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Did I Really Just Commit to That? How ‘Yes’ slips out in spite of ourselves. Why, when a request comes our way, we are often surprised to find ourselves taking on yet another obligation.
Getting chills from great music connected to a new cognitive dimension of personality People more open to Fantasy, which results in them being more cognitively attentive to music, are more likely to experience “frisson”, according to a study published this May in Psychology of Music. This contrasts with previous research that had repeatedly highlighted the relationship between frisson and the emotional aspects of an individual’s personality type. Frisson, [...]
Music can reduce anti-dark-skin prejudice, study finds A cross-cultural musical education program can reduce anti-dark-skin prejudice among young adolescents, according to recently published psychology research. Despite decades of progressive efforts, racism and other forms of prejudice remain a troubling reality in virtually all parts of the world. In particular, dark skinned peoples, women and non-heterosexuals continue to suffer from oppression at most [...]
Checkmate The check. And here you thought I was talking about the dinner bill, didn’t you? No, for those hearty souls battling obsessive-compulsive disorder, “the check” refers to something different than picking up the restaurant tab. For those afflicted with OCD, the check could mean ritualizing … ...
OCD and Namenda There are a couple of reasons why I don’t write much about specific medications for obsessive-compulsive disorder. For one, it is debatable whether any of the many medications my son … ...
When The Poo Emoji Hits The Fan! Sometimes you just can’t say it like an emoticon/emoji can say it! “Happy ” , “Sad “, “laughing
Helicopter parents: Hovering may have effect as kids transition to adulthood As thousands of young adults prepare to leave the nest and attend college for the first time, parents may want to examine whether they are kind and supportive or hovering into helicopter parent territory. Parental involvement is crucial to a child’s development into an adult, but Florida State University researchers are finding that crossing the [...]
Greenery in neighborhoods may reduce adolescent aggressive behavior A study to be published in the July 2016 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP) reports that adolescents in urban communities may have less aggressive behaviors if they live in neighborhoods with more greenery, such as parks, golf courses, or fields. Studies have shown that the families [...]
Liberals, conservatives differ in response to bin Laden’s death Conservative Americans remained unwaveringly suspicious of foreigners following Osama bin Laden’s death, while liberals dropped their guard briefly before returning to more vigilant beliefs, finds a provocative new study led by a Michigan State University scholar. The findings, online now in Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, suggest conservatives and liberals respond differently to [...]
Could growing Internet use inspire more democratic uprisings? While events like the Arab Spring brought hope that the internet could inspire the growth of democracy in authoritarian countries, a new study offers a reality check. Researchers studying Russian and Ukrainian internet users found that their demand for democratic reforms in their countries depended on what they were doing when they connected to the [...]
Methylene blue shows promise for improving short-term memory A single oral dose of methylene blue results in an increased MRI-based response in brain areas that control short-term memory and attention, according to a new study published online in the journal Radiology. Methylene blue is used to treat methemoglobinemia, a blood disorder in which oxygen is unable to release effectively to body tissues, and [...]
11 Superpowers of an Introverted Child There are a few myths about kids who are introverts: they’re shy, they’re nervous, they don’t like other people, or don’t want to be social. The truth is that shyness is … ...
Fostering Self-Actualization During Child Development Finding out who we are meant to be can be a difficult task and most won’t take the time and energy involved in the journey. Perhaps, not that they won’t, more often than not they can’t. Many people struggle daily with meeting other, more base … ...
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From Freud to Frodo Money messages surround us. What stories do you believe about money, and how have they affected your life?
Antidepressant does not reduce hospitalization, death for HF patients with depression Investigators have examined whether 24 months of treatment with the antidepressant escitalopram would improve mortality, illness, and mood in patients with chronic heart failure and depression.
New technology could deliver drugs to brain injuries A new study describes a technology that could lead to new therapeutics for traumatic brain injuries. The discovery provides a means of homing drugs or nanoparticles to injured areas of the brain.
Insights into neurons that cause symptoms of Rett syndrome could guide new therapy search Two studies in mice reveal new insights into neurons that mediate symptoms typical of the postnatal neurological disorder Rett syndrome.
Not Having Empathy Is Lonely I’m doing a lot of soul-searching as I’m getting older. Not that I want to. I would love to just impassively read books. But it doesn’t work that way. There’s this … ...