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Mindful Eating Improves Risk Factors for Heart Disease and... Diabetes and heart disease are among the top killers for both men and women in the industrialized world. The problem has its roots in many sources—foods that are overflowing with … ...
7 Alternative Ways You Should Think About Productivity Your productivity is more than just ticking things off your to-do list.
5 Self-Esteem Boosting Strategies That Can Backfire When you’re feeling bad about yourself, these approaches may be tempting, but they’re unlikely to serve you in the long run.
Testosterone may reduce empathy by reducing brain connectivity High levels of testosterone may reduce empathy by interfering with communication between parts of the brain involved in emotion, according to a study to be published in the journal Psychoneuroendicinology. There is a large body of scientific research linking testosterone, a hormone produced in larger quantities by men’s bodies and in smaller quantities in women’s [...]
When women feel their partner demands perfection, sex life suffers Women who perceive that their sexual partner is imposing perfectionist standards on them may suffer sexual dysfunction as a result, psychologists at the University of Kent have found. In the first in-depth study of how different types of sexual perfectionism affect women over a period of time, researchers also found that ‘partner-prescribed’ sexual perfectionism contributed [...]
Study on daydreaming reveals not all mind wandering is created equal Mind wandering–sometimes seen as daydreaming or “zoning out”–has been shown to facilitate creative thinking and problem solving, but in the wrong context it can become distracting or even dangerous. Inattentive students can get behind in class, and drivers who aren’t paying attention to the road are far more likely to end up in accidents. And [...]
Why people may feel more helpless in stressful situations than others Stress – we’re all too familiar with it. More of us than ever are feeling the relentless pressure of busy lives and it is taking its toll. In the US, stress related ailments cost the nation $300 billion every year in medical bills and lost productivity. But it seems some people are able to cope [...]
Neuroscientists examine dynamic connections in the brain Functional connections in the brain change over time in ways that are only now beginning to be appreciated. In the field of neuroscience, there is a new approach to studying the brain known as human connectomics. This dynamic model of studying the brain and its moment-to-moment variations is what researchers at the University of Miami [...]
How to Protect Kids From a Borderline/Narcissistic Parent If you're co-parenting with a high conflict narcissistic/borderline parent, you have a responsibility to minimize the damage emotional abuse can do. This series will show you how.
Personality influences how one reacts to email errors When reading emails, do you become the “grammar police?” You no who you aer: the person who thinks its her job too catch every typo or gramatical errur? This behavior is partly the result of personality traits that influence how people react to written errors, according University of Michigan linguistics experts. Extroverted people are likely [...]
Neuronal feedback system could explain mechanism behind optical illusions Ever see something that isn’t really there? Could your mind be playing tricks on you? The “tricks” might be your brain reacting to feedback between neurons in different parts of the visual system, according to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience by Carnegie Mellon University Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Sandra J. Kuhlman [...]
#WorldBipolarDay I AM #MoreThanADiagnosis Today is  #WorldBipolarDay  to bring world  awareness to bipolar disorder and to eliminate social stigma. International Bipolar Foundation campaign year theme wanted peers to think about expressing, in a creative way … ...
Parents’ binge eating, restrictive feeding practices may be reactions to kids’ emotions A new study of more than 440 parents and their preschoolers offers insight into why some parents who binge eat also may try to restrict their children’s food intake, placing their children at higher risk for unhealthy eating habits and weight problems. Parents who reported feeling distress when their child was angry, crying or fearful [...]
White teachers more likely to doubt educational prospects of black boys and girls When evaluating the same black student, white teachers expect significantly less academic success than black teachers, a new study concludes. This is especially true for black boys. When a black teacher and a white teacher evaluate the same black student, the white teacher is about 30 percent less likely to predict the student will complete [...]
Teens are gambling online at a significantly higher rate than previously reported Nearly 10 per cent of teens in three Canadian provinces said they had gambled online in the past three months, according to a new study by researchers from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and the University of Waterloo. It’s the first Canadian-based study to find such high levels of online gambling among [...]
Long-acting treatment for opioid addiction reduces risk of relapse In a multicenter, randomized clinical trial, ex-prisoners who received six monthly injections of naltrexone–a long-acting medication that blocks opioid receptors in the brain–were significantly less likely to resume opioid use than those who received counseling and referrals to community treatment centers without naltrexone. The study was published online today in New England Journal of Medicine. [...]
What’s Your Name? What’s your name? My name is Thomas Winterman, and I used to be a fat guy. Whew! It feels good to say that. No really, it’s nice to be able to call a spade a spade. I used to speak in code with words like … ...
Link between Zika virus and fetal brain damage confirmed Zika virus can be detected in blood samples taken from a pregnant woman while brain damage is developing, as well as isolated in cell culture from the brain tissue of the fetus.
Right brain may help predict recovery of language after stroke The brain is divided into two hemispheres, the right and the left. The left side is dominant in language and speech-motor functions in most people, so when it is damaged by stroke, it can lead to aphasia. Aphasia is difficulty speaking, naming, repeating, and understanding language. Looking at structures in the right side of the brain may help predict who will better recover from language problems after a stroke, according to a new study.
Nightmares After Trauma At least half of PTSD patients suffer from intense nightmares that replay a traumatic event. How do these differ from normal nightmares, and how can we treat them?