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Fresh starts I’m feeling rather low at the moment. Been having a bit of a setback in my recovery. I’m struggling to get going. Feeling down and without hope. Suppose that I’ve … ...
What are Sensory Processing Issues?! Sensory Processing Disorder (also known as SPD) can be a confusing issue to parents. What does it mean when professionals tell you your child has “sensory issues?” I am reminded … ...
My Best Ideas As the video I'd want played at my memorial, I'd want these ideas scrolling.
Ottaviano Named American Psychological Association General Counsel Former Arent Fox partner steps into senior APA role
Teenage boys who show empathy attract 1.8 more girlfriends than boys who don’t Boys high in cognitive empathy attracted an average of 1.8 more girl friendships than low empathy counterparts, as revealed by a landmark study, “When Empathy Matters: The Role of Sex and Empathy in Close Friendships.” The Australian Research Council-funded research, led by Professor Joseph Ciarrochi at the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education at Australian Catholic [...]
Obsessed with reality TV? You may be a narcissist In early May, with Donald Trump on the verge of solidifying the Republican nomination, his opponent Ted Cruz ranted to the press: I’m going to tell you what I really think of Donald Trump. This man is a pathological liar. He cannot tell the truth, but he combines it with being a narcissist… A narcissist [...]
Satisfied partners downgrade the appearance of potential threats to their romantic relationship Though they meet thousands of new people in their lifetime, what underlying psychological factors might couples use to stay committed to their partners? According to a recent study, people in relationships actually see tempting people outside of their partnership as less attractive. This perceptual bias could represent a non-conscious method of self-control that assists in [...]
Political environment can explain why conservatives are happier than liberals Past studies have found that conservatives are happier than liberals. Dr. Olga Stavrova from the Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology (ISS) and Junior Professor Maike Luhmann from the Psychology Department at the University of Cologne were able to show in two studies that the positive effect of a conservative ideology on people also depends [...]
Witnesses can catch criminals by smell Move over sniffer dogs, people who witnessed a crime are able to identify criminals by their smell. Police lineups normally rely on sight, but nose-witnesses can be just as reliable as eye-witnesses, new research published in Frontiers in Psychology has found. “Police often use human eye-witnesses, and even ear-witnesses, in lineups but, to date, there [...]
Link found between witnessing domestic violence during childhood and attempted suicide A new study by the University of Toronto (U of T), found the lifetime prevalence of suicide attempts among adults who had been exposed to chronic parental domestic violence during childhood was 17.3% compared to 2.3% among those without this childhood adversity. “We had expected that the association between chronic parental domestic violence and later [...]
Children less likely to trust ugly people Is beauty only skin deep? Children don’t seem to think so, like adults and babies, children think the uglier you are, the less trustworthy you are. In a study recently published in Frontiers in Psychology, researchers have found that as children, how we perceive someone’s trustworthiness is linked to how attractive we find them. Our [...]
Caffeine has little to no benefit after 3 nights of sleep restriction A new study found that after restricting sleep to 5 hours per night, caffeine use no longer improved alertness or performance after three nights. Results show that relative to placebo, caffeine significantly improved Psychomotor Vigilance Task (PVT) performance during the first 2 days, but not the last 3 days of sleep restriction. “We were particularly [...]
Empathy Or Sympathy Or Just Apathy: Is Aggressive Behavior... Empathy vs Sympathy...
New role for glial energy metabolism in addiction Addiction may be viewed as a disorder of reward learning. To date, addiction research has focused on the molecular adaptations through which memories of exposure to abused substances are encoded and maintained by nerve cells. However, glia, the non-neuronal supporting cells of the brain, have now been implicated in the consolidation of cocaine-related memories. Researchers, [...]
US high school seniors underreport MDMA use when not asked about ‘Molly’ National surveys suggest ecstasy (the street name for the drug MDMA) use has decreased substantially among adolescents and young adults in the US since 2001; however, the recent phenomenon of “Molly” (ecstasy marketed as “pure MDMA”) may be leading to underreporting of use as not all users are aware that “Molly” is a form of [...]
PET points to tau protein as leading culprit in Alzheimer’s Alzheimer’s is a devastating and incurable disease marked by beta-amyloid and tau protein aggregations in the brain, yet the direct relationship between these proteins and neurodegeneration has remained a mystery. New molecular imaging research is revealing how tau, rather than amyloid-deposition, may be more directly instigating neuronal dysfunction, say presenters at the 2016 Annual Meeting [...]
We behave a lot more badly than we remember In a 1997 U.S. News and World Report survey, 1,000 Americans were asked the following question: “Who do you think is most likely to get into heaven?” According to respondents, then-president Bill Clinton had a 52 percent chance; basketball star Michael Jordan had a 65 percent chance; and Mother Teresa had a 79 percent chance. [...]
6 Tips to Remember When Bipolar Disorder Is Part... Bipolar disorder doesn’t need to be a deal-breaker. You’re not imagining it: mental illness is on the rise. It may be that it’s just being diagnosed more. Or maybe we live in such confusing, crazy times as to push us all a little closer to … ...
Are You Really Bipolar? Bipolar disorder is receiving much attention in the media and is more frequently diagnosed today by mental health specialists than ever before. Toddlers who do not sleep well are labeled … ...
Bird brain? Ounce for ounce birds have significantly more neurons in their brains than mammals or primates The first study to systematically measure the number of neurons in the brains of birds has found that they have significantly more neurons packed into their small brains than are stuffed into mammalian and even primate brains of the same mass.