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The Blue Whale Challenge is Real, Sad, & Frightening A “game” played on social media called the Blue Whale Challenge tests teenagers’ and young adults’ ability to follow a set of steps that eventually leads to them dying by suicide. The #bluewhalechallenge has been questioned by some authorities as to whether it really exists, … ...
This Mineral Fights Depression — And It Is Cheaper And Safer Than Drugs The supplement starts to take effect after only two weeks, the researchers found. • Try one of PsyBlog's ebooks, all written by Dr Jeremy Dean: Activate: How To Find Joy Again By Changing What You Do (NEW) The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything
Is Your Partner Jealous of Your Child? When you met your partner and fell in love you probably dreamed and eventually planned out a life together. For many this plan included the possibility of children. Fast-forward to having one or more children and all is perfect, right? Maybe not. Life has a … ...
Why Would Anyone Want to Major in STEM? Why should college students major in STEM? Intriguing research suggests that it's about more than career prospects and starting salaries.
Podcast: Who Is Served by Executing the Mentally Ill?... In this episode of the Psych Central Show, hosts Gabe Howard and Vincent M. Wales examine the case of William Morva, a man convicted of murder who was put to death in July 2017, despite having a diagnosis of severe mental illness. Facts of the case … ...
Does Testosterone Really Just Make Men Aggressive? The conventional wisdom about testosterone is that it drives aggressiveness and competition. But new research reveals that social rank is also important.
Can Coffee Help Your Live Longer? Coffee can definitely be part of a healthy diet. Moreover, new research shows that coffee intake is tied to longevity among people from various races and ethnicities.
Revised Senate Health Care Bill Worse Than First Version, APA Says Two-tiered insurance markets would force most vulnerable into more-expensive plans
Study finds your genes have a large influence your sense of duty to vote Why do some people consider voting to be an important moral obligation while others brush it off? New research has found evidence that your genes have a large influence your sense of civic duty. “Voting is one of the most basic ways of participating in a democracy,” said lead author Aaron C. Weinschenk of the [...]
Synapses in the brain mirror the structure of the visual world New research has discovered why our brain might be so good at perceiving edges and contours. Neurons that respond to different parts of elongated edges are connected and thus exchange information. This can make it easier for the brain to identify contours of objects, report scientists.
How Narcissistic Bosses Dull Productivity It took several committee meetings for Jill to put together a thorough proposal for the management of a new department. She did the work under the presumption that her narcissistic boss would be open to suggestions and recommendations from the committee. But even given that … ...
Craving More Meaningful Trips? Guest blogger and constant traveler Steve Barber reviews an unusual travel guide, one that helps you figure yourself out in order to plan and take better trips.
Feeling Frazzled? The Cure Might Be in Your Kitchen A study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology late last year found that individuals who frequently take a stab at small creative projects, report having a higher state of mental health and functioning. In a more recent study, it was discovered that little bursts … ...
Detecting long-term concussion in athletes Lawyers representing both sides in concussion lawsuits against sports leagues may eventually have a new tool at their disposal: a diagnostic signature that uses artificial intelligence to detect brain trauma years after it has occurred.
Function of cerebellar interneurons probed with new technique Researchers have developed a technique for selectively targeting and controlling the interneurons of the cerebellar molecular layer relying on a genetically engineered mouse model that exploits a unique gene encoding c-Kit to differentiate interneurons from other cell types. By using the c-kit mice in this study, the team was able to specifically access molecular layer interneurons and manipulate their activity using both optogenetic and chemogenetic methods in vitro.
The Crisis of Meaning Now is the time to address the crisis of meaning in life, work, and society.
Do Dogs and Cats Have the Same Emotional Responses? Although both cats and dogs show basic emotions, new data suggests that cats are less likely to show complex emotions than dogs.
Free Live Webinar: Overcoming Fear of Flying Overcoming Fear of Flying will be focused on understanding flying anxiety, as well as learning what it takes to overcome this common phobia. In particular, we will discuss what from our lives contributes to developing and reinforcing this fear. We will also discuss the Balanced … ...
The Harm of Solitary Confinement Solitary confinement does damage.
First aid in the brain: When language suddenly fails After a stroke a person often suffers from language problems. In some cases certain linguistic abilities can be regained, whereas others are lost forever. Now scientists have found one possible explanation: The injury of some brain areas can be well compensated, whereas this is not the case with others. These findings could not just be relevant for therapy after a stroke but also prove the hierarchical structure of language.