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Symptom of the Day: Physical Restlessness Since bipolar disorder is classified as a psychiatric illness, people might often overlook the fact that there are very real physical characteristics of the disorder as well. Some of these … ...
Balancing the Commitment to Self and Other Linda: There is an old Buddhist story about a man who wanted to drink crystal clear water. He was a rich man, who owned a lot of property. One day … ...
Scientific review finds MDMA therapy as effective as exposure therapy for PTSD patients Psychotherapy incorporating use of the drug MDMA, also known as Ecstasy, is equally effective in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as the most widely accepted psychiatric treatment for the disorder, according to a meta-analysis to be published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. PTSD is a serious psychiatric disorder which affects a significant proportion [...]
Addiction & recovery: Let’s talk about sex You've heard about 12-Step programs. But did you know there is a 13th Step? ...
Email-based exercises could improve mental health long-term Public health interventions conducted via email could improve mental health in an easily accessible and cost-effective way, according to a study published in the open access journal BMC Psychology. Researchers at the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland and Duodecim Medical Publications recruited 73,054 participants by aid of a Finnish reality TV program presented between [...]
Brain imaging study shows obese or anorexic individuals react differently to taste Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus have discovered that women suffering from anorexia nervosa and those who are obese respond differently to taste, a finding that could lead to new treatments for the eating disorders. “Taste is an important driver of food intake and invariably associated with distinct neuronal patters in the [...]
Mom’s voice activates many different regions in children’s brains, study shows Children’s brains are far more engaged by their mother’s voice than by voices of women they do not know, a new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine has found. Brain regions that respond more strongly to the mother’s voice extend beyond auditory areas to include those involved in emotion and reward processing, social [...]
Statins may shield unborn babies from mother’s stress, study suggests Statins could protect the hearts of babies in the womb from the adverse effects of their mother’s stress, research suggests. Scientists have discovered that the widely-prescribed drugs help to counteract the negative impact of stress hormones on fetal growth and heart development in mice. The therapy could lower the chances of babies being born underweight [...]
Police more likely than others to say they are blind to racial differences A new study reveals that police recruits and experienced officers are more likely than others to subscribe to colorblind racial beliefs — the notion that they – and people in general — see no differences among people from different racial groups and treat everyone the same. The findings appear in the journal Race and Social [...]
Nematode study reveals how differences in male and female brains emerge Nematode worms may not be from Mars or Venus, but they do have sex-specific circuits in their brains that cause the males and females to act differently. According to new research published in Nature, scientists have determined how these sexually dimorphic (occurring in either males or females) connections arise in the worm nervous system. The [...]
Study on 14 U.S. presidential debates finds candidates don’t usually dodge tough questions Nearly everybody thinks that presidential candidates routinely dodge hard-hitting questions, providing evasive answers to simple questions. But a new study that analyzed the full transcripts of 14 U.S. presidential debates from 1996 to 2012 provides some surprising insights that might temper that belief — and help explain why people believe politicians are evasive. The research [...]
Study on misnaming finds slips of the lip stay all in the family It’s happened to many of us: While looking right at someone you know very well, you open your mouth and blurt out the wrong name. The name you blurt is not just any old name, though, says new research from Duke University that finds “misnaming” follows predictable patterns. Among people who know each other well, [...]
Children, youth take longer to fully recover from concussion: study York University concussion experts report that children and youth take longer to fully recover from a concussion than previously thought. After a concussion, young athletes usually rejoin their teams in a few weeks if they do not have any active symptoms. However, it might take up to two years to fully recover from the injury [...]
Problematic Porn Use: Quantity vs. Consequences A new study by Mateusz Gola, Karol Lewczuk, and Maciej Skorko, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, looks at the factors that drive people into treatment for problematic porn … ...
How Failure Breeds Success Our weaknesses are the source of our strengths; our failures are the roots of our successes. This is not another motivational cliché, this is a fact of history and science. Evolutionary theorists long ago concluded that the power of the human species lay in its … ...
Children, youth take longer to fully recover from concussion The findings indicate that those in the age group of eight and 16 are not only vulnerable to concussions, but because their brain is still developing, they are neurologically more fragile than adults for performing tasks that require cognitive motor integration following a concussion.
Regular exercise at any age might stave off Alzheimer's Research has demonstrated a positive correlation between fitness and blood flow to areas of the brain where the hallmark tangles and plaques of Alzheimer's disease (AD) pathology are usually first detected, indicating a possibility that regular exercise could stave off AD symptoms.
Mom's voice activates many different regions in children's brains, study shows A far wider swath of brain areas is activated when children hear their mothers than when they hear other voices, and this brain response predicts a child's social communication ability, a new study finds.
Breaking Up is Hard to Do Why do teens stalk each other’s phones?  They think of themselves as mini detectives like on TV searching for proof of cheating.  Yet adolescents who have had their phones grabbed for scrutiny … ...
Immigration and Family Dysfunction The children of immigrants to the United States from traditional societies often get double messages about which cultural norms they should follow, creating serious conflicts.