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The Logic Underlying Trumps’ Outrageous Comments Trump phrases things in a way that gets through to his supporters, but leaves him almost immune from attack by his detractors.
Am I gonna get fired over “bitch” versus “beehatch?”... When or how do you know to keep your mouth shut. I’ve been through enough trouble in my job for standing up, speaking the truth, just being me. Yesterday, I … ...
How To Spot A Good Therapist: 9 Major Signs Do you have a therapist or know someone who does? Are you (or that person) close to the therapist? Or are they (or you) counting every single minute until it … ...
Diffusion tensor imaging study finds white matter abnormalities in the brains of rapists The first evidence of white matter abnormalities in rapists have been reported in a study published this July in BMC Neuroscience. Diffusion tensor imaging findings highlighted important differences in areas relating to poor fear conditioning, a tendency for sexual over-arousal, heightened sensitivity to reward and obsessive thinking on sexual themes. As the rate of sex [...]
Experimental psychologists’ magic convinces people a non-existent object has disappeared Magicians use sleight of hand to confuse you about where an object is. But could they make you believe that you saw a non-existent object disappear? A team of experimental psychologists at Oxford University developed their own magic trick to find out. Their results are published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. Matthew Tompkins led [...]
Volunteering later in life can enhance mental health and wellbeing Becoming a volunteer later on in life can result in good mental health and wellbeing, according to researchers from the University of Southampton and the University of Birmingham. However, the study which is published in the BMJ Open online, found these effects did not apply before the age of 40, suggesting that the association with [...]
Anger: Automatic or Intentional The way you interpret situations determine if a feeling of anger will arise. If you are overly sensitive to rejection, you may interpret meaningless interactions as a sign that someone … ...
Study on ‘going positive’ finds flattering rivals gains politicians more votes Focusing on the negative aspects of one’s political opponent has become the norm in election campaigns across the world. But a recent study by Nicoletta Cavazza published in Social Influence shows that it could be in politicians’ interests to pay more attention to positive campaigning. Cavazza found that when political candidates flatter their rivals, they [...]
Positive teacher-student relationships boost good behavior in teenagers for up to 4 years A new study has found that having a positive relationship with a teacher around the age of 10-11 years old can markedly influence the development of ‘prosocial’ behaviours such as cooperation and altruism, as well as significantly reduce problem classroom behaviours such as aggression and oppositional behaviour. The research also found that beneficial behaviours resulting [...]
Financial worries linked to mental health issues among university students Experiencing financial difficulties and worrying about debt at university increases the risk of mental health conditions such as depression and alcohol dependency, according to new research from the University of Southampton and Solent NHS Trust. The research, published online in the Community Mental Health Journal, found that symptoms of anxiety and alcohol dependence worsened over [...]
Study uncovers differences between brain activity of people who dream and do not dream Researchers from Aalto University and the University of Wisconsin utilised a TMS-EEG device, which combines transcranial magnetic stimulation and EEG, to examine how the brain activity of people in the restful non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep is affected by whether they dream or do not dream. When the NREM sleep of subjects had lasted at [...]
General support for science doesn’t always correlate with attitudes toward specific issues U.S. adults perform comparably to adults in other economically developed countries on most measures of science knowledge and support science in general, says a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. However, attitudes toward some specific issues, such as climate change or genetic engineering, may be shaped by factors such as [...]
Want a better memory? Try eating a Mediterranean diet Eating a Mediterranean diet can slow down cognitive decline. The Mediterranean diet can improve your mind, as well your heart, shows a study published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Nutrition. By sticking to the Mediterranean diet the study showed that people had slowed rates of cognitive decline, reduced conversion to Alzheimer’s, and improved cognitive [...]
Reduced activity of an important enzyme identified among suicidal patients It is known that people who have attempted suicide have ongoing inflammation in their blood and spinal fluid. Now, a collaborative study from research teams in the U.S., Sweden and Australia published in Translational Psychiatry shows that suicidal patients have a reduced activity of an enzyme that regulates inflammation and its byproducts. The study is [...]
Researchers flag hundreds of new genes that could contribute to autism Investigators eager to uncover the genetic basis of autism could now have hundreds of promising new leads thanks to a study by Princeton University and Simons Foundation researchers. In the first effort of its kind, the research team developed a machine-learning program that scoured the whole human genome to predict which genes may contribute to [...]
Be Introverted, Not An Introvert Labeling yourself "an introvert" suggests a fixed behavior hewing to a set of guidelines; considering yourself "introverted" is a starting point for self-discovery.
Are there any geniuses in the field of psychology? Does psychology have any geniuses comparable to the geniuses of computer science (such as Alan Turing or Jack Kilby - who won a Nobel prize for inventing the silicon chip)?
Would You Choose to Live Your Life Over and Over? Would you want to live your life, moment by moment again? This is Nietzsche's question and challenge. His thoughts on how to embrace your life
How to Let Joy Have a Little More Control... I was recently playing a game with my husband. We’d just watched the animated film “Inside Out” and we were casting the voice actors for our own emotions: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Anxiety. We both agreed that Robin Williams would make an amazing voice … ...
Depression, Isolation and Stigma Less than 4% of the population has bipolar disorder. It’s not exactly a rare disease, but finding someone else who truly understands the struggle of the disease can be difficult when many … ...