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Can Viewpoint Diversity Save Academia? Liberals largely control the social sciences and dominate the university culture. Is this lack of viewpoint diversity harmful?
Effect of facial expression on emotional state not replicated in multilab study A coordinated replication effort conducted across 17 labs found no evidence that surreptitiously inducing people to smile or frown affects their emotional state. The findings of the replication project are published as part of a Registered Replication Report (RRR) in Perspectives on Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. The RRR project, [...]
Psychopathy increases risk of violence in romantic relationships People with higher levels of psychopathic tendencies are more likely to assault their romantic partners. They are also more likely to drink alcohol, a UBC study has found. The study, which was conducted at UBC’s Okanagan campus, involved looking at data and police reports involving 700 US civil psychiatric patients in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as well [...]
Scientists teach people to learn Morse code in four hours without trying It’s not exactly beating something into someone’s head. More like tapping it into the side. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a system that teaches people Morse code within four hours using a series of vibrations felt near the ear. Participants wearing Google Glass learned it without paying attention to the signals [...]
Impulsive personality linked to greater risk for early onset of meth use Methamphetamine users who described themselves as impulsive were more likely to have started taking the drug at an earlier age, a study of more than 150 users showed. Both attentional and motor impulsivity were linked to early meth use, even when accounting for total years of use. On average, people who use methamphetamine start at [...]
Building Rapport – How to Connect Quick It all starts with building rapport. But how do you do it quickly? For some people building rapport is easy and talking to new, potentially important people isn’t a problem … ...
Study examines how college students perceive women’s sexual interest Both college men and women focus primarily on a photographed woman’s nonverbal emotional cues when making snap decisions about whether she is expressing sexual interest at a particular moment in time. But their judgments also are based to a large degree on how attractive she is and the provocativeness of her attire. Physical attractiveness plays [...]
Facebook updates could help understand — and potentially treat — mental health disorders Our Facebook status updates, ‘likes’ and even photos could help researchers better understand mental health disorders with the right ethical safeguards, argue researchers from the University of Cambridge, who suggest that social networks may even be used in future to provide support and interventions, particularly among young people. Over a billion people worldwide use Facebook [...]
High blood pressure can impair cognitive function, pose risk for Alzheimer’s High blood pressure in middle age can lead to impaired cognition and is a potential risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, according to a statement from the American Heart Association co-authored by Loyola Medicine neurologist José Biller, MD. Dr. Biller is a member of the multidisciplinary panel of experts that wrote the statement, published in the [...]
Bioluminescent sensor causes brain cells to glow in the dark A new kind of bioluminescent sensor causes individual brain cells to imitate fireflies and glow in the dark. The probe is a genetically modified form of luciferase, the enzyme that a number of other species including fireflies use to produce light.
Why We Get Stuck on People Who Just Aren't That Into Us Defining yourself partly in terms of your past relationship is unhealthy and unnecessary. To get on with your life, you need to free yourself from this aspect of your past life.
Enjoy Life for Better ADHD Management I like ducks. No, really—all oddities aside, I enjoy the quirky company of a dozen ducks. We also have several breeds of chickens, two heritage breeds of turkey and in … ...
Researchers use video gamelike test to study learning and recovery in stroke patients A robotic arm and a virtual game were essential tools in a new study that suggests that while training doesn't change neurological repair in chronic stroke patients, it can indeed help such patients learn new motor skills and achieve more independence in their daily lives.
America Needs Talent Need a talent? Try doing nothing. Whaaat? In our hyperkinetic society, we scan our inbox, check our cell phones, and — for good measure — refresh our inbox. The average Americans checks his email 46 times per day. Was the latest GroupOn coupon that crucial? … ...
A Study On ADHD And TM Introduction According to, “It’s well-accepted that meditation offers some kinds of reward (health, serenity, centeredness, etc.) to practically anyone persistent enough to keep practicing it. But how about kids … ...
The Natural Depression Treatment That Beats Antidepressants Only 30% suffered side effects on herbs for depression, compared with 60% who were on antidepressants. Dr Jeremy Dean's latest ebooks are: The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything
What Is TM? Introduction What is TM, also known as Transcendental Meditation?  According to, “Many meditation techniques are available today. Contrary to common belief there are distinct differences between techniques, such as … ...
The Power of Personality These are the ways to make a real change to the main facets of extroversion.
Why Is It So Hard to Say No? Most people assume the process of saying “no” is an easy process, however, for some people this couldn’t be further from the truth. Research on the topic of saying “no”, … ...
Cause of phantom limb pain in amputees, and potential treatment, identified Researchers have identified the cause of chronic, and currently untreatable, pain in those with amputations and severe nerve damage, as well as a potential treatment which relies on engineering instead of drugs.