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Summer Break Is Upon Us! For anyone who has kept up with my personal blog, knows the last year has been extremely difficult for me and my family. We have had more downs than ups and our bad days have not been far, few and in between. We have faced difficult times, times that no...
The Psychology of Why Kids (and Adults) Should Play Outside If children spend all their time indoors, how can they appreciate nature's beauty?Advertisement:→ Please participate in a PSYCHOMETRIC TEST on CIVIC BEAUTY at Related articles:Free Play: Simple Items More Fun For Children 10 Current Psychology Studies Every Parent Should Know Powerful People Feel Taller Than They Really Are Beauty in Art and Mathematics Activates The Same Brain Region 10 Psychology Studies Every Lover Should Know
Rescue of Alzheimer's memory deficit achieved by reducing 'excessive inhibition' A new drug target to fight Alzheimer's disease has been discovered by a research team that also has potential for development as a novel diagnostic tool for Alzheimer's disease. The research also suggests that an ultimate successful therapy may be a cocktail of compounds acting on several drug targets simultaneously.
On Apologizing Is it helpful to ourselves or others to apologize?
Best of Our Blogs: June 13, 2014 When I hear my baby cry, when he’s hungry, wants that toy, needs to be held NOW, I think about how we all have a little bit of that within us. It’s worsened with smart phones and our instant gratification culture. And it explains why many of us are okay...
ADHD Peace Be With You I have lived a long time, I guess. 55 years and still clicking along. I don’t feel like I’ve lived that long, though. I mean, come on, 55 years? It seems like just yesterday I was wondering what to be when I grew up. Okay, that was yesterday, I still...
Twelve minutes of exercise improves attention, reading comprehension A new Dartmouth study shows 12 minutes of exercise can improve attention and reading comprehension in low-income adolescents, suggesting that schools serving low-income populations should work brief bouts of exercise into their daily schedules. The study, published as part of the June volume of Frontiers in Psychology, compared low-income adolescents with their high-income peers. While both groups saw [...]
Standing up gets groups more fired up for team work Chairs provide great support during long meetings, but they may also be holding us back. Standing during meetings boosts the excitement around creative group processes and reduces people’s tendency to defend their turf, according to a new study that used wearable sensors. “Organizations should design office spaces that facilitate non-sedentary work,” says Andrew Knight of [...]
What’s the best way for toddlers to acquire verb meaning? New research is shedding light on what kind of sentences are best at facilitating the growth of toddlers’ vocabularies. A new study conducted at Northwestern University provides evidence that toddlers can learn verbs after hearing them only twice. Sandra R. Waxman, Louis W. Menk Professor of Psychology at Northwestern University and Sudha Arunachalam, formerly a [...]
Subliminal Signs, or Misdirection? Last week’s cartoon,  which talks about what to say if someone hates you,  is here.  All rights reserved, and content including cartoons is © Donna Barstow 2014,  My own website is Donna Barstow Cartoons. And Like me  on Facebook to get notified of new cartoons. Thanks! I hope I’m not...
Chimpanzees spontaneously initiate and maintain cooperative behavior Without any pre-training or restrictions in partner choice among chimpanzees, researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, found for the first time that chimpanzees housed in a socially complex, contained setting spontaneously cooperate with multiple partners of their choosing. This finding, which addresses long-standing doubt about the level of cooperation chimpanzees are [...]
Movies with gory and disgusting scenes more likely to capture and engage audience We know it too well. We are watching a horror film and the antagonist is about to maim a character; we ball up, get ready for the shot and instead of turning away, we lean forward in the chair, then flinch and cover our eyes – Jason strikes again! But what is going on in [...]
Researchers uncover new insights into developing rapid-acting antidepressant for treatment-resistant depression UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have generated fresh insights that could aid in the development of rapid-acting antidepressants for treatment-resistant depression. The researchers found that by blocking NMDA receptors with the drug ketamine, they could elicit rapid antidepressant effects in patients with treatment-resistant depression. Ketamine was developed as an anesthetic, but is better known publicly [...]
Grit better than GRE at predicting success in STEM fields Selecting graduate students in the fields of science and engineering based on an assessment of their character instead of relying almost entirely on their scores on a standardized test would significantly improve the quality of the students that are admitted and, at the same time, boost the participation of women and minorities in these key [...]
Neural reward response may demonstrate why quitting smoking is harder for some For some cigarette smokers, strategies to aid quitting work well, while for many others no method seems to work. Researchers have now identified an aspect of brain activity that helps to predict the effectiveness of a reward-based strategy as motivation to quit smoking. The researchers observed the brains of nicotine-deprived smokers with functional magnetic resonance [...]
Study tracks changes in social status, affiliation in religion Younger generations are closing the social class gap between evangelical Protestants and mainline denominations, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln sociologist of religion has found. And in what appears to be an important shift in the U.S. religious landscape, a growing number of younger-generation working-class Americans are not affiliated with any particular religious denomination. “When lower-class Americans [...]
Helping Young People Change: The Key of Motivation Adolescence: Such a time of turbulence. For those of us charged with helping young people feel better, parent them or educate them, sometimes it can feel like we are on the losing team no matter which trick, technique or skill we try. Luckily for both sides, we are not willing...
Blind Leading the Blind: Medications, Violins, and Gluten We make decisions and form beliefs based on intuitions and expectations all the time, but often those intuitions are unreliable. Two recent studies—one about violins and the other about gluten sensitivity—illustrate how "blinding" in research keeps us honest and objective, especially when certain results are expected.
How Do You Treat Mental Illness in a Bonobo? Brian is a male bonobo who was born at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, but spent most of his life at the Milwaukee County Zoo. His childhood was rough, thanks to an abusive father, and as he transitioned into early adulthood, his prospects seemed grim....
The Best Predictor of Divorce What would you consider to the best predictor of divorce in a relationship? Is it betrayal or cheating, perhaps financial stress or is it boredom? Dr John Gottman, world renowned relationship expert, has researched this very topic and come up with one single quality that, more than any other, predicts the demise of a relationship. […]