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The secret to keeping your relationship strong after having kids Studies have long shown that marital satisfaction tends to go down and depression to go up after the birth of a first child.
Amazing Example of a Subconscious Block that can Stop... I never cease to be amazed at how a subconscious block – made of old ideas, beliefs, or impressions  – can affect present day life. Moreover, it’s possible for a … ...
Simple rewards can treat alcohol abuse in those with mental illness Researchers at Washington State University have shown that offering prizes – from simple shampoo to DVD players – can be an effective, low-cost treatment for alcohol abuse, the nation’s third leading preventable cause of death. The treatment was studied in Seattle-area participants with serious mental illness. Their lifespan is estimated to be 20-25 years shorter [...]
New brain target for potential treatment of social pathology in autism spectrum disorder Researchers at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science have induced empathy-like behavior by identifying then manipulating a brain circuit in an experimental model, an indication that new strategies may help people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) gain social abilities. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in 68 children is living with an [...]
Why we underestimate time when we’re having fun on Facebook Updating your Facebook status can be a fun way to while away the hours – but now it seems it really is making us lose track of time as we do it. New research from psychologists at the University of Kent suggests that people who are using Facebook or surfing the web suffer impaired perception [...]
Moderate use of screens not associated with child behavior problems Chances are that your children will turn out OK even though they spend hours playing video games or watching TV. This is according to Christopher Ferguson of Stetson University in the US, who led a study in Springer’s journal Psychiatric Quarterly which found that there is only a negligibly small association between excessive screen time [...]
Advanced EEG analysis reveals the complex beauty of the sleeping brain Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators have developed a novel approach to analyze brainwaves during sleep, which promises to give a more detailed and accurate depiction of neurophysiological changes than provided by a traditional sleep study. In a report published in the January issue of Physiology, the research team describes how applying a technique called multitaper [...]
Handedness arises from genes in the spinal cords of embryos Our nervous systems have left-right differences that are important for correct functioning. Handedness is probably the best known asymmetry arising from the development of the nervous system. This is observed very early on: embryos of eight weeks already tend to move their right arms more often than their left arms. At this ‘age’ signals are [...]
Research reveals vital links between brain tumors and epileptic seizures Detecting brain tumors at the earliest possible stage and eliminating them before seizures begin might be possible one day, according to research by scientists at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital. In the study, which is published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, the scientists report that the emergence of specific brain cells during [...]
Study shows exercise, sleep are key to keeping employees from bringing home work frustrations A brisk walk or a long swim may be the key to preventing a bad day at the office from spilling over into the home. A study published this month in the Journal of Applied Psychology tracked participants’ sleep patterns and daytime physical movements found employees who recorded an average of more than 10,900 steps [...]
Friends in Low Places I was in the plus-size department of the thrift store, minding my own business.  I was paging through the blue shirts — royal blue, navy blue, powder blue. The thrift store works to make the shopping experience the nicest it can. For instance, the store … ...
Psychopaths, Sadists, and the Lure of Internet Aggression Internet trolls create chaos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Read on to learn who they are, what motivates them, and why you should stop feeding them.
Sex differences in brain size Next time someone asks you “Are men and women’s brains different?”, you can answer, without hesitation, “Yes”. Not only do they tend to be found in different types of bodies, but they are different sizes. Men’s are typically larger by something like 130 cubic centimeters. Not only are they actually larger, but they are larger … Continue reading "Sex differences in brain size"
5 Quick Tips To Manage All The Chaos And... Right now is a weird and emotional time in our country. People are really upset. Or, people are upset that people are upset. It is crazy making for both sides. … ...
How Do You Decide Things Are Getting Worse? Lots of things in life happen in sequences. How much evidence do you need to decide that something fundamental has changed?
Donald Trump Is James Bond Without the Loyalty How is Donald Trump like James Bond? How is he different?
Psychological Flexibility: The Super-Skill of Mental Health... I have the words of Bob Dylan floating through my mind these days….. These past weeks client after client has plopped themselves on my couch, called for skills coaching, or … ...
Misconceptions About Hyperactivity: How Hyper Is Too Hyper for... Every day, millions of parents wonder if their son’s hyper behavior is a normal product of age and gender, or if it’s something that needs to be addressed with a doctor. If you’ve been wondering the same thing, you’re not alone. Indeed, it can be … ...
The Dietary Metal That Will Make Your Learning Stronger Two-thirds of Americans are deficient in this dietary metal, which boosts memory and learning. Dr Jeremy Dean's ebooks are: The Anxiety Plan: 42 Strategies For Worry, Phobias, OCD and Panic Spark: 17 Steps That Will Boost Your Motivation For Anything
Just Teasing Teasing destroys trust (exceptions are noted).