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The Ultimate Private Practice Training Series: EMDR Training... Private Practice Marketing as an EMDR Therapist Whether you are just starting a private practice, or are integrating EMDR into your private practice- marketing is an important aspect of the process. Why? Because as much press as EMDR has gotten, the truth is, much of … ...
Self-Proclaimed Slackers May Be Sabotaging Own Health Feeling less active than your peers is associated with an earlier death, study says
Is it Narcissism or Sociopathy? What is the nexus between narcissistic and antisocial personality?
Antisocial personality disorder linked to impairments of white matter microstructure Reduced integrity of major white matter pathways has been discovered in people diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), according to a study recently published in Scientific Reports. People with ASPD exhibit poor self-control, aggression and cold-heartedness. These personality traits mean that individuals with ASPD are more susceptible to criminal activity than the general population. In [...]
She's So Kind...She's Such a Malicious Narcissist There's a paradoxical form of narcissism that involves compulsive giving. Essentially it's a way of bribing people into attachment.
Secure Attachment: The Norm in Interethnic Relationships How accurate are negative stereotypes about individuals who form long-term relationships across ethnic lines? Recent attachment studies suggest that the stereotypes are false.
Secure Attachment: The Norm in Interethnic Relationships How accurate are negative stereotypes about individuals who form long-term relationships across ethnic lines? Results of attachment studies suggest that the stereotypes are false.
Contrasts in how groups of neurons function during decision making A new study in mice trained to perform a sound identification task in a virtual reality maze reveals contrasts in how groups of neurons in different regions of the brain function during decision making.
Do You Want to Change an Important Habit? Do you want to make a significant change in your life? Or help someone else to make an important change? Often, this means changing a habit (get more sleep, quit sugar, exercise regularly, spend more time in nature, put down devices). Habits are like the … ...
Why Americans are having less sex Theories about why include parenting demands and social media.
Lunatic fringe gene plays key role in the renewable brain Researchers have developed a novel mouse model that for the first time selectively identifies neural stem cells, the progenitors of new adult brain cells. In these mice, researchers have found a novel mechanism by which descendants of neural stem cells can send feedback signals to alter the division and the fate of the mother cell.
Individual insight into brain networks Scientists have gained new insights into how the brain networks important for thought and remembering are organized in individual people, bringing the notion of using brain scans to help personalize medical treatments one step closer to reality.
This Fruit Reverses Brain Ageing “At 10 months, the differences between these two groups were striking.” – Dr Pamela Maher • Try one of PsyBlog's ebooks, all written by Dr Jeremy Dean: Activate: How To Find Joy Again By Changing What You Do (NEW) The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything
No Matter Your Age, Never Say Goodbye to Play In recent months, physical, playful activity has been the only way out of painful rumination for me, providing a temporary respite from debilitating depression. Its transformative power is surprising to me for its ability to help me manage my emotions. Evolutionary biologist and animal behavioral specialist Marc Bekoff, … ...
Brains are more plastic than we thought New research has shown just how adaptive the brain can be, knowledge that could one day be applied to recovery from conditions such as stroke.
How Psychoanalysis Works: Q&A with Eric M. Plakun, MD TCPR: Dr. Plakun, what would you say is the essence of psychoanalysis? Dr. Plakun: It’s both a form of treatment and a theory of mind and development. The treatment involves the exploration of the unconscious meaning of symptoms and behaviors. The idea is that many … ...
Arts-Based Activities Boost Emotion Regulation, Study Finds We all know from life experience that creative expression makes us feel good. Now, a new study reaffirms that arts-based activities boost positive emotions and reduce negativity.
Neural connections of the emotional processing of olfactory stimuli in mice are described for the first time For the first time, the complete map of the neural connections of the anterior cortical nucleus of the amygdala, a key brain region for the emotional processing of olfactory stimuli of mice, has been described by researchers.
Blood test identifies key Alzheimer's marker Measures of amyloid beta in the blood have the potential to help identify people with altered levels of amyloid in their brains or cerebrospinal fluid, new research shows. Currently, the only way to detect amyloid beta in the brain is via PET scanning, which is expensive and not widely available, or a spinal tap, which is invasive and requires a specialized medical procedure.
Why some women are more likely to feel depressed It's no secret that the risk of depression increases for women when their hormones are fluctuating. Especially vulnerable times include the menopause transition and onset of postmenopause. There's also postpartum depression that can erupt shortly after childbirth. But why do some women feel blue while others seem to skate through these transitions? One answer is provided through new study results.