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APA Welcomes Proposal To Expand Medicare Coverage Of Mental Health Services In Primary Care Will create greater access to treatment
Action needed as decline in HIV cases stalls The U.N. AIDS agency says a long-term decline in the number of new HIV infections in adults has stalled and action is needed to prevent a rebound in the global epidemic.
Police more likely to use force on blacks than whites, study shows Study of thousands of incidents where law enforcement interactions turned forceful concluded blacks are much more likely to be involved than other groups.
What World-Class Therapists and Coaches Think About You... Note: This is an opinion piece based on personal experience. World-class therapists and coaches share a common view of people, in my experience working with colleagues over the years. What’s … ...
5 Ways The Media Can Traumatize Consumers What happens to you, emotionally and psychologically, when you watch the news? What happens when you hear of devastating news within your family, at your workplace, or in society at … ...
Cinnamon may aid learning ability Cinnamon is a delicious addition to toast, coffee and breakfast rolls. Eating the tasty household spice also might improve learning ability, according to new study.
Violent video games may lead to connectivity changes within the brain Violent video games decrease the connectivity within 6 brain networks during game-play, according to a recent study published this April in Neuroscience. The study is the first to provide evidence of the short-term effects of violent video games on the brain, which may lead to long-term connectivity changes. Video game playing has become a normal [...]
What You Didn’t Know About Optimal Experience   Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, (the researcher who coined the term “flow”) originally set out to study exemplary people because he wanted to understand what constitutes those “peak experiences” often described by … ...
Changes in children’s hydration affects cognitive performance, study finds Drinking water has been demonstrated to improve adult cognitive functions in a variety of situations. The effect on children is far less studied, even though they tend to be at a greater risk of becoming dehydrated. Pediatric research has detected benefits in attention and working memory as a result of drinking water, but the relationship [...]
Why emotional abuse in childhood may lead to migraines in adulthood Child abuse and neglect are, sadly, more common than you might think. According to a 2011 study in JAMA Pediatrics, more than five million U.S. children experienced confirmed cases of maltreatment between 2004 and 2011. The effects of abuse can linger beyond childhood – and migraine headaches might be one of them. Previous research, including [...]
Western-style diet linked to state-dependent memory inhibition Obesity may ultimately be a disease of the brain, involving a progressive deterioration of various cognitive processes that influence eating. Researchers at Macquarie University have now shown that memory inhibition – the useful ability to ‘block out’ memories that are no longer useful, which depends on a brain area called the hippocampus – is linked [...]
Genetics play role in character traits related to academic success, study says Character traits, such as grit or desire to learn, have a heavy hand in academic success and are partially rooted in genetics, according to a psychology study at The University of Texas at Austin. Though academic achievement is dependent on cognitive abilities, such as logic and reasoning, researchers believe certain personality and character traits can [...]
Do Female Presidents or Prime Ministers Make Any Difference?... The United Kingdom is going to be led by a female Prime Minister in the near future, as the only two candidates left competing for the post in the Conservative Party leadership contest are now both women–Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom. Meanwhile in the USA, … ...
Estrogen patch in newly postmenopausal women may reduce Alzheimer’s risk Can estrogen preserve brain function and decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease when given early in menopause? Newly postmenopausal women who received estrogen via a skin patch had reduced beta-amyloid deposits, the sticky plaques found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease, a Mayo Clinic study published this month in the Journal of Alzheimer’s [...]
Instant Gratification: When Right Now Means 5 Minutes “If you act right now — right this very instant, you can own this shimmering, heart-shaped pendant for the budget-busting price of $250. But you have to act this very moment,” a caffeinated TV blowhard shrieks into your television screen. You cackle, questioning the (in)sanity … ...
3 Reasons ADHD and Anxiety Often Go Together People often know they have anxiety before they know they have ADHD. Anxiety symptoms are visceral, obvious, often even physical. The way ADHD works is more subtle, intricate and complex. … ...
Stuart Smalley Was Wrong Can affirmations help you avoid over-spending? The right way to affirm yourself for better self-control.
Scientists find developing neurons undergo a major metabolic shift Our brains can survive only for a few minutes without oxygen. Salk Institute researchers have now identified the timing of a dramatic metabolic shift in developing neurons, which makes them become dependent on oxygen as a source of energy. The findings, published July 12 in the journal eLife reveal a metabolic route thought to go [...]
Machine learning puts new lens on autism screening and diagnostics Approximately one in 68 people are on the autism spectrum. Experts are unanimous on this: early intervention is critical for improving communication skills and addressing behavioral issues. But how can researchers expedite the identification of children in need of help and simultaneously provide a more clear-cut map for intervention and support? Researchers from the USC [...]
Religion can diminish conservative opposition to eco-friendly buying, study finds Some people have perceived that the combination of religion and political conservatism exacerbates environmental concerns in the United States. But researchers from Rice University and Baruch College have found evidence that religious identification and belief in a god dampen the otherwise strong negative effect that political conservatism typically has on whether people make purchasing decisions [...]