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Women reduce implicit gender bias after being exposed to sexism The human mind is littered with implicit biases that covertly impact perceptions and behaviors. A good example of such a bias is gender stereotyping. Historically, efforts to reduce the negative effects of gender stereotypes have focused on explicitly observable behaviors. This is because, until relatively recently, implicit biases were thought to be resistant to change. [...]
Trolls often waive their anonymity online From politicians and celebrities, companies and organizations to individuals of certain nationalities and the socially disadvantaged, the list of parties affected by hate speech in social media is long. Insulting, threatening or derogatory comments are commonplace in today’s digital world. The potential consequences of such virtual witch-hunts – whether justified or otherwise – include a [...]
Study finds induced labor not associated with risk for autism spectrum disorders Induction of labor appears not to be associated with increased risk of autism spectrum disorders in children in a large new study led by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The new finding suggests that concern about autism risk should not factor into clinical decisions about whether or not to induce labor. The study [...]
Study finds average 6-year delay between onset and diagnosis of bipolar disorder Crucial opportunities to manage bipolar disorder early are being lost because individuals are waiting an average of almost six years after the onset of the condition before diagnosis and treatment. That is the key finding of a joint UNSW Australia and Italian study published today in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. The meta-analysis of 9,415 patients [...]
Changes in teenage brain structure provide clues to onset of mental health problems Scientists have mapped the structural changes that occur in teenagers’ brains as they develop, showing how these changes may help explain why the first signs of mental health problems often arise during late adolescence. In a study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers from the University of Cambridge and [...]
New theory explains how beta waves arise in the brain Beta rhythms, or waves of brain activity with an approximately 20 Hz frequency, accompany vital fundamental behaviors such as attention, sensation and motion and are associated with some disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Scientists have debated how the spontaneous waves emerge, and they have not yet determined whether the waves are just a byproduct of [...]
Study: The pain of rejection makes us more likely to commit fraud People commit fraud because they are unhappy about being rejected, a new study in Frontiers in Psychology has found. Many of us might not professional criminals, however when an insurance company rejects our claims, we are more likely to inflate the claims. Insurance companies take note: we are more likely to submit false insurance claims [...]
Network physicist sheds light on Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia Researchers comparing mouse and macaque brains have found evidence of an evolutionary universal brain structure in mammals that enables comparisons of cortical networks between species. A new study from a researcher at the University of Notre Dame could provide insights into brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia. Zoltán Toroczkai, professor of physics at Notre [...]
Hearing test may identify children at risk for autism Researchers have identified an inner ear deficiency in children with Autism that may impact their ability to recognize speech. The findings, which were published in the journal Autism Research, could ultimately be used as a way to identify children at risk for the disorder at an early age. “This study identifies a simple, safe, and [...]
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What if They Find Out? A worry that has been surfacing for me as of late is about people finding out I struggle with mental health issues. Although I have been casually open about having some “anxieties,” there are few who know the depth of what that means. My recent … ...
The Allure of the Forbidden Ask anyone: My puppy Marley is one spoiled dog. She never wants for anything, whether it’s food, a toy or attention. But you wouldn’t know that if you saw her … ...
Fear of Inadequacy and What to Do About It More than we notice, we're driven by fear of inadequacy. Here's the way to manage it.
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Differentiating Shame from Guilt: It’s Not So Easy It is clear that toxic shame is a destructive emotion that saps our energy and robs us of the joy of being alive. But does that mean that all shame is bad Brene Brown defines shame as “The intensely painful feeling or experience of believing … ...
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is NOT All In The Mind, Study Concludes Scientists have now discovered more evidence that chronic fatigue syndrome is not a mental illness but a physical disorder.  
Research opens 'black box' of malignant melanoma A new study pinpoints when melanoma cells metastasize in the brain months before they develop into fatal tumors. According to the research, micro-tumor cells hijack astrogliosis, the brain's natural response to damage or injury, to support metastatic growth. This knowledge may lead to the detection of brain cancer in its first stages and permit early intervention.