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How you can give - and get - a meaningful apology Many years ago, my husband and I were standing in line to go to a movie. He nodded at someone who was passing by and then said to me, "He's on a date night, too. Just not with his wife." The man, who he knew from the gym, was always talking about how easy it was to be unfaithful. "All you have to do is bring her flowers or jewelry, and she'll forgive everything," he more
Build Your Self-Esteem with These 3 Simple Exercises Feelings of self-worth are central to your mental health. However, maintaining your self-esteem can be a challenge when other people are rude, insulting, or critical of you. Practicing these 3 simple exercises will help inoculate against those threats to your sense of worth and help you gain self-understanding in the process. read more
3 Steps to Resonate (and Manifest) Your Dreams and Thoughts are energies that are positively or negatively charged. By shifting your thoughts to what you want (instead of lack), you shift your energy from negative to positive, and thus, to an energy vibration that resonates with what you want to attract in your life. Positive thoughts and feeling states align...
Finishing school online without friends A high school student completing her school online misses seeing teens at school The post Finishing school online without friends appeared first on The Friendship Blog.
Being Honest With Yourself Are you in the habit of fooling yourself?  That could mean procrastination ("Oh, I'll do that later" when deep down, you know you won't.)  It could be convincing yourself to settle for something, pretending it's good enough, when deep down, you know better.  Maybe you're struggling with addiction, in which...
Spike activity 18-04-2014 Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news: Wired has a fascinating interview with psychopath researcher Kent Kiehl. He of the mobile brain scanner. Scanning brain energy could help predict who will wake from vegetative state. Interesting piece on preliminary research covered by The Conversation Contrary to news stories, a recent study [...]
Christiana Morgan and the "Visions" Seminar" Christiana Morgan-When Carl Jung met Christiana he considered her the manifestation of the perfect feminine, une femme inspiratrice whose role was to act as a muse to great men. Jung conducted a... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
April 12-18
Dating Comes Before Mating There Are 3 Stages in Romantic Relationships Dating Relating Mating Most couples get the order wrong. Lots of couples just dive headlong into relating"”working out their issues and differences. Others skip even that step and start right out in bed"”mating. You might ask, "Does it matter?" And, yes, based on...
History of Psych on BBC Radio 4 BBC Radio 4 is starting a new series on the history of psychology Monday. It is hosted by Martin Sixsmith and it is called "In Search of Ourselves: A History of Psychology and the Mind." I don't know anything else yet, except that you will be able to download it here. Update: The series will include [...]
Meditation Part II: Breathing Breathing can be considered one of the most important functions in keeping us alive and healthy. Oxygen comes in through the nose or mouth and travels down to our lungs. Here it spreads through the lungs, down to the alveoli where it enters the blood stream. The oxygen then spreads...
10 Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself This Weekend Yesterday I talked about experimenting with self-compassion "” despite the disapproving whispers and roars of our inner critic. Because the negative thoughts "” whatever they are "” don't matter. They don't have to drive or dictate our actions. They don't have to rule our worlds. We can act with kindness,...
Psychiatric Uncertainty and the Neurobiological Buzzword Psychiatry has embraced neurobiological research, a promising area for discovery. Unfortunately, the term itself has become a buzzword, falsely implying we know the etiology (cause) of psychiatric disorders. Instead of overreaching rhetoric, the field should embrace the uncertainty that has always characterized more
Do You Have a Jack Russell Brain? If your brain is a Jack Russell, it's not happy unless it has problems to solve. And it will create problems just to solve them. This plucky brain can chew through relationships the way a real Jack Russell chews through sofas. Or is your brain a German Shepherd? Or a Bichon Frise?read more
Our Love-Hate Relationship with Social Media Ah, social media. I kind of hate you, but I can't quit you. Facebook is great for many things. I love keeping in touch with my family in California on a daily basis. I like seeing pictures of my friends and their kids (and their cats, and their dogs), and...
Finding turns neuroanatomy on its head: Researchers present new view of myelin Neuroscientists have made a discovery that turns 160 years of neuroanatomy on its head. Myelin, the electrical insulating material long known to be essential for the fast transmission of impulses along the axons of nerve cells, is not as ubiquitous as thought, according to a new work. "The fact that it is the most evolved neurons, the ones that have expanded dramatically in humans, suggests that what we're seeing might be the "future." As neuronal diversity increases and the brain needs to process more and more complex information, neurons change the way they use myelin to "achieve" more," says the main researcher.
What Drives People to the Fork in the Road? The road leading to the fork in the road (i.e., to willful choice) is paved with believing there is a problem and a solution to the problem, and that now is the right time to act to solve the problem. Only when all of these hurdles are passed, will people seek a solution to their problem. And it is this search that begins the typical choice more
The Character Wheel The wheel of character identifies six key domains of personality: 1) character adaptations; 2) traits and dispositions; 3) identity and executive functioning; 4) abilities and talents; 5) values and virtues; and 6) vulnerabilities and pathologies. read more
Better way to deal with bad memories suggested A simple and effective emotion-regulation strategy that has neurologically and behaviorally been proven to lessen the emotional impact of personal negative memories, researchers have shown. "Sometimes we dwell on how sad, embarrassed, or hurt we felt during an event, and that makes us feel worse and worse. But we found that instead of thinking about your emotions during a negative memory, looking away from the worst emotions and thinking about the context, like a friend who was there, what the weather was like, or anything else non-emotional that was part of the memory, will rather effortlessly take your mind away from the unwanted emotions associated with that memory," the researchers suggest.
Beyond concussions: football-related hits impact brain's white matter Brains of Football Players Don't Fully Recover During Offseason, Study Finds (Education Week): "Some football players' brains may not fully recover from hits endured even after six months of no-contact rest during the offseason... imaging scans showed changes in white matter consistent with mild brain injury in about half the players, despite the fact that [...]