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The Two Faces of Nostalgia It’s a well-known fact of life that “you can’t go home again,” and it’s how we deal with that realization that determines the emotional quality of our memories.
Today I Love Brilliant New Days Today I love brilliant new days full of potential and possibility. I love fresh starts, new starts, and restarts, chances to make a better attempt at what has gone before. … ...
United States parents not as happy as those without children, researcher says Parents in the United States generally are not as happy as those who aren’t parents. Not only that, the U.S. has the largest “happiness gap” among parents compared to non-parents in 22 industrialized countries, according to a new report.
Why Don’t Counselors Blog More? There are two main reasons for a counselor to blog: To build authority and trust with clients. To rank higher in Google.  That’s it. It’s not to find yourself, become a great write, monetize your blog or get a bunch of passive income from affiliate … ...
Self-Care: Living Life According to Your Values Self-care isn’t a list of activities. Take a bubble bath. Take a walk. Take a dance class. Practice yoga. Get a manicure. Get a massage. Meditate. Listen to music. Light candles. Sleep in. It’s not that these activities are insignificant. Rather, self-care is most meaningful … ...
Do You Actually Have a Personality? Maybe you don’t have a permanent and context-free personality. Maybe you have numerous identities, which vary from situation to situation.
Appropriate Playtime Can Help a Child’s Brain Development...   A child’s brain goes through astounding phases of development from birth to three years old: 700 new neural connections are created — every second. The brain’s development is influenced … ...
Recovering Drug Users May Be Happiest at Work If I ask you to name a place you wish you were right now, work wouldn’t necessarily be the first thing to come to mind. But for some people, work can be a welcome distraction from the stresses of their day-to-day lives outside the workplace. A 2012 study from the...
APA Hails Supreme Court Ruling Upholding Race-Conscious College Admissions Cites academic, emotional benefits to all students of diverse campuses
Study links dehydration to increased pain sensitivity Discussions about physical pain tend to revolve around tissue damage and nerves, but the experience has proven to be far more complex. The sensation of pain can be influenced by a range of physiological processes that are not directly related to an injury, as well as several psychosocial factors like expectations and memories. Chronic pain [...]
Is psychology really in crisis? Modern psychology is apparently in crisis. This claim is nothing new. From phrenology to psychoanalysis, psychology has traditionally had an uneasy scientific status. Indeed, the philosopher of science, Karl Popper, viewed Freud’s theories as a typical example of pseudoscience because no test could ever show them to be false. More recently, psychology has feasted on [...]
Childhood abuse and chronic parental domestic violence linked to later addictions Adults who have drug or alcohol dependency have experienced very high rates of early adversities, according to a new study published by University of Toronto researchers. One in five drug dependent Canadian adults and one in six alcohol dependent adults were survivors of childhood sexual abuse. This compares to one in 19 in the general [...]
Can evolution explain why people use psychedelic drugs? It’s easy to explain the appeal of drugs like heroin and cocaine, which directly stimulate the brain’s reward centres. What’s less easy to explain is the appeal of psychedelic drugs such as LSD and psilocybin that produce altered states of consciousness. After all, there’s no obvious reason why unusual patterns of thought and perception – [...]
Impulsive children raised in caring families drink less during adolescence Years of research have shown that impulsivity in childhood is among the individual vulnerabilities leading to substance abuse, delinquency, as well as aggressive and antisocial behavior in adolescence and adulthood. Yet researchers from the CHU Sainte-Justine Mother-child Research Hospital and University of Montreal have discovered a reversal of this trend for those children when raised [...]
Genes can have up to 80 percent influence on students’ academic performance Research shows that a student’s genetic makeup can have a strong influence on their academic performance. Some interpret this as meaning there is little that can be done to help those who struggle academically – and that spending extra money on these students to help them succeed is pointless. But is this the case? A [...]
How a woman with amnesia defies conventional wisdom about memory She no longer recognizes a Van Gogh, but can tell you how to prepare a watercolor palette. She can’t recall a single famous composer, but knows the purpose of a viola’s bridge. She hasn’t flown a plane since 2007, when viral encephalitis destroyed her hippocampus, the part of the brain used to form new memories [...]
Early behavior problems impact long-term educational attainment more for boys than girls A new study finds that behavioral problems in early childhood have a larger negative effect on high school and college completion rates for boys than girls, which partially explains the substantial gender gap in educational attainment that currently exists in the United States. “When I compared 4- and 5-year-old boys and girls who had the [...]
Understanding how chemical changes in the brain affect Alzheimer’s disease A new study from Western University is helping to explain why the long-term use of common anticholinergic drugs used to treat conditions like allergies and overactive bladder lead to an increased risk of developing dementia later in life. The findings show that long-term suppression of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine – a target for anticholinergic drugs – [...]
Why stress is more likely to cause depression in men than in women According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more women are affected by depression than men. This pattern is seen in countries around the world, including the United States. Cross-national and cross-cultural studies have indicated that the prevalence of depression among women is higher at any given time than among men. This pattern does not seem [...]
Why You’re Still Hungry After Eating That Bag of... It probably happens millions of times a day. People sitting on a couch watching television and mindlessly eating reach into the bag for one more chip, only to find the … ...