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Loneliness in midlife: The risk of becoming lonely is not limited to old age Loneliness is a widespread condition. It can make people depressed and even physically ill. The psychologists Maike Luhmann and Louise C. Hawkley conducted a representative survey among 16,132 participants of the Socio-economic Panel (SOEP) in 2013. They published their findings under the title “Age Differences in Loneliness From Late Adolescence to Oldest Old Age” in [...]
Marijuana use in pregnancy is major risk for preterm birth International research led by the University of Adelaide has for the first time shown a direct link between continued marijuana use during pregnancy and pre-term birth. The study evaluated data from more than 5500 pregnant women from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom who took part in the SCOPE (SCreening fOr Pregnancy Endpoints) [...]
Cinemagoers’ exhaled breath reveals the scene that is playing With some movies, suspense is quite literally in the air. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, analysed the air in movie theatres during various movie screenings and determined that every movie leaves a characteristic pattern in the air. It is now possible to determine whether [...]
14 Myths of Couple Relationships The early stages of love come with the assumption that everything will always be good. As time passes, cynicism can develop which makes us jaded and causes tension within couple relationships. Here are 14 myths you might believe that could be harming your relationship. If we love each other, we should be happy at all […]
9 Personality Traits Risky for Developing Postpartum Depression... Postpartum depression is a very serious condition affecting 10-15% of mothers in most developed countries (that’s 400,000-600,000 women per year in the US). Research shows that mother really is the heart of the family, and when she is hurting, the whole family unit is at … ...
Resolving the Trauma You Didn't Know You Had We've all experienced some degree of trauma. How well we cope in our lives today greatly depends on how much we are willing to recognize and make sense of these experiences.
Brain cells that aid appetite control identified It’s rare for scientists to get what they describe as “clean” results without spending a lot of time repeating the same experiment over and over again. But when researchers saw the mice they were working with doubling their weight within a month or two, they knew they were on to something. “About twenty years ago [...]
Women’s preference for smaller competition may account for inequality When applying for a job or to college, women seek positions with fewer applicants than men, according to a new University of Michigan study. The researchers found that the size of a competition–such as the number of applicants to a particular job or the number of people vying for a monetary reward–shapes who enters the [...]
Can psychological therapies help people who self-harm? Self-harm is intentional self-poisoning or self-injury. Many people who are admitted to hospital because of this are at an increased risk of self- harming again and of suicide. It is a major problem in many countries, leads to high levels of distress for patients and their families and friends, and places significant demands on health [...]
Brain images reveal first physical evidence that Alcoholics Anonymous prayers reduce cravings Long-term members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) report little or no craving for alcohol, but why this happens remains poorly understood. In the first study to explore brain physiology in AA members, researchers from NYU Langone Medical Center found that members who recited AA prayers after viewing drinking-related images reported less craving for alcohol after praying [...]
Eyewitnesses remember suspects as having darker skin color Eyewitnesses remember the faces of black suspects less accurately in drive-by shootings than they do in serial killings. Their memories are further skewed when the victims are women or white males, psychology researchers at UBC’s Okanagan campus have found. “What this study shows is that the memory of an eyewitness is heavily influenced by the [...]
Moby and Existentialism: It’s All in the Family For Moby, acceptance of the absurdity of life is what helps him to recognize that he may never fully understand certain ontological questions regarding the nature of our existence.
What your favorite drink may say about you Old preconceptions and prejudices about drinks based on gender appear to be dying out.
Scientists find astonishing way to erase bad memories Researchers found that trying to push away your thoughts about the less obvious, background aspects of such memories was key to intentionally forgetting something.
Ways obesity can weigh on the brain Research reveals how extra pounds can affect everything from neural function to mental health.
Yoga may improve memory better than brain training Study participants who practiced yoga had more improvement in visual-spatial memory, and saw bigger reductions in their symptoms of depression and anxiety than did the brain-training group.
Bipolar? Don’t drink! don’t smoke! What do you do? Are you singing or humming the tune from my subject line? Then you might have been around in the 80’s. To be exact, FEBRUARY 12, 1983 and the song you’re singing … ...
Why Can Our Brain Change Between Depressed and Manic States? An exploration of brain research on personality disorders.
Can Therapy Help for Self-Harm? The problem of self-harm is growing, especially among teens and young adults. People engage in self-harm — such as cutting, self-injury, or even self-poisoning, for a wide variety of reasons. But the real question is how to help a person who is self-harming. Self-harm also … ...
Brain images reveal first physical evidence that AA prayers reduce cravings Members Alcoholics Anonymous who recited AA prayers after viewing drinking-related images reported less craving for alcohol after praying, according to a new study.