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Is sexual harassment a new normal for girls? Experts discuss new report on how young women view sexual violence and harassment.
Deliberately Forgetting Memories – Easy for Some We have all had memories that, at some point in time, we wished we could forget. Many newly published studies highlight the neurological and molecular mechanisms behind choosing to forget and suggest why disrupting this process may lead to unhealthy aging and serious mental disorders. It seems, that to some degree, one does find eternal [...]
Faith This is going to be a short post – it being Easter and all. I wanted to say how important faith is when you are living with a mental illness. I believe in God. Maybe you don't. That's cool. Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous focus on a "Higher Power." I think...
Ambush Firing: Is it Illegal? Large corporations have a strategy to get you fired once you've been bullied in the workplace. It's transparent to anyone who cares to look, but the company would rather keep it a secret. It's called "ambush firing." What happens first is the target gets bullied. It usually takes several months for him to notice he [...]
The Promise of Easter [The Promise of Easter] "God is reality itself." ~Carl Jung "What happens in the life of Christ happens always and everywhere. In the Christian archetype all lives of this kind are prefigured."... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
All over the world, outgoing behavior boosts happiness Researchers found that people in the US, Venezuela, China, the Philippines and Japan all have similar positive responses to situations that require outgoing behavior.
Out-of-office creative activities can boost job performance, problem solving, helping others Employees who pursue creative activities outside of work may find that these activities boost their performance on the job, according to a new study by San Francisco State University organizational...
Is Hookup Regret More Common in Women? Is Hookup Regret More Common in Women? The better the sex, the less regret. By Susan Kolod, Ph.D. read more
Grudge (Holding One) Forgiveness at all cost is not a good idea. Sometimes a grudge is worth holding, though it is difficult to know when the time has come. read more
Discovering the Purpose of Your Life: 4 Exercises Life without Four exercises to help you uncover more
Why Bigger Isn't Always Better In body parts, houses, and research studies, bigger is not always better. The most bizarre phone call I ever got came when I was just starting my job as a new Assistant Professor of Psychology, many years ago. A stranger called, saying he was picked me because I was listed...
The Pathological Potential of the Prep Pad New York Times health columnist Catherine Saint Louis recently covered the many upsides of a spanking new food analyzing device called the Prep Pad. In addition to weighing just how much food you're about to consume, this unassuming 9-inch-by-6.25 gadget syncs easily with an iPad (generation 3 or higher) to tabulate the grams of carbohydrates, [...]
How you can give - and get - a meaningful apology Many years ago, my husband and I were standing in line to go to a movie. He nodded at someone who was passing by and then said to me, "He's on a date night, too. Just not with his wife." The man, who he knew from the gym, was always talking about how easy it was to be unfaithful. "All you have to do is bring her flowers or jewelry, and she'll forgive everything," he more
Build Your Self-Esteem with These 3 Simple Exercises Feelings of self-worth are central to your mental health. However, maintaining your self-esteem can be a challenge when other people are rude, insulting, or critical of you. Practicing these 3 simple exercises will help inoculate against those threats to your sense of worth and help you gain self-understanding in the process. read more
3 Steps to Resonate (and Manifest) Your Dreams and Thoughts are energies that are positively or negatively charged. By shifting your thoughts to what you want (instead of lack), you shift your energy from negative to positive, and thus, to an energy vibration that resonates with what you want to attract in your life. Positive thoughts and feeling states align...
Finishing school online without friends A high school student completing her school online misses seeing teens at school The post Finishing school online without friends appeared first on The Friendship Blog.
Being Honest With Yourself Are you in the habit of fooling yourself?  That could mean procrastination ("Oh, I'll do that later" when deep down, you know you won't.)  It could be convincing yourself to settle for something, pretending it's good enough, when deep down, you know better.  Maybe you're struggling with addiction, in which...
Spike activity 18-04-2014 Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news: Wired has a fascinating interview with psychopath researcher Kent Kiehl. He of the mobile brain scanner. Scanning brain energy could help predict who will wake from vegetative state. Interesting piece on preliminary research covered by The Conversation Contrary to news stories, a recent study [...]
Christiana Morgan and the "Visions" Seminar" Christiana Morgan-When Carl Jung met Christiana he considered her the manifestation of the perfect feminine, une femme inspiratrice whose role was to act as a muse to great men. Jung conducted a... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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