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Taiwan’s New President Disparaged for Being Single: Guess What... For the first time ever, the President of Taiwan is a woman. The 59-year old Tsai Ing-wen is also single. That did not sit well with a Chinese military official, … ...
Workplace Well-being Linked to Senior Leadership Support, New Survey Finds Less than half of U.S. workers believe their employer supports a healthy lifestyle
He Remembers Numbers, Forgets Faces The number-centric versus people-centric life.
Your Relationship With Agents & Managers One of the most difficult tasks ahead of aspiring screenwriters is finding representation. Agents in today’s screenwriting marketplace are so busy scratching and clawing to get their established writers work, … ...
Chronic sleep deprivation tied to more depression for young women One night of short sleep may lead to less depression the following day, but chronic short sleep is tied to greater depression overall for young women, according to a new study.
Men and Depression: 7 Signs and How To Help Do you know a man who seems depressed? What are his symptoms? Does he talk to you about it? It is a known fact that men and depression simply don’t … ...
The Effect of Birth Order on Children Parents can make a huge difference in helping their child in each position to feel equally loved.
7 Tips to Take the Stress Out of Family Vacations My family and I recently took a vacation to Chicago. It was partially for me to attend a conference that I was speaking at but we used the opportunity to … ...
Leaky blood-brain barrier linked to Alzheimer’s disease Researchers using contrast-enhanced MRI have identified leakages in the blood-brain barrier (BBB) of people with early Alzheimer’s disease (AD), according to a new study published online in the journal Radiology. The results suggest that increased BBB permeability may represent a key mechanism in the early stages of the disease. The BBB, a collection of cells [...]
To strengthen an opinion, simply say it is based on morality Simply telling people that their opinions are based on morality will make them stronger and more resistant to counterarguments, a new study suggests. Researchers found that people were more likely to act on an opinion – what psychologists call an attitude – if it was labeled as moral and were more resistant to attempts to [...]
Hunting for the brain’s opioid addiction switch New research by Steven Laviolette’s research team at Western University is contributing to a better understanding of the ways opiate-class drugs modify brain circuits to drive the addiction cycle. Using rodent models of opiate addiction, Dr. Laviolette’s research has shown that opiates affect pathways of associative memory formation in multiple ways, both at the level [...]
New findings linking abnormalities in circadian rhythms to changes in neurotransmitters Results of the first study of its kind to link abnormalities in circadian rhythms to changes in specific neurotransmitters in people with bipolar disorder will be published this week in the journal Biological Psychiatry. The three-year study conducted by McLean researchers points to specific neuroanatomical changes in human subjects with these illnesses, and specifically to [...]
Mapping neural networks to strengthen circadian rhythms If you’ve ever felt groggy the morning after traversing time zones, you can thank the temporary mismatch between your body’s 24-hour circadian rhythm and your new local time. In mammals, this rhythm is governed on a neuronal and hormonal level by the suprachiasmatic nucleus, a tiny region of the brain’s nestled directly above the two [...]
Antipsychotic prescribing trends in youths with autism and intellectual disability About one in ten youths treated with an antipsychotic are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or intellectual disability. Conversely, one in six youths diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder has been prescribed antipsychotics. These findings are reported in the June 2016 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP). Furthermore, [...]
Why are blacks at higher risk for cognitive impairment? Social and economic disadvantages play a significant role in why blacks face a much higher risk than whites of developing cognitive impairment later in life, indicates a national study led by a Michigan State University sociologist. The odds that blacks will develop cognitive impairment, including dementia, in later life were 2.52 times greater than the [...]
The brain needs to ‘clean itself up’ so that it can ‘sort itself out’ When neurons die, their remains need to be eliminated quickly so that the surrounding brain tissue can continue functioning. A type of highly specialised cell known as microglia is responsible for this process which is called phagocytosis (derived from the Greek “phagein”, to eat, and “kitos”, cell). These tiny cells have numerous branches that are [...]
ADHD medication linked to slightly increased risk of heart rhythm problems Use of methylphenidate in children and young people with ADHD is associated with a slightly increased risk of abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia) shortly after the start of treatment, suggests research published by The BMJ today. Though the absolute risk is likely to be low, the researchers say the benefits of methylphenidate “should be carefully weighed [...]
Female smokers more likely to kick the habit by ‘timing’ their quit date with their menstrual cycle Women who want to quit smoking may have better success by carefully timing their quit date with optimal days within their menstrual cycle, according to a new study from researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. The results, published online this month in Biology of Sex Differences, were also presented [...]
Researchers find what could be brain’s trigger for binge behavior Rats that responded to cues for sugar with the speed and excitement of binge-eaters were less motivated for the treat when certain neurons were suppressed, researchers discovered. The findings suggest these neurons, in a largely unstudied region of the brain, are deeply connected to the tendency to overindulge in response to external triggers, a problem [...]
Clearly stated company values can have a profound effect on overall success A new study by Jonathan R. Clark, assistant professor of management at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), states that the language of leaders has a profound effect on the performance of their employees. Clark’s top-tier research, published in Organizational Dynamics, shows that how a company presents its vision and values is deeply [...]