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ADHD Symptoms: Not What They Seem A while ago, a friend of mine whom we’ll call Bob was telling an anecdote about working some years earlier as an apple picker. It seems that when the pickers … ...
Best of Our Blogs: August 26, 2016 “My guiding assumption was  ‘Something is fundamentally wrong with me,’ and I struggled to control and fix what felt like a basically flawed self. I drove myself in academics, was a fervent political activist and devoted myself to a very full social life. I avoided … ...
Does a high-fat meal influence fat taste thresholds? Eating a high-fat diet has been shown to affect individuals’ ability to detect fat in foods over a long period of time, but can a single meal have a significant impact as well? A 2016 study published in Appetite examined the potential effects of a high-fat breakfast on individuals’ fat taste thresholds. The study is [...]
Memory activation before exposure reduces life-long fear of spiders Many people suffer from anxiety and fears, and a common treatment for these problems is exposure therapy. In a new study published in Current Biology, researchers at Uppsala University have shown how the effect of exposure therapy can be improved by disrupting the recreation of fear-memories in people with arachnophobia. Studies show that up to [...]
The brain uses backward instant replays to remember important travel routes You’re shipwrecked on a desert island. You wander from your base camp in desperation, searching for water. Suddenly, a stream appears! The water is fresh and clear, the best you’ve ever tasted. There’s just one problem: There’s no trace of how you got there, and you’re not sure you can find it again next time. [...]
Elevating brain protein allays symptoms of Alzheimer’s and improves memory Boosting levels of a specific protein in the brain alleviates hallmark features of Alzheimer’s disease in a mouse model of the disorder, according to new research published online August 25, 2016 in Scientific Reports. The protein, called neuregulin-1, has many forms and functions across the brain and is already a potential target for brain disorders [...]
Getting serious about funny: Psychologists see humor as a character strength Humor is observed in all cultures and at all ages. But only in recent decades has experimental psychology respected it as an essential, fundamental human behavior. Historically, psychologists framed humor negatively, suggesting it demonstrated superiority, vulgarity, Freudian id conflict or a defense mechanism to hide one’s true feelings. In this view, an individual used humor [...]
How easy is it to spot a lie? Researchers look at the art of deception during group interviews “Who broke Grandma’s favorite vase?” As you listen to a chorus of “I don’t know” and “Not me,” how will you determine the culprit? Conventional wisdom says, divide and conquer, but what does scientific research show us about questioning a group of people at one time? Unfortunately, very little. Dr. Zarah Vernham from the University [...]
Cannabinoids improve low-light vision of tadpoles by sensitizing retinal cells A multidisciplinary team including researchers from the Montreal Neurological Institute has improved our understanding of how cannabinoids, the active agent in marijuana, affect vision in vertebrates. Scientists used a variety of methods to test how tadpoles react to visual stimuli when they’ve been exposed to increased levels of exogenous or endogenous cannabinoids. Exogenous cannabinoids are [...]
How telecommuting can cause leadership issues for your company Google “telecommuting” and you’ll find business articles like: “Four reasons why telecommuting is bad for business” or: “Is telecommuting an effective way to work” and, of course: “Four reasons telecommuting is good for employees” Clearly, the jury is still out on the practice. Some companies do it, some don’t. Others, like Yahoo, used to do [...]
Psychosis associated with low levels of physical activity A large international study of more than 200,000 people in nearly 50 countries has revealed that people with psychosis engage in low levels of physical activity, and men with psychosis are over two times more likely to miss global activity targets compared to people without the illness. The research, led by King’s College London and [...]
Happiness doesn't last, and here's why that's OK Dissatisfaction with the present and dreams of the future are what keep us motivated.
4 Steps to Manage Conflict   People either embrace conflict or run from it. How we deal with it shapes our relationships and wellbeing, and if an issue is left unresolved, it can damage our couple relationship, the family unit, friendships and our work environment. If conflict is avoided, left unresolved or approached unhealthily, it can cause people to become […]
My Life with Anxiety Since I was younger, I knew that I thought in a different way than most children. As I grew older, I became consumed with death and its aftermath. I couldn’t understand why my biggest worry wasn’t which dress I would wear to prom. I felt … ...
Responses to Trauma: 4 Key Components Trauma is generally understood as the response to a traumatic experience, event, or an incident that threatens one’s own life or the bodily integrity of another in close proximity or … ...
Does Your Home Life Feel Like a Free-for-All? Put... Phone ringing, kids yelling, food needs cooking, pets need walking, human taxi needs to roll to the next extracurricular activity. Sound familiar? Sounds like a full time job. But what … ...
Finally, the brain sensor that turns down the heat At long last, researchers have zeroed in on the neurons that act as the brain's internal thermostat.
The "School Did Nothing to Stop the Bullying" Lie When children like Daniel Fitzpatrick commit suicide because of bullying, parents accuse the schools of having done nothing. They're usually wrong.
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How Losing My Freedom is Helping Me Find It “You can’t fix me,” Mom said while holding my hand and a single tear running down her eye. “But, I’ve tried Mom, dear God have I tried!” I said realizing … ...