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Neurons that control judgment of time discovered in the mouse brain Time flows, time flies, time stands still. All these expressions show just how highly variable, depending on multiple factors, our perception of the passage of time can be. How is this subjective experience embodied in the human brain? Scientists in Portugal have begun to unravel this fundamental question. A team of neuroscientists at the Champalimaud [...]
Transplanted interneurons can help reduce fear in mice The expression “once bitten, twice shy” is an illustration of how a bad experience can induce fear and caution. How to effectively reduce the memory of aversive events is a fundamental question in neuroscience. Scientists in China are reporting that by transplanting mouse embryonic interneurons into the brains of mice and combining that procedure with [...]
Study examines potential effect of regular marijuana use on vision A small, preliminary study has found an abnormality involving the retina that may account for altered vision in regular cannabis users. The results are published online by JAMA Ophthalmology. Vincent Laprevote, M.D., Ph.D., of the Pole Hospitalo-Universitaire de Psychiatrie du Grand Nancy, Laxou, France, and colleagues examined whether the regular use of cannabis could alter [...]
Pets offer valuable support for owners with mental health problems Pets can help people manage their long-term mental health conditions, according to research published in the open access journal BMC Psychiatry. The consistent presence and close physical proximity of their pets was described in this study as providing an immediate source of calm and therapeutic benefit for the pets’ owners. The researchers suggest that pets [...]
Study suggests antidepressant effects of ketamine can be separated from potential side effects New preclinical evidence was put forward by investigators in a series of presentations at the recent meeting of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology suggest that the a metabolite of ketamine can produce antidepressant-like effects in a mouse model of depression. The metabolite is produced when ketamine is broken down in the body. This finding may [...]
Study finds contraception influences sexual desire in committed relationships Sex is quite wonderful when the goal is to have children. But sex can also serve as a “glue” in a committed relationship. Most animals have periods when they come into heat, and outside these periods they don’t find sex interesting at all. Humans, however, are constantly interested in sex. This sex interest can seem [...]
People with traumatic brain injury approximately 2.5 times more likely to be incarcerated People who have suffered a traumatic brain injury are approximately 2.5 times more likely to be incarcerated in a federal correctional facility in Canada than people who have not, a new study has found. “These findings contribute to emerging research suggesting traumatic brain injury is an important risk factor for involvement with the criminal justice [...]
Heavy alcohol use changes adolescents’ brain Heavy alcohol use during adolescence alters the development of brain, according to a recent study from the University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital. Cortical thinning was observable in young people who had been heavy drinkers throughout their adolescence. The findings were published in Addiction. The study performed magnetic resonance imaging of the brain [...]
Higher BMI in adolescence may affect cognitive function in midlife Overweight and obesity in adolescents have increased substantially in recent decades, and today affect a third of the adolescent population in some developed countries. While the dangers posed by high adult BMI on cognitive function in later life have been documented, the association of adolescent BMI with cognitive function in midlife has not yet been [...]
Study finds scheduling leisure activities makes them less fun Nothing ruins a potentially fun event like putting it on your calendar. In a series of studies, researchers found that scheduling a leisure activity like seeing a movie or taking a coffee break led people to anticipate less enjoyment and actually enjoy the event less than if the same activities were unplanned. That doesn’t mean [...]
Research explains why some presents are great to give but not to receive Several years ago, Elanor Williams‘ parents gave her a large Himalayan salt block for Christmas, knowing how much she loved cooking and entertaining. Although she appreciated the gesture, she promptly returned it to the store and bought an “extremely boring” tea kettle that she uses every day. While she loves her parents dearly, the Indiana [...]
Ways That Mindfulness Benefits Children and the Adults They...   The ‘classroom’ was a high ceilinged gymnasium in a day school that serves hundreds of children of all backgrounds, ages 2-5. A sea of colorful yoga mats was spread … ...
Bully Bingo 52 tricks adult bullies use (all variations on "I know you are but what am I?"). If you're dealing with someone who uses a lot of them, then Bingo! you're dealing with a bully.
Six ways to stress less this holidays December may be full of fun parties, good food and long weekends, but the holiday season still comes with a lot of stress. Between family reunions, work functions, Christmas day preparation, decorating and shopping, the holidays can make us anxious, lethargic and reactive. Rather than letting yourself continue the cycle of holiday stress, make the […]
Emotional Abuse in Children Much of the work on emotional abuse has been written about adult relationships, yet children, pre-teens and teens have their own unique needs in these very important formative years. There are certain experiences such as secure attachment that need to be met in order for … ...
Prepare Yourself for The Best 2017 Your Practice Has... It’s about twenty minutes after eating this amaaaazing vegan burger at one of my faaavorite SF diner’s- And I am MISERABLE. My stomach is distended. I can barely hold my eyelids open. I’m on the verge of passing out. Somewhere, far in the distance, I hear … ...
Researchers map neural circuitry of songbird learning Researchers have begun to map the brain circuitry responsible for cultural transmission and species specificity in birdsong.
Neuroimaging categorizes four depression subtypes Patients with depression can be categorized into four unique subtypes defined by distinct patterns of abnormal connectivity in the brain, according to new research.
The Kids Are Alright Why do we work so hard when our children don’t feel like doing anything at all. What do you do for fun I asked a young man in my office. … ...
Bipolar Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder Introduction You may have met someone who has been diagnosed with both Bipolar Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder. It is worth noting that Bipolar Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder both … ...