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Why I hate neurons | Pete Etchells Pete Etchells: Who inspired your original spark of interest in science? For me, it was my Dad. Strangely, he also gave me an irrational hatred for one of the basic building blocks of the brain.Pete Etchells
Do Good People Turn Evil? Even at war, most people aren't willing to more
Synesthesia is more common in autism People with autism are more likely to also have synaesthesia, suggests new research in the journal Molecular Autism.
Semantics behind sale price: When does 'original' price matter? Consumers love a sale. In fact, when asked what makes a sale appealing, most simply say, "The price was good." But this answer fails to acknowledge that subjective factors also contribute to the perceived value of a deal. According to new research, it's possible to increase the perception of a good deal.
Frontal-lobe damage from alcohol may occur before general mental status challenges Executive performance, such as attention and memory, is associated with the frontal lobes. Researchers found specific structural changes in the prefrontal area and left cerebellum can predict executive performance in alcoholics. These volumes may identify executive dysfunctions even when clinical signs of alcohol dependence are absent or mild and a more general mental status appears normal.
Higher emotional intelligence leads to better decision-making The anxiety people feel making investment decisions may have more to do with the traffic they dealt with earlier than the potential consequences they face with the investment, but not if the decision-maker has high emotional intelligence a recent study suggests.
When You Can't Stand Being Alone with Yourself Some busy people welcome an opportunity to be alone. For others it is painful. But avoiding it completely is a losing battle"”it might be those 10 minutes driving in the car, not being able to fall asleep at night, waiting for someone to show up, wondering if someone will show up"”inevitably everyone will find themselves unaccompanied from time to time. read more
Sex of Speaker Affects Listener Language Processing Grammar and syntax have been thought for decades to be automatic and untouchable by other brain processes and that everything else "” the sex of the speaker, their dialect, etc. "” is stripped away as our brains process the sound signal of a word and store it as an abstract form. A study now suggests that even higher-level processes – in this case, grammar - are affected by information about the speaker.
Natural compound mitigates effects of methamphetamine abuse Researchers have found that resveratrol may also block the effects of the highly addictive drug, methamphetamine.
People with highly superior powers of recall also vulnerable to false memories People who can accurately remember details of their daily lives going back decades are as susceptible as everyone else to forming fake memories, psychologists and neurobiologists have found.
Blood test accurately diagnoses concussion, predicts long term cognitive disability A new blood biomarker correctly predicted which concussion victims went on to have white matter tract structural damage and persistent cognitive dysfunction following a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). If validated in larger studies, this blood test could identify concussion patients at increased risk for persistent cognitive dysfunction or further brain damage and disability if returning to sports or military activities.
Odds of rehospitalization of cognitively impaired varies by discharge destination Cognitively impaired older adults released from the hospital are less likely to be rehospitalized within 30 days if they go to a nursing home than if they return to their own home.
Could saving the traditional pub be the answer to Britain's binge drinking problem? A research study finds evidence for the traditional pub as a site for restrained and responsible social interaction for young adults. The UK government wants further controls to restrict high street bars but on the other hand is concerned about the decline in the number of traditional public houses or pubs. A recent article discusses whether the English Planning System should distinguish between pubs for the "˜public good' and licensed premises associated with "˜social ills'?
10 Remarkable Ways Meditation Helps Your Mind Studies find meditation provides lasting emotional control, cultivates compassion, reduces pain sensitivity, boosts multitasking and more...→ Jeremy Dean is a psychologist and author of PsyBlog. His latest book is "Making Habits, Breaking Habits: How to Make Changes That Stick"
Big cities most likely to have progressive gay-rights laws Survey shows large cities are the most likely to have laws that benefit gays and lesbians, while smaller cities and those in the South are least likely to accommodate homosexuals.
Worldwide anti-AIDS program extended The U.S. Senate passed legislation to extend for another five years a successful program to combat AIDS worldwide.
For anxious children and teens, context counts Researchers have shown that teenagers with anxiety disorders show increased activity in a specific part of the brain, the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), when they are interpreting a neutral situation negatively. Ultimately, the mPFC may serve as a biomarker for illness.
Liberals aren't like the rest, or so they think Liberals tend to underestimate the amount of actual agreement among those who share their ideology, while conservatives tend to overestimate intra-group agreement, according to new research.
Top 10 Evolutionary Mismatches Just as monkeys weren't shaped by evolution to live in small cages in zoos, human beings were not shaped by evolution to live in modern, Westernized contexts. Here is a Top 10 list of specific ways that our modern environments are mismatched with our evolutionary past. read more
Statin use not linked to a decline in cognitive function Based on the largest comprehensive systematic review to date, researchers concluded that available evidence does not support an association between statins and memory loss or dementia.