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After blindness, the adult brain can learn to see again More than 40 million people worldwide are blind, and many of them reach this condition after many years of slow and progressive retinal degeneration. The development of sophisticated prostheses or new light-responsive elements, aiming to replace the disrupted retinal function and to feed restored visual signals to the brain, has provided new hope. However, very [...]
Experimental drug shows promise in treating Alzheimer’s disease An experimental drug shows promise in treating Alzheimer’s disease by preventing inflammation and removing abnormal protein clumps in the brain that are associated with the disease, suggests a new study in mice.
Men and women differ in how they imagine an opposite-sex friend A new study has found that men and women’s actual day-to-day experience with opposite-sex friends differs from what comes to mind when they think of an opposite-sex friend. The study in Evolutionary Psychological Science found that men were more likely to think of an opposite-sex friend as “a member of the opposite sex to whom I am attracted and would pursue given the opportunity” [...]
A virus could fight alcoholism by manipulating neurons to reduce the desire to drink About 17 million adults and more than 850,000 adolescents had some problems with alcohol in the United States in 2012. Long-term alcohol misuse could harm your liver, stomach, cardiovascular system and bones, as well as your brain. Chronic heavy alcohol drinking can lead to a problem that we scientists call alcohol use disorder, which most [...]
MRI shows brain disruption in children with PTSD Children with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) experience disruptions in the structure of the neural networks inside their brains, according to a study appearing online in the journal Radiology. The findings could help in the development of treatments for the disorder, researchers said. PTSD is a mental health problem that occurs in the wake of one or [...]
Sleep loss tied to changes of the gut microbiota in humans Results from a new clinical study conducted at Uppsala University suggest that curtailing sleep alters the abundance of bacterial gut species that have previously been linked to compromised human metabolic health. The new article is published in the journal Molecular Metabolism. Changes in the composition and diversity of the gut microbiota have been associated with [...]
Many kids still learning self-control and are not ready for kindergarten Many children are still learning to control their behavior as they enter kindergarten and may need educational support to develop that critical skill, indicates one of the most conclusive studies to date of early childhood self-regulation. The federally funded study, co-authored by Michigan State University scholars, shows major differences in how self-regulation develops in children [...]
When faced with ambivalence, powerful people are less decisive than others Although powerful people often tend to decide and act quickly, they become more indecisive than others when the decisions are toughest to make, a new study suggests. Researchers found that when people who feel powerful also feel ambivalent about a decision – torn between two equally good or bad choices – they actually have a [...]
New research shows dieting success may be hardwired into the brain A new research paper, by Chen et al in Cognitive Neuroscience, studied the connections between the executive control and reward systems in the brain, and discovered the ability to self-regulate a healthy body weight may be dependent on individual brain structure. Obesity and dieting are increasingly common in contemporary society, and many dieters struggle to [...]
Advanced analysis of brain structure shape may track progression to Alzheimer’s disease Use of a novel approach to analyzing brain structure that focuses on the shape rather than the size of particular features may allow identification of individuals in early presymptomatic stages of Alzheimer’s disease. A team of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators using advanced computational tools to analyze data from standard MRI scans report that individuals [...]
Are the lives of the 1 percent less lavish than we think? Around the world, growing concern about economic inequality has resulted in a polarized view of what it means to be “extremely” wealthy. But do overblown ideas about the lives of the “one per cent” mask a more mundane reality about the typical richest households? Or are they really perched on toilets made of gold, eating [...]
OCD and Concentration When my son Dan’s OCD was severe, he seemed distracted most of the time. When I’d try to have a conversation with him, he’d either look right through me, oblivious … ...
Controlling Your Anger on the Roads No one likes bad drivers, especially those who don’t know how to use a turn single. For many, frustration turns into anger that’s hard to handle on the road. Friends and relatives feel uneasy and unsafe riding in the car while with an angry driver, … ...
"I Feel Your Pain" (Literally) In 1992, Bill Clinton said to a protester at a campaign rally, "I feel your pain." New research indicates that the now famous expression might not just be a figure of speech.
Is It Compassion Fatigue…or Depression? Feelings of sadness, lack of motivation, loss of interest – these and other symptoms of depression sound a lot like compassion fatigue, don’t they? It’s a question I often get … ...
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Basics of Emotions in an Animation (Video) A great short animated film about the basics of emotions....
Managing Interpersonal Energy Once you acknowledge your interpersonal energy, be mindful of how to manage it!
3 Creative Activities for Couples to Cultivate Your Intimacy... All relationships require regular tending. They require effort, attention and time — like anything worthwhile. One of the best ways to tend to your relationship is to focus on your intimacy. Intimacy isn’t just about sex. It’s about cultivating your intellectual, emotional and spiritual connection. … ...
Why So Many Bisexuals Are Victimized “People are telling bisexuals their identity doesn’t exist. Some of them believe it.”