as cocaine [...]
How to Treat an Addict: Respond as if the... How to Treat an Addict: Respond as if the Addict is Your Beloved Mother One of the things that amazes me about owning an addiction treatment center is that every … ...
How the brain consolidates memory during deep sleep Research strongly suggests that sleep, which constitutes about a third of our lives, is crucial for learning and forming long-term memories. But exactly how such memory is formed is not well understood and remains, despite considerable research, a central question of inquiry in neuroscience. Neuroscientists at the University of California, Riverside report this week in [...]
Improved brain mapping tool 20 times more powerful than previous version Salk Institute scientists have developed a new reagent to map the brain’s complex network of connections that is 20 times more efficient than their previous version. This tool improves upon a technique called rabies virus tracing, which was originally developed in the Callaway lab at Salk and is commonly used to map neural connections. Rabies [...]
The brain of male batterers functions differently than that of other criminals A pioneering study led by a research group at the University of Granada (Spain) compares, for the first time in the world, the brain functioning of aggressors against their partners or ex-partners to that of other criminals when they are exposed to images related to different types of violence. This research, whose findings have just [...]
Electrical brain stimulation enhances creativity, researchers say Safe levels of electrical stimulation can enhance your capacity to think more creatively, according to a new study by Georgetown researchers. Georgetown psychology professor Adam Green and Dr. Peter Turkeltaub of Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) and MedStar National Rehabilitation Network, and a team of colleagues published the study yesterday online in Cerebral Cortex. The [...]
A nutrient called carnitine might counteract gene mutations linked with autism risks Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) affect about one percent of the world’s population. In the United States alone, about 1 in 68 children are on the spectrum, and between 40 and 60 percent of them are also diagnosed with some degree of intellectual disability. The annual cost associated with ASD in the United States is high [...]
Do women prefer ‘manly men’ with thick beards and deep voices? Science reveals all What is the point of a beard, evolutionarily speaking? Children, women, and a whole bunch of men manage just fine without one. But take a walk down some streets these days and you’ll be confronted with all sizes and shapes of groomed (and less groomed) facial hair – from designer stubble to waxed moustaches and [...]
Are Your Thoughts Making You Sick? In the words of psychooncologist Lawrence LeShan, PhD: “Feelings affect body chemistry, which affects the development or regression of a tumor, just as body chemistry affects feelings.” In other words, … ...
Neuropsychologist Has a Secret Life as a Bullwhip-Cracking Stuntwoman  Indiana Jones proved just how useful a good bullwhip can be, both as a tool and as a weapon, but people are still surprised when neuropsychologist Jessica Cail tells them that one of her favorite hobbies is practicing whip-cracking. She talks about this peculiar sideline in the latest installment of the NOVA video series, Secret Life of Scientists. ...
The Enneagram in Pop Culture: 90’s sitcoms Do you ever pull out a classic Chandler Bing phrase without thinking? Perhaps you once resonated with the fatherly role of Phillip Banks or long to shop ‘till you drop like his daughter, Hillary? Let’s face it, we often feel like we know many of these iconic characters better than we understand ourselves. In fact, […]
Accepting Ourselves Without Labels It feels good to know that other people are just like me, especially when I have been going through tough times. When I discover a group of people going through the same thing as I am, I am reassured and comforted. Often these groups will … ...
New study illuminates key aspects of how we fall asleep and wake up Falling asleep and waking up are key transitions in everyone's day. Despite decades of research, how these transitions work -- the neurobiological mechanics of our circadian rhythm -- has remained largely a mystery to brain scientists. Now, however, scientists have identified the workings of a key pathway for these processes. The pathway that appears to play a key role in regulating the 'switch' between wakefulness and sleep.