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Magic mushrooms 'promising' in depression A hallucinogenic chemical in magic mushrooms shows promise for people with untreatable depression, a very short study hints.
Three Ways to Express Compassion in Our Work with... For teenagers, the world can be an extremely harsh and unkind place. Conversely, being kind is a universal antidote to aggression, tension, and hostility. When we are kind, we embody friendliness generosity, and consideration in our interaction, and as helping adults, we have the opportunity … ...
#200 Sexism and Social Media: Part Two Today our question is as follows: How do we protect our daughters from sexism in the media and how do we educate our sons? It’s a tall order, no question … ...
Does LSD induce genuine synesthesia — or something different? A new placebo-controlled study has confirmed that the psychedelic drug LSD can induce synesthesia-like experiences. But the preliminary research, published in the journal Neuropsychologia, raises questions about whether LSD produces “genuine” synaesthesia. Synesthesia occurs when a person experiences an overlap in their senses. A person experiencing synesthesia might be able to taste colors or see sounds. “Genuine” [...]
The link between genes, cognitive styles and political orientation Certain personality traits known as cognitive styles are partially determined by genetic factors, which may account for some inherited similarities in political ideology, according to a twin study published online in Political Psychology. Cognitive styles are elements of personality related to how people process information. The dimensions of cognitive style that have received the most [...]
Magic mushroom compound psilocybin can reduce symptoms of treatment-resistant depression Psilocybin – a hallucinogenic compound derived from magic mushrooms – may offer a possible new avenue for antidepressant research, according to a new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry today. The small feasibility trial, which involved 12 people with treatment-resistant depression, found that psilocybin was safe and well-tolerated and that, when given alongside supportive therapy, [...]
Young children struggle with visual directional cues — but not a pointing finger The old adage that ‘it’s rude to point’ might need a rethink after new research showed that young children struggle to make sense of common symbols like arrows, and respond best to a pointing finger to direct their gaze. Psychologists from the University of Lincoln, UK, found that the attention of pre-school and early school [...]
Exposure to narrow band of green light improves migraine symptoms Light sensitivity, or photophobia, is a frequent symptom of migraine headaches, which affect nearly 15 percent of the world’s population. A new study, led by researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and published today in Brain, has found that exposing migraine sufferers to a narrow band of green light significantly reduces photophobia and [...]
Scientists create an ’emotional’ Turing test to learn how it feels to interact with a machine Can machines think? That’s what renowned mathematician Alan Turing sought to understand back in the 1950s when he created an imitation game to find out if a human interrogator could tell a human from a machine based solely on conversation deprived of physical cues. The Turing test was introduced to determine a machine’s ability to [...]
Purine metabolism is altered in people with major depressive disorder People suffering from major depressive disorder may have altered purine metabolism, according to a new study from the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital. Purines are nitrogenous compounds that serve as building blocks for DNA and they also play a role in cellular signalling, among other things. The study found that in people [...]
New study shows how shift work affect cognitive functions A new study from Uppsala University shows that compared to non-shift workers, shift workers needed more time to complete a test that is frequently used by physicians to screen for cognitive impairment. However, those who had quit shift work more than five years ago completed the test just as quick as the non-shift workers. The [...]
Young workers hit hardest by slow hiring during recessions The saying “Youth is wasted on the young” may ring hollow to young workers who were unable to find work or begin building a career during the Great Recession. When hiring slows during recessions, the brunt of job losses is borne by job-seekers in their twenties and early thirties, according to a new paper by [...]
Busy over-50s have better cognitive function, study shows Are you busy on an average day? Do you often have too many things to do to get them all done? Do you often have so many things to do that you go to bed later than your regular bedtime? If you are over 50 and the answer to these questions is a weary yes, [...]
10 Flimsiest Excuses for Not Taking Action When a decision needs to be made and work must be done, instead of springing into action and doing what’s necessary, too often the temptation is to offer an excuse. More often than not, the excuse is a lame one, such as the following: I … ...
Date Night Every Night Romantic partners who have spent any time searching on Google or through the shelves of Barnes and Noble looking for the solution to their troubled relationship have undoubtedly come across oodles … ...
Boredom Leads to Unhealthy Food Choices Bored? Then you are more likely to reach for fatty and sugary foods. That’s something that we’ve all known for years, but now there is scientific data that proves it. … ...
Study shows how neurons reach their final destinations The discovery that unattached, sliding microtubules aid in neuronal migration, could ultimately help researchers better understand how neurons gone astray contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, say investigators.
How does memory work? We tend to think our memory works like a filing cabinet. We experience an event, generate a memory and then file it away for later use. However, according to medical research, the basic mechanisms behind memory are much more dynamic.
Relationship satisfaction depends on the mating pool, study finds Relationship satisfaction and the energy devoted to keeping a partner are dependent on how the partner compares with other potential mates, a finding that relates to evolution's stronghold on modern relationship psychology, according to a study.
Reconnecting with Yourself Do you ever feel like you’ve become just a spouse or a parent or a worker? Or maybe you’re a combination of all those but you’ve lost sight of everything … ...