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Veterans court program helps warriors battle addiction, mental health crises More than 100 special courts across the country provide treatment support for veterans.
The Reluctant Scholar While evolution has shaped humans to be voracious learners"”almost from birth"”the conditions under which this learning takes place have almost never included anything that looks like contemporary classrooms, teaching and more
Kids whose bond with mother was disrupted early in life show changes in brain Children who experience profound neglect have been found to be more prone to a behavior known as "indiscriminate friendliness," characterized by an inappropriate willingness to approach adults, including strangers. Now researchers are reporting some of the first evidence from human studies suggesting that this behavior is rooted in brain adaptations associated with early life experiences.
Study: It's not easy 'being green' Think you don't recycle enough? You're not alone. However, people's ability to overcome self-doubt plays a critical role in how successfully they act in support of environmental issues, according to a new study.
Mice can inherit learned sensitivity to a smell A surprising example of apparent inheritance of an experience: Researchers found that when a mouse is trained to become afraid of a certain odor, his or her pups will be more sensitive to that odor, even though the pups have never encountered it.
Driver's eye movements key to controlled curve driving All drivers know from personal experience that they must keep their eyes on the road when driving through curves. But how exactly does looking at the road guide the car through the curve? Research reveals new crucial aspects of eye movements in curve driving.
New study suggests low vitamin D causes damage to brain A new study suggests that a diet low in vitamin D causes damage to the brain.
Shoppers beware: a materialist ethos is more misery-inducing than we thought Seeking happiness through material acquisition is associated with loneliness and worse responses to traumatic eventsOliver Burkeman
Eye Contact May Not Be Such A Great Way To Persuade Few popular beliefs are as unshakable as, "If you want to influence someone, always make direct eye contact." But new research suggests that this bit of sturdy pop lore is hardly gospel"”in fact, in many circumstances a direct gaze may result in the exact opposite more
Predict Alzheimer's disease within two years of screening In a new study, scientists accurately predicted (at a rate of 90%) which of their research subjects with mild cognitive impairment would receive a clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease within the following two years, and which subjects would not develop this disease.
Can Long Distance Relationships Work? About three million Americans have long-distance relationships, but can they work?→ Jeremy Dean is a psychologist and author of PsyBlog. His latest book is "Making Habits, Breaking Habits: How to Make Changes That Stick"
Tourette Syndrome in secondary schools: the real picture Secondary school can be a stressful enough time for any teenager, but for those living with Tourette Syndrome (TS) their neurological condition can present a whole new set of challenges.
Head out to the ski slopes, for happiness' sake Are you contemplating a skiing holiday? The all-out pleasure and enjoyment you experience on a pair of skis or a snowboard is positively priceless to enhance your overall happiness. This is true even if you only get to go out on the slopes once in a blue moon, say researchers.
Imaging shows long-term impact of blast-induced brain injuries in veterans Using a special type of magnetic resonance imaging, researchers have found that soldiers who suffered mild traumatic brain injury induced by blast exposure exhibit long-term brain differences, according to a new study.
MRI technique reveals low brain iron in ADHD patients Magnetic resonance imaging provides a noninvasive way to measure iron levels in the brains of people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to a new study. Researchers said the method could help physicians and parents make better informed decisions about medication.
Air pollution, genetics combine to increase risk for autism Exposure to air pollution appears to increase the risk for autism among people who carry a genetic disposition for the neurodevelopmental disorder, according to newly published research.
Novel rehabilitation device improves motor skills after stroke Using a novel stroke rehabilitation device that converts an individual's thoughts to electrical impulses to move upper extremities, stroke patients reported improvements in their motor function and ability to perform activities of daily living.
Athletes and the words for actions Is it true, as some scientists believe, that to understand words like "spike" (in the volleyball sense) the brain has to "mentally" retrace the sequence of motor commands that accomplish the action? According to a study just published, the high-level motor expertise of subjects modulates the involvement of the brain motor areas in understanding the actions. The effect of experience is a novelty that challenges some recent hypotheses, making the theoretical picture more complex.
Parents' work hours in evenings, nights, weekends disadvantage children A comprehensive review of studies on parents' work schedules and child development spanning the last three decades shows that parents' work schedules in evenings, nights and weekends, so called "nonstandard work schedules" or "unsociable work hours", may have negative consequences for children. When parents work such hours, children tended to have more behavioral problems, poorer cognitive ability, and were more likely to be overweight or obese than children in families where parents mostly worked during the daytime hours and week day.
Immune system may play crucial role in mental health Considering inflammation has helped neuroscientists cast a broader net when searching for causes of and possible treatments for mental illness, mood disorders and neurodevelopmental conditions.