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Study: Facebook users tend to be more narcissistic — but happier — than non-users New research published in PLOS One has found differences between Facebook users and Facebook non-users regarding personality traits and mental health variables. The study of 790 Facebook users and 155 non-users found that those who participated in the social networking site tended to score higher on measures of narcissism, self-esteem and extraversion. Facebook users also tended [...]
Men view beautified women on dating sites to be less trustworthy, study finds A beautified profile picture on a dating website could make others judge you to be less trustworthy — at least if you’re a woman. A study of 305 participants found that men who viewed enhanced photos of women judged them to be more attractive but less trustworthy, compared to a natural photo of the same [...]
Narcissists overestimate their emotional intelligence, attractiveness and social skills According to a recent study published in Personality and Mental Health, narcissists consistently overestimated their emotional intelligence. However, these overestimations of assessments were not linked to feelings of grandiosity, a hallmark trait of narcissism. Grandiosity is an unrealistic sense of superiority. Past studies have shown that that narcissism is related to overestimation of IQ (compared [...]
Mental Health Concerns and College Students: 17 Signs There is no denying mental illness continues to be an ongoing challenge for a lot of people, both young and old. It is neither an exaggeration nor is it alarmist to claim that … ...
Study: Youth benefit from relationships with older adults, even if those adults are in poor health New research suggests that young adults benefit from close relationships with older adults, even if those adults are in poor health. The study of 491 college students found that young adults who said they had adults over age 50 in their lives tended to also report lower levels of illegal drug use, regardless of the older [...]
Not All Screams Are Heard “Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” ~ Sigmund Freud Concerning pain, there are two ways in which human beings are biologically programmed: To demonstrate our own, and to respond to that of others. Screams were … ...
6 Tips For Getting Feedback With AS or NLD It’s a significant part of AS and NLD is that people miss the critical nonverbal cues that make up as much as 70% – 90% of social communication, so they … ...
Gambling addiction activates the same brain pathways as drug and alcohol cravings Gambling addiction activates the same brain pathways as drug and alcohol cravings, suggests new research. The study, by international scientists including researchers from Imperial College London, suggests targeting these brain pathways may lead to future treatments for the condition. The findings, published in the journal Translational Psychiatry, also suggest connections between the parts of the [...]
“I Thought Being an Introvert was Abnormal” An interview with a loner.
Detecting misinformation can improve memory later on Exposure to false information about an event usually makes it more difficult for people to recall the original details, but new research suggests that there may be times when misinformation actually boosts memory. Research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, shows that people who actually notice that the misinformation [...]
Understanding the causes of neurological abnormalities that result from premature birth In the February issue of the American Journal of Pathology, new research from the University of Chicago shows motor abnormalities frequently associated with low birth weight babies could originate due to peripheral nerve defects. “There has been a lot of focus on the central nervous system and we know that these infants do not myelinate [...]
Childhood poverty can rob adults of psychological health A large and growing body of research shows that poor kids grow up to have a host of physical problems as adults. Now add poor psychological health to the list, a Cornell University researcher says. A sweeping new study, conducted by following participants over a 15-year period, is the first to show that childhood poverty [...]
Scientists take step toward mapping how the brain stores memories A new study led by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) sheds light on how the brain stores memories. The research, published recently in the journal eLife, is the first to demonstrate that the same brain region can both motivate a learned behavior and suppress that same behavior. “We behave the way we do [...]
Stuttering linked to reduced blood flow in area of brain associated with language A study led by researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles demonstrates what lead investigator Bradley Peterson, MD, calls “a critical mass of evidence” of a common underlying lifelong vulnerability in both children and adults who stutter. They discovered that regional cerebral blood flow is reduced in the Broca’s area – the region in the frontal [...]
C'mon, Do Postpartum Women Really Need Therapy? Connecting with a therapist who knows what is going on with you right now provides clarification and essential reassurance
How DBT Can Help You Get What You Want In a world where communication is available at our fingertips in an instance true connection and communication appear to be lacking. We have social media, instant messaging, texting, screen shots, and all variety of digital screen-to-screen interactions. This can make face-to-face interaction feel more difficult … ...
Eva Amurri in “Emotionally Bad Place” After Son’s Injury... Eva Amurri grew up in the spotlight, even if it was not shining directly on her. With a mother as famous as Susan Sarandon, Amurri understands that, with fame, there … ...
'Sesame Street' rolls out kindness carpet The newest season of this children's program comes as part of a larger bid to bring kindness front and center — and to be intentional about it.
Is Guilt Affecting How You Manage Your Child's ScreenTime? Parental guilt can undermine the best of intentions when it comes to restricting children's screentime. Here's how to give guilt the boot.
4 Ingredients to Create Your Ideal Career Do you jump out of bed in the morning and rush to a job you love? For many people work is just a way to pay the bills and survive, … ...