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Is viewing online pornography bad for your romantic relationships? The world of internet pornography is a pervasive and wide reaching technology, growing at a breathtaking rate. It is a $13 billion-a-year industry in the US. Nine out of 10 boys in America are exposed to it before the age of 18, and men are 543% more likely to be users than women. By 2017, [...]
Attention problems in early childhood can have lasting impact Children with attention problems in early childhood were 40 percent less likely to graduate from high school, says a new study from Duke University that examines how early childhood characteristics affect academic performance. “There’s not a lot out there about how early attention problems affect academic outcomes over such a long time frame,” said David [...]
The Importance of Being Moral Perceptions of morality and competence matter. But which of these dimensions dominates?
Parkinson’s disease biomarker found in patient urine samples For more than five years, urine and cerebral-spinal fluid samples from patients with Parkinson’s disease have been locked in freezers in the NINDS National Repository, stored with the expectation they might someday help unravel the still-hidden course of this slow-acting neurodegenerative disease. Now, research by Andrew West, Ph.D., and colleagues at the University of Alabama [...]
Researchers pinpoint neurons that tell the brain when to stop drinking By activating particular neurons, we may be able to influence alcohol drinking behavior, according to new findings published by researchers at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine in the journal Biological Psychiatry. The group’s prior research showed that alcohol consumption alters the physical structure and function of neurons, called medium spiny neurons, [...]
New brainstem model reveals how brains control breathing Scientists from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, have discovered how the brain controls our breathing in response to changing oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood. The control of breathing is essential for life. Without an adequate response to increased carbon dioxide levels, people can suffer from breathing disturbances, sickness, and panic. In worst-case scenarios, it [...]
‘Hunger’ neurons in the brain are regulated by protein activated during fasting Neurons in the brain that control hunger are regulated by AMPK, a protein activated during fasting, report researchers from Tufts University School of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School in Neuron on July 6, 2016. High AMPK activity levels significantly increase the firing of “hunger” neurons known as AgRP neurons, leading to [...]
Love Thy Neighbor… What happened to the days when someone moved into a new neighborhood and was immediately greeted by a neighborhood welcome committee or welcomed by the next door neighbor with a … ...
10 Rules for Successful Living How would you define “successful living”? Is it to become a CEO? Or, is it to live in a woodland cabin equipped with high-speed wi-fi? Whatever your notions of success, when I asked 2,500 Americans to “share the wisest quote you have heard or read, … ...
The Most Memorable Female Body Shape For Men Men had better memory for a woman's hobbies, education, age, job -- even her name -- when she had this body shape. > Use code "10OFF" for 10% off PsyBlog's latest ebook: "Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything" **
Small molecule keeps new adult neurons from straying, may be tied to schizophrenia The microRNA miR-19 helps budding adult brain cells stay on track, new research indicates. The findings pave the way toward a better understanding of how the adult brain controls the growth of new neurons and how it can go wrong.
A Combination Treatment Is Best For Social Anxiety Disorder Social anxiety disorder is thought to affect around 1 in 8 people, and is more than just being shy. > Use code "10OFF" for 10% off PsyBlog's latest ebook: "Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything" **
Justice or Just Us? What's happened to our country? A few common denominators may help you understand that what is old is new again.
Marital Conflicts and Strengths-Based Resolutions Fighting with your partner? Maybe you are not considering their signature strengths? Here are some tips to resolve the conflict.
Marijuana use dampens brain's response to reward over time, study finds Most people would get a little 'rush' out of the idea that they're about to win some money. In fact, if you could look into their brain at that very moment, you'd see activity in the part of the brain that responds to rewards. But for marijuana users, that rush just isn't as big -- and gets smaller over time, a new study finds. And that may open them up to more risk of addiction.
Doctor Who Star Shares Bullying Regret Christopher Eccleston has built a solid career for himself on both the big and small screen but he’s probably best known for her work on Doctor Who. While it’s been … ...
How People Perceive Dogs With Docked Tails and Cropped Ears New data shows that seeing a dog with a docked tail and cropped ears may cause people to believe that the dog is aggressive and its owner might be aggressive as well.
Casey Anthony’s “Boring” Life Five Years Later It was a verdict that shocked and rocked the nation. After what felt like a circus of a trial, Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder charges filed against her … ...
Big mistake: When addicts work in restaurants Working in a restaurant that serves alcohol is not the place for newly recovered heroin addicts. Here's why....
Collective Compassion: Celebrating Our Humanity As human beings we are inscribed with natural tendencies to connect with one another, disregarding natural differences that separate us. Despite the vast ways in which people find division and disconnection from one another, there are some glowing attributes that illuminate the human condition. When … ...