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Toward a clearer diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome Functional PET imaging to show that levels of neuroinflammation, or inflammation of the nervous system, are higher in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome than in healthy people, research has shown. Chronic fatigue syndrome, which is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, is a debilitating condition characterized by chronic, profound, and disabling fatigue. Unfortunately, the causes are not well understood.
Patrick Gallwey obituary My friend Patrick Gallwey, who has died aged 84, was a psychoanalyst, prison doctor and forensic psychiatrist who developed particular expertise in treating those with criminal, sexually harmful and violent behaviour. He was an original thinker who inspired colleagues to persevere in their work with difficult and often dangerous offenders always with the goal of bringing about change.His work as director of the South West Thames Regional Forensic Service for almost a decade from 1980 was particularly innovative in supporting other psychiatrists to set up local units. He believed that spreading specialist skills was healthier than restricting them to a regional unit. Continue reading...
Personal Construct Theory - Psychology Definition of the Week Definition: George Kelly's personal construct theory suggests that the individual differences between people arise from our unique and highly personal interpretations of the world around us. Kelly believed that people form ideas about how the world works and then perform "experiments" to put these perceptions and beliefs to the test....Read Full Post
Vets, docs worry Fort Hood shootings will deepen PTSD stigma Many worry that post-traumatic stress will again be misrepresented and misunderstood as a condition that sparks public, violent outbursts.
Party drug could help treat severe depression Researchers have discovered that ketamine works, even for a short period, giving hope to many with severe depression.
Britain may make firms standardize cigarette packets A government review shows that standardizing packages would help cut smoking rates.
Why three is the new terrible two As a child grows and changes, parental expectations may stay the same causing more conflict.
An Extroverts Guide on How to Live with an Introverted Partner If the old saying, “opposites attract” is true, then there is every likelihood that your partner is the complete opposite of you. Initially this may not seem like a huge factor in your relationship; you enjoy each other’s company and genuine appreciation means you are able to overlook your differences. But what happens when you […]
The Oso Mudslide: Why Do We Live in Harm's Way? Around the world, hundreds of millions of people live in harms way of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, mudslides, forest fires, and other deadly natural choice. WHY?read more
Moonwalker flies backing up A team of researchers managed to isolate "moonwalker flies" in a high-throughput screen. Screening a large collection of fruit flies, the scientists found specimens that seemed locked in reverse gear. Researchers were able to trace these changes in walking direction back to the activity of specific neurons in the brain.
6 Secrets to Making the Most of Your Time You can manage time better...if you don't just treat the more
Dopamine, hippocampus and psychiatric diseases: Clarifying their relationships The role that dopamine plays in a region of the brain called the hippocampus has been demonstrated for the first time. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a central role in brain function, and many mental illnesses involve an imbalance in this chemical. Research has shown in particular that dopamine is present in the hippocampus -- the brain area associated with memory and learning -- and that it plays a key role in this region.
How Cereals Try To Use Eye-Contact With Their Mascots To Move Boxes It's not your imagination — the mascot on your favorite box of breakfast cereal really is trying to make eye contact with you. And scientists say there's a reason why.Read more...
Sustainability and behavioural change live chat Do you find it easy to follow a sustainable lifestyle? Why is behaviour change so complicated? Read the full debate, or catch up on the highlights hereDo you switch off every light? Plan each meal to avoid food waste? Keep your hot showers short even on cold winter mornings?Few of us can claim to be a sustainability saint, and yet we know these changes are important to make. So why are they so hard to do in our everyday lives? Tackling human behaviour change goes to the heart of the global and local questions about whether, and how, we can live on our beleaguered planet in a more sustainable way. Continue reading...
Sustainability and behavioural change - expert panel What's the latest thinking on behaviour change in the home? How can we encourage people turn off the lights, waste less food or recycle?Catch up on the behaviour change debate highlights: Ten things we learnt about behaviour change and sustainability Continue reading...
Which sustainable behaviour do you find hardest to put into action? - poll Do you struggle to cut your shower? Recycle? Eat less meat? Vote for your biggest challenge, and catch up on our live chat highlights Continue reading...
Science has nothing to tell us about the soul? I disagree | Andrew Brown To completely separate science from philosophy is to neglect the fact that they are reliant on each other, like two sides of an archCan science tell us anything about the soul? A lovely clear answer came from Iain McGilchrist, talking at the RSA this week. "No," he said, and the room filled with laughter, not entirely kindly. He had been responding to a questioner who wanted to know whether the increasing sophistication of brain imaging would not reveal the soul to be an illusion, an unnecessary imprecision."To expect that we will find something in the brain that corresponds with the soul is just crass," he said. The moderator, Jonathan Rowson, pressed him: "Is it the case that science can help us understand better what the soul is?" Continue reading...
What Can You Do With a Graduate Degree in Psychology? While there are a lot of entry-level job options available for people with an undergraduate degree in psychology, most people will find that there are greater opportunities available with a graduate degree. As the demand for mental health services increases, the need for trained individuals with a strong psychological background rises as well....Read Full Post
Psychologist Helps Huskies Forge Lasting Bonds When Kevin Ollie took over as Connecticut's coach, he brought in a sports psychologist to foster chemistry for his team, which has paid off over the past two seasons.
Experts Available to Discuss Military Mental Health, PTSD, Shooting Violence