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Toxic Friendships: 23 Signs For many people, establishing a friendship with others comes as easy as breathing. After all, most of begin establishing friendships in early childhood. Some of us can remember meeting another … ...
How even our brains get 'slacker' as we age Losing the youthful firmness and elasticity in our skin is one of the first outward signs of aging. Now it seems it's not just our skin that starts to sag, but our brains too.
Is Cyber Life Better Than Real Life? What is the image you want to portray on line?  Is the person you would like the world to see on the screen younger, slimmer, more attractive, healthier and wealthier … ...
Misuse of Stimulants by College Students Nonmedical use of prescription stimulants by college students is common. Students who misuse these drugs have a higher prevalence of alcohol use disorder and conduct disorder.
Zika infection may affect adult brain cells, suggesting risk may not be limited to pregnant women Concerns over the Zika virus have focused on pregnant women due to mounting evidence that it causes brain abnormalities in developing fetuses. However, new research in mice suggests that certain adult brain cells may be vulnerable to infection as well.
How lying takes our brains down a 'slippery slope' Telling small lies desensitizes our brains to the associated negative emotions and may encourage us to tell bigger lies in future, reveals new research.
Brain changes in offending pedophiles uncovered New research reveals that certain alterations in the brain may be present in pedophiles, with differences between hands-on offenders and those who have not sexually offended against children.
The heterogeneous nature of depression Depression is generally considered to be a specific and consistent disorder characterized by a fixed set of symptoms and often treated with a combination of psychotherapy and medication. However, the standard rating scales used by healthcare professionals and researchers to diagnose this disease often differ in the symptoms they list, perhaps explaining why a one-size-fits-all treatment has to date been so ineffective, new research suggests.
Open or Closed Sexual Relationships? What do we know about consensual non-monogamous relationships? This study is a first step.
3 Fascinating Discoveries About Laughter Let us travel where scientists seldom tread—everyday, lowly human behaviors. Laughter. What myths do you hold? What truths are you ready to discover?
People With These Jobs Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partner ** TODAY ONLY: $5 off "The Anxiety Plan" ebook using code "5OFF" ** Cheating is most common in these professions according to a new survey from a website for married people seeking affairs.
Cheating Partners Most Common In These Professions Cheating is most common in these professions according to a new survey from a website for married people seeking affairs. Dr Jeremy Dean's latest ebooks are: The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything
5 Ways to Strengthen Your Child’s Growing Brain You drive your child to soccer practice three times a week so she will get the right amount of exercise. You rush through your evening routine to make sure he is in bed on time and gets enough sleep. You engage in an endless battle … ...
Benefits Of Yoga Are Both Physical And Psychological ** TODAY ONLY: $5 off "The Anxiety Plan" ebook using code "5OFF" ** The benefits of yoga include reduced inflammation in the blood caused by stress and the aging process.
Today I Love The Predawn Darkness Today I love the predawn darkness of this early Monday morning. I love breakfast when it’s still and dark outside. I love the cold chill of it, the way it … ...
Lesbian, gay and bi adults have higher drug abuse rates Lesbian, gay and bisexual adults are more likely than their straight counterparts to abuse substances and experience mental illness, according to a government report.
Teen hackers study considers link to addiction A study suggests there are parallels between the way youngsters turn into hackers and how youths become addicted to drugs and alcohol.
Don't believe your eyes Visual hallucinations ... everyone has heard of them, and many people have experienced the sensation of "seeing" something that isn't there. But studying the phenomenon of hallucinations is difficult: they are irregular, transitory, and highly personal -- only the person experiencing the hallucination knows what he or she is seeing, and representations of what's being seen are limited to verbal descriptions or drawings.
New evaluation model delivers improved care for patients with cognitive disorders First year data on the effectiveness of a new care model has been published. The work follows a three-step evaluation and management plan from clinicians in Geriatrics, Neuropsychology and Neurology, examines patients referred for evaluation of cognitive complaints based on activities of daily living, demographic information, co-morbid conditions, and medication review.
Brain changes seen in youth football players without concussion Researchers have found measurable brain changes in children after a single season of playing youth football, even without a concussion diagnosis, according to a new study.