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Judge to rule on Oregon gay marriage ban A federal judge says he will issue a decision on a constitutional challenge to Oregon's same-sex marriage ban.
Food should be regulated like tobacco, say campaigners Consumer organizations call for more stringent rules claiming obesity poses a greater global health risk than cigarettes.
Longevity Gene May Enhance Cognition Mice with the KLOTHO gene variant lived longer and were smarter.→ Dr Jeremy Dean is a psychologist and author of PsyBlog. His latest book is "Making Habits, Breaking Habits: How to Make Changes That Stick" Related articles:Will Your Mind Still Be Sharp At 95? The Chances Are Improving All The Time The Genetic Predisposition to Focus on the Negative Copper Pinpointed as Main Environmental Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Reverses Schizophrenia in Mice by Curbing Synaptic Pruning Genetic Trigger Discovered For Most Common Form of Mental Disability and Autism
How to Recognize and Handle Passive-Aggressive Behavior The American Psychiatric Association defines passive-aggressive personality disorder as a "pervasive pattern of negativistic attitudes and passive resistance to demands for adequate performance in social and occupational situations…"
What Does the Treatment for Complex Trauma Look Like? Lack of research and exclusion of truly complex cases Research for complex trauma and dissociation is severely underfunded relative to the numbers of individuals with these conditions. As such, there aren’t any randomized control trials that assess a specific protocol, like there are for other disorders. The few studies that...
Does Criticism Motivate More Than Praise? To effect change, we're told to praise more than criticize. But is that necessarily true?
Generosity: Help Others, Help Yourself Do you believe in angels? Those who watch out for us and help (or even save) us when in need. Have you ever felt protected by one? I sure have. Just last weekend my tire blew out while driving with my husband and a generous couple pulled over (on a brutally...
Four Health Components to Consider with Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder is an illness of patterns, routines, and subtleties. Even the slightest change in our health-related habits can cause mood symptoms. Here are four health components you may want to consider in minding your bipolar: Caffeine Intake Reducing caffeine intake helps support sleep. Sleep is an issue for many...
My Dream Graduation Speech The education that we pay for barely prepares us for the challenges that lie ahead. Here is what we ought to have been told at graduation instead of all the misplaced, self-congratulatory platitudes.
The Paradoxical Needs of the Narcissist As glamorous and captivating as narcissists might appear to be, we know from extensive psychological research that many suffer deep-seated insecurities. In the worst case scenarios, their desire to be loved and adored comes in direct conflict with their tendencies to put off the people who care about them the most.
How to Handle Overwhelming Emotions I was just reliving my younger years as I worked on the Teen Angst playlist for Spotify, as inspired by my novel “Don’t Try to Find Me.”  Adolescence, for many, involves overwhelming emotion, in part because so many of the emotions feel new as well as intense.  What’s the best...
Taking On Toxic Naysayers Don't let chronically negative people derail your momentum or your goals.
Cognitive behavioral or relaxation training helps women reduce distress during breast cancer treatment Can psychological intervention help women adapt to the stresses of breast cancer? It appears that a brief, five-week psychological intervention can have beneficial effects for women who are dealing with the stresses of breast cancer diagnosis and surgery. Intervening during this early period after surgery may reduce women's distress and providing cognitive or relaxation skills for stress management to help them adapt to treatment.
With imprecise chips to the artificial brain Which circuits and chips are suitable for building artificial brains using the least possible amount of power? A surprising finding: Constructions that use not only digital but also analog compact and imprecise circuits are more suitable for building artificial nervous systems, rather than arrangements with only digital or precise but power-demanding analog electronic circuits.
Making Connection Between Bullying, Health Problems The subject of bullying has become a topic of academic interest over the past decade, as scientists and social scientists delve into the psychological and physiological effects for both the bullied and the bully. New research into bullying focuses on the relationship between social pain and physical pain. Social pain brought on by rejection and victimization predicts hormonal changes that can lead to health problems, such as high blood pressure, abdominal pain, headaches and joint pain. For example, changes in cortisol, “the stress hormone,” have been linked to being bullied.
Setting Boundaries In The Helping Profession: Part 1 In the helping profession, we come across many people whose lives may be unmanageable and need help with getting their life back on track.  We spend countless hours doing case management and therapy and if we are not careful, we can eventually burn out.  Self care is important, and with...
Prejudice Against People Who Get In Our Way Of course, we prefer the company of people who help us over people who get in our way, but we take that preference a step too fare by treating helpers as good people and thwarters as bad. Why do we do that, and what is the name for that prejudice whereby those who thwart us are automatically deemed jerks?
Myers-Briggs or VIA Survey (Character Strengths)? The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the VIA Survey are two of the most popular tests in psychology for both personal and professional use. There are some similarities but many important differences to understand. These are offered as well as ideas for integration.
Spike activity 16-05-2014 Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news: Motherboard on a legal rights framework for biohacking the brain. Caveat hax0r no? There Is a Doppelganger Inside All Our Heads. Interesting piece in Nautilus. Discover Magazine covers the latest study on using electrical stimulation to increase the chance of lucid dreaming. The seductive […]
The Toxic Naysayer: Has One Infected Your Team? The fastest way for a group to lose momentum, productivity, and good team players is by having a toxic naysayer trying to derail your plans and goals every step of the way. Here are some helpful strategies for defusing naysayers and keeping your team on a positive and productive track.