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Rhetoric, Violence, and Redemption Social pain—rejection, shame, disrespect—resonates in the "pain center" of the brain, impairing cognitive capacities. This opens the door for violent responses to Trump's rhetoric
Depression during pregnancy is associated with abnormal brain structure in children Depressive symptoms in women during and after pregnancy are associated with reduced thickness of the cortex -- the outer layer of the brain responsible for complex thought and behavior -- in preschool-age kids, according to a new study. The findings suggest that a mother's mood may affect her child's brain development at critical stages in life.
The Secret to Youth Moral Development Ever wonder how teens develop moral lives? How they learn to think critically and believe in their abilities to change the world? Adults provide the scaffolding!
The Secret To Emotional Control Most People Don’t Know Better emotional control is linked to lower levels of depression and anxiety. Dr Jeremy Dean's latest ebooks are: The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything
Two new tools to enhance effectiveness of behavioral therapy in children with autism Two approaches have been revealed by researchers that have the potential to help a large number of children with autism spectrum disorder through behavioral therapy.
What Makes People Easy or Hard to Get Along With? A brand new meta-analysis brings together two lines of research about human traits: personality and emotional intelligence. Are these labels just two names for the same thing?
Haters Gonna Hate and Huggers Gonna Hug Do you know who Kid President is?  If not, I strongly urge you to get to know this young whiz man/wise man. I found his videos a few years ago and was … ...
Too much fatty food could set children up for mental problems: Study in mice Chances are that children who eat excessive amounts of fatty foods will not only become obese, but will develop cognitive and psychiatric problems when they are older, a study in mice suggests. This is because, according to a recent study, diets rich in fat deplete the levels of a key protein known to help synapses in the brain to work properly. In turn, this leads to a dip in several forms of cognitive functions, such as behavioral flexibility and memory.
Neuroscience Research Shows How Mood Impacts Perception According to a new theory of attention and mood, the happier you are, the more you see of the world. Here’s why, and what your brain has to do with it.
Genes for speech may not be limited to humans Our current understanding is that mice have either no -- or extremely limited -- neural circuitry and genes similar to those that regulate human speech. According to a recent study, this understanding may be incorrect.
Managing Anger in Animal Welfare Work Several years ago, while working at the local humane society, a co-worker of mine came bursting through the door screaming, “I can’t (F-bomb) take this anymore!” I suggested we go … ...
Getting Mindfulness Right: Expert B. Alan Wallace Explains Where... How many of us found our inner self critic was triggered by this headline? When I first heard that long time mindfulness teacher and former Tibetan Buddhist monk, B. Alan Wallace who was ordained by the Dalai Lama, with degrees in physics, the philosophy of … ...
“Preventure” – A Program for Fighting Teen Addiction Preventure has reduced binge drinking, frequent drug use and alcohol-related problems.
How Do You Listen to Your Body? Recently a dear friend asked me a question. She said, “Do you have any tips about how to  listen to your body?” I thought this was a great question and began … ...
Today I Love This Balmy Autumn Weather Today I love this balmy autumn weather that’s been pencilled in for the week. I love the way each day gathers up things to do as if they were empty … ...
Compound suggests chronic pain treatment without opioid or medical marijuana side effects Neuroscientists have found evidence that the brain’s cannabis receptors may be used to treat chronic pain without the side effects associated with opioid-based pain relievers or medical marijuana.
Active, inactive cells in the brain's memory system For the first time, neuroscientists were able to differentiate between active and inactive cells in the brain morphologically, for instance, based on the cells’ structure. Investigating granule cells in the rat’s brain, they found a much larger proportion of inactive than active cells.
Scientists discover clues to altered brain wiring in autism Autism is an agonizing puzzle, a complex mixture of genetic and environmental factors. One piece of this puzzle that has emerged in recent years is a biochemical cascade called the mTOR pathway that regulates growth in the developing brain. A mutation in one of the genes that controls this pathway, PTEN (also known as phosphatase and tensin homolog), can cause a particular form of autism called macrocephaly/autism syndrome.
Co-Occurring Anxiety Disorder and Bipolar Disorder Introduction It is not uncommon to see a diagnosis of both an Anxiety Disorder and Bipolar Disorder.  According to, “Making a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder plus bipolar disorder … ...
Giving Your Heart and Selling Your Soul In one of his songs, Bob Dylan describes a man who left his lover because she wanted his soul and not merely his heart. if love is not all you need, it is wrong to give your soul.