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Yesterday Was A Bad Day Yesterday was a bad day. If you live with depression or bipolar disorder, this may be a common statement, aaand it freakin’ sucks. Last I wrote I was in the … ...
Research suggests music can make beer taste better Beer can taste better when presented along with music, according to a recent study published this May in Frontiers in Psychology. The study found that music may be used to add value to multisensory tasting experiences when there is a previous connection between a person and the music. The effect of multisensory information on the [...]
Eating breakfast before exercising improves cognitive functioning, study finds Does skipping breakfast truly impair brain functioning? Previous research has suggested that this might be the case, and a team of scientists recently confirmed the theory. In a 2016 study published in Physiology & Behavior, researchers tested ten male participants to determine the role of breakfast in working memory and executive functioning. The day before [...]
How I Enjoy Life with a Major Mental Illness I’ve been living with bipolar illness since 1991. For many years, paranoia ate away at me; depression came and went; sleepless nights were often the norm. Some people might wonder: Can a 53-year-old woman find happiness despite her mental health problem? For me, the answer … ...
New clue to how lithium works in the brain Since the 1970s, U.S. doctors have prescribed lithium to treat patients with bipolar disorder. While the drug has a good success rate, scientists are still unsure exactly how it achieves its beneficial effects. MIT biologists have now discovered a possible explanation for how lithium works. In a study of worms, the researchers identified a key [...]
Athletes may have white matter brain changes 6 months after a concussion New research finds white matter changes in the brains of athletes six months after a concussion. The study will be presented at the Sports Concussion Conference in Chicago, July 8-10, hosted by the American Academy of Neurology, the world’s leading authority on the diagnosis and management of sports-related concussion. The conference brings together leading experts [...]
Harsh parenting and food insecurity predicts obesity for young women, study finds The adolescent years can be full of changes, whether physical, emotional, or familial. A new study by Iowa State University researchers suggests that when these years include prolonged periods of food insecurity coupled with harsh parenting practices, females are prone to obesity in early adulthood. “When females who are normal weight in their early adolescence [...]
Neuroscience researchers caution public about hidden risks of self-administered brain stimulation The growing trend of “do-it-yourself” transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) poses hidden risks to healthy members of the public who seek to use the technique for cognitive enhancement. Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, along with several [...]
The Enneagram and Colouring The world has hopped on the bandwagon of colouring books and Mindfulness, and we’ve talked before about why colouring is such a great practice. So when an email arrived in our inbox about a new colouring book, we took a keen interest—especially when its topic was our other great passion, The Enneagram. That’s right. Along […]
New neurons reveal clues about an individual’s autism The brains of some people with autism spectrum disorder grow faster than usual early on in life, often before diagnosis. A new study co-led by Salk Institute scientists has employed a cutting-edge stem cell technique to unravel the mechanisms driving the mysterious phenomenon of excess brain growth, which affects as many as 30 percent of [...]
Blame and Explain: Useless Advice The following are some examples of the advice you may have received, but it doesn’t help: 1) “You have only yourself to blame.” Here you have been told to teach … ...
Athletes may have white matter brain changes six months after a concussion New research finds white matter changes in the brains of athletes six months after a concussion, report investigators. The study involved 17 high school and college football players who experienced a sports-related concussion.
Proud Moms – Mothers’ Pride You have heard the expression, “You have a face only a mother could love.”  NO, not YOU… Me, I’ve heard it many times. It was not the expression; I was … ...
A Reminder on Jealousy and Comparing Ourselves We may be going about our business, and we come across a coworker, parent, writer, blogger, maybe even a stranger who seems to have it all. Maybe we get sucked … ...
7 Tips to Finally Stop Procrastinating How many times each day do you try to work yourself up to tackle some undesirable task? If you’re like me — several times. For instance, I’ve been refining my Four Tendencies Quiz. Almost 500,000 people have taken the quiz — which is extraordinary — … ...
5 Ways That Helping Others Is Self-Serving Recent research suggests that caring for others may be as important as caring for ourselves when we're feeling stressed.
Researchers caution public about hidden risks of self-administered brain stimulation Experts from the (cognitive) neuroscience research community warn about the risks involved in home use of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), the application of electrical current to the brain.
Extra-coding RNAs regulate DNA methylation in the adult brain A special form of RNA called extra-coding RNA, or ecRNA, controls the careful targeting to add or remove methyl groups to chromosomal DNA of the adult neuron. The ecRNAs are fundamental regulators of DNA methylation patterns in the adult brain through interaction with DNA methyltransferase enzymes, are involved in creation of memories, and the ecRNAs may offer a promising future therapeutic avenue to treat neuropsychiatric disease.
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New immunotherapy combo effectively treats advanced brain cancer in pre-clinical models A new breakthrough combination treatment has been developed that utilizes a vaccine to activate an immune response against advanced brain tumors.